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Chapter 440 His Daughter

As for stone gambling, the Tang family already knew about it, so he wasnt surprised.

Even though he was curious about how Gu Ning was able to make so much money by stone gambling, it was hard to find that out.

All in all, the changes began from four months ago

They didnt get much useful information, because they had just done a basic investigation.

They could turn to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce if they wanted to know which companies were under Gu Nings name, but they had no interest in doing that because it wasnt important.

After all, they already knew about many of Gu Nings companies.

Reading what Gu Ning and Gu Man had experienced, Tang Yunfan was furious all of a sudden.

He wasnt a man with a lot of sympathies, but he failed to curb his anger when Gu Ning and Gu Man were involved.

Although he wasnt sure yet, he believed that Gu Ning and Gu Man had to have a close relationship with him.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have felt like he had met Gu Man before.

Otherwise, Gu Ning wouldnt have resembled him so much.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been affected by them.

Otherwise, Gu Man wouldnt have gotten pregnant right when he had disappeared from his family.

A single coincidence could just be a coincidence, but a series of coincidence had to be something with certainty.

He was eager to get his memory back to figure out what had really happened during that time.

Precisely because he lost the memory, he didnt know how to face Gu Ning and Gu Man even if they were his family.

He already forgot the feeling of love, and Gu Man was merely a familiar stranger in his eyes now.

Tang Yunfan told his feelings to Quan Mingkai and asked, “Do you think Gu Ning is really my daughter”

“Boss, I think that its highly possible, or you wouldnt have such feelings,” Quan Mingkai said.

“If you have time, you can visit City D, especially the university Gu Man studied in.

Maybe youll remember something.

Although 18 years have passed by, and City D has altered a lot too, there must be something that stayed the same.”

Meanwhile, Qi Tianlin also got the results from the investigation of Gu Nings identity.

It was basically the same as what Tang Yunfan had got.

Qi Tianlin lazily lay on the sofa in the luxurious office on the top floor of the Earth Nightclub.

He still looked very proud and obtrusive.

After reading the information about Gu Ning, he had many thoughts.

She totally changed right after the car accident The changes were so dramatic! She suddenly became a smart, brave, confident billionaire from a dumb, weak, self-abased, poor girl It sounds like an imaginary story! Or, was she just pretending before the car accident But, why And, her unusual ability of stone gambling.

How accurate must she be to make enough money to open a high-end jewelry store Moreover, a majority of the important figures in City G all attended the opening ceremony, including people from the Qing Gang.

The person from the Qing Gangs company sent Gu Ning the natural red coral which is worth dozens of millions of yuan, so their relationship couldnt be simple.

However, Qi Tianlin didnt know whether Gu Ning had a close relationship with the company owned by the Qing Gang, or directly with the Qing Gang.

In addition, was she closely related to the senior management of the Qing Gang, or the head of the Qing Gang, Situ Ye Qi Tianlin had only ordered them to investigate Gu Nings identity, so he didnt get many details.

Of course, if he wanted to know details, he wouldnt have the results within a short period of time.

And if Gu Ning had a close relationship with Situ Ye, was it possible that she had appeared in the Earth Nightclub for a reason

Although the Kirin Gang and the Qing Gang stayed in their own lanes and minded their own business, they still had conflicts over some deals.

Besides, peers were also competitors.

Qi Tianlin had the ambition to be the head of the number one gang in this country, and he didnt believe that Situ Ye had never thought about the same thing.

Therefore, he had kept a close eye on the Qing Gangs activities.

If the Qing Gang was going to unseat him, he would be prepared.

“Find out the relationship between Gu Ning and the Qing Gang,” Qi Tianlin gave an order again.

He didnt care about the other things, but he had to investigate their relationship clearly.

If Gu Ning was helping the Qing Gang, he would… Weirdly, he was suddenly reluctant to kill Gu Ning.

Fine, he decided to lock her in a room.

“Yes, boss,” Yu Hao said.

“Why dont we go to the Earth Nightclub to have fun later” Pan Zirui proposed after the meal.

“No!” Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai rejected at once.

After what they had been through yesterday, they would never ever go there again.

“I dont want to either.” Although Gu Ning wasnt afraid, she didnt want to go there.

She knew that Qi Tianlin would investigate her after what had happened yesterday.

If he found out about her connection with the Qing Gang and thought that she was a spy for them, she would be in big trouble.

Since they refused to go there, Ouyang Siyuan and Cong Maoxue wouldnt go either.

“Then where should we go now” Pan Zirui didnt think further.

He simply thought that they disliked the place.

“Why dont we have a boat tour on the river Ningning hasnt been to the beautiful river in City B yet.

The night view is breathtaking!” Cao Wenxin said.

Gu Ning thought for a while and agreed.

The Tang family was the leading family in the ship industry in City B, so there were many luxurious pleasure boats under the Tang familys name.

Tang Jiakai made a call, and they directly got on board right after they arrived.

In the Tang familys old house, Tang Haifeng, Tang Yunhang and his wife were watching TV in the living room.

Tang Yunfan didnt go home until dinner was over.

When they noticed Tang Yunfan being so distracted, they asked whether he felt uncomfortable, but Tang Yunfan didnt answer.

At least he didnt want to say anything before he found the truth.

“Oh, since Girl Gu is already a member of our family, I think that its necessary to hold a party and announce to everyone that she is one of us now.

I dont want anyone to take advantage of her,” Tang Haifeng said.

Since Tang Yunfan hadnt made up his mind to take Gu Ning as his own daughter, Tang Haifeng thought that it wasnt a bad idea to tell everyone that he already regarded Gu Ning as his own granddaughter.

Tang Yunfan was struck dumb for a second, but stopped his father at once.

“We dont need to rush.

Just give me some time.”

He was almost certain that Gu Ning was his biological daughter, so he would announce the news to everyone when it was the right time, instead of only treating Gu Ning like his daughter.

However, he didnt know any details yet, and he couldnt tell Tang Haifeng what he had found out, because he lost his memory of that year.

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