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Chapter 451 Medicine, Medicine Again

When Gu Ning and her friends went back to their private room and told others what they had done, the men were greatly surprised.

What Gu Ning won a hundred million yuan by playing just one round on a slot machine She is so lucky!

Leng Shaoting looked at Gu Ning with a proud smile on his lips.

“Gu Ning, youre so awesome!” Xu Jinchen said.

“How did you manage to do that” Chen Meng asked.

“I guess I was just lucky,” Gu Ning said, because she couldnt tell them that she had Jade Eyes.

They actually believed that she was lucky because people who played slot machines relied on luck to win money, but her luck was incredibly good!

“Ningning is also generous! She gives Wenxin and me thirty million yuan each!” Xu Qinyin said.

Other than Leng Shaoting, the rest were all shocked by Gu Nings generosity again.

“Well, I didnt spare much effort on the money, so I shared with them,” Gu Ning said airily.

“Why didnt you take me there too” Xu Jinchen complained.

“And me!” Si Ming echoed.

“Do you lack money” Leng Shaoming asked suddenly.

Xu Jinchen and Si Ming were struck dumb for a second, and instantly responded.

“No-no, were just kidding.

Just kidding.”

“Of course not!”

They of course wouldnt admit to that, because they would be assigned tasks if they did.

Although they had their own tasks, they could also take assignments on the international reward list and work like killers, but their aims were different.

Killers would take assignments as long as they were paid, and didnt care who the person that they were going to kill was.

They however, only caught criminals, and their reward was lower than the killers was.

After that, they continued to chat while drinking

Cao Wenxin and Xu Qinyin went to play cue sports later.

“Ah!” Suddenly, an agonized shout attracted everyone in the rooms attention.

They looked over and saw Xin Bei covering his waist with his hand while glaring at Cao Wenxin.

Everybody immediately realized what was going on.

Facing Xin Beis glare, Cao Wenxin shrugged her shoulders.

“It wasnt my fault.

You stood behind me.”

“You…” Xin Bei was furious.

Cao Wenxin just hit him with her cue stick but she refused to apologize and played innocent! Although Xin Bei was mad, he was unwilling to argue with her anymore.

Therefore, he walked away.

They didnt stay there for too long, and separated when it was 11 pm.

While they were walking out, Xin Bei suddenly stopped, and Cao Wenxin who walked behind him directly knocked into his back and her handbag fell on the ground.

Cao Wenxin was mad at once.

“Why did you do that”

“It wasnt my fault.

You walked behind me yourself.

And it was you who knocked into my back.

You dont apologize and even blame me for it Youre insane!” Xin Bei said then ignored her walking forward in a good mood.

Obviously, Xin Bei did it on purpose.

“You…” Cao Wenxin was in a rage, but could do nothing

The rest of the people around them shook their heads, and didnt know what to say.

The two of them had had so many conflicts just within a day.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting drove Cao Wenxin to the hotel before they went back to their house.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were alone together, Gu Ning teased, “I noticed that you were very happy when Wenxin called you brother-in-law.”

“Shes your older sister, and her opinion matters!” Leng Shaoting said seriously.

Gu Ning smiled, but didnt say anything.

Indeed, it was a good thing to win the familys approval.


Leng Shaoting had told her that he only cared about his grandpa, so Gu Ning highly valued Master Lengs opinions towards her as well.

What Gu Ning didnt know yet was that Master Leng already knew about her existence, and was very satisfied.

Of course, before Master Leng met Gu Ning in person, he thought highly of her just because of Leng Shaoting and impressive stories about her.

“Oh, I went to the Kirin Gangs clubhouse when I was in City B.

I accidentally won a hundred million yuan there and the head of the Kirin Gang, Qi Tianlin, caused me some trouble,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was worried.

“Did anything bad happen” He had, of course, heard of Qi Tianlin.

And knew that he was cruel, cunning and cold-blooded.


He asked to have a round of gambling with me.

I won in the end, and he lost three billion yuan.

I gave Wenxin and Jiakai five hundred million yuan each,” Gu Ning said.

“He would yield that easily” Leng Shaoting frowned with doubt.

“Um…” It seemed Gu Ning couldnt omit what had happened in the middle.

“Well, he refused to do so in the beginning, but I injured two of his men and cured them later.

He wanted my medicine, so we made an agreement.

Dont worry.

He wont cause me trouble anymore.”

Medicine… medicine again.

However, Leng Shaoting only cared whether Qi Tianlin would try to get revenge on Gu Ning.

“Stay away from Qi Tianlin.

Hes even more dangerous than Situ Ye.”

“Ha, do you mean I can keep in touch with Situ Ye” Gu Ning squinted her eyes.

She said it on purpose to see Leng Shaotings reaction.

Unexpectedly, Leng Shaoting slammed on the brakes and stopped the car at the roadside all of a sudden.

“What…” Gu Ning was scared, but her mouth was covered before she could say another word.

Leng Shaoting kissed and caught her lips tightly like he was punishing her.

He didnt let her go until several minutes had passed.

Seeing Gu Nings slightly swollen lips, Leng Shaoting felt a little bad, but didnt apologize.

Instead, he announced in a domineering tone, “Stay away from Situ Ye too! You have me, and I can handle everything for you!”

Gu Ning was amused.

She was just joking with him, but he reacted so strongly.

It seemed like she couldnt tease him because he easily got jealous of other men.

“Alright, drive ahead now!” Gu Ning said.

Hearing Gu Nings affirmative answer, Leng Shaoting was satisfied.

“Oh, Ill prepare some pills for you later and you can carry them with you.

No matter if youre injured or sick, you can take them.” Although Leng Shaoting was an extremely outstanding military officer, he could be hurt too, and his tasks were always full of danger, so it was necessary for him to carry some medicines with him.

“You can also send some to grandpa.

Theyre good for his body,” Gu Ning said.

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