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Chapter 439 Stroke of Luck

Pan Ziruis group was also quite surprised to see that Gu Ning came with Tang Jiakai and his friends.

Zhao Kanglin was also from a rich family in City B, but his family was barely comparable to Tang Jiakais and his friends families.

Therefore, the last thing he wanted to do was to annoy them.

Tang Jiakai and his friends joined the fight at once.

It wasnt easy for Tang Jiakai and his friends to fight against another group with empty hands; they werent as powerful as Gu Ning after all, so they grabbed the wooden sticks away from Zhao Kanglins group first and then started hitting them with the sticks.

Although Zhao Kanglins group was also good at fighting, they were hardly opponents when facing Tang Jiakai and his friends who had received professional training.

And once Tang Jiakai and his friends grabbed the wooden sticks, Zhao Kanglins group was being beaten the entire time.

Within 10 minutes, they were all beaten down on the ground.

After that, Gu Ning took out five porcelain bottles and gave them to Tang Jiakai.

“Tell Pan Zirui and his friends to take the pills in the bottles.”

Tang Jiakai took the porcelain bottles, walking towards Pan Ziruis group, and Gu Ning also walked to Zhao Kanglin who was lying on the ground.

Zhao Kanglin was trembling in horror at seeing Gu Ning walking to him, and begged.

“Ple-please let me go! I wont do it again.”

“If it ever happens again, I promise to beat you till you are paralyzed forever,” Gu Ning said coldly.

Although Pan Zirui was badly injured, they were also beaten down on the ground, so Gu Ning wouldnt punish them anymore.

She couldnt kill them anyway, and it was enough to teach them a lesson.


It wont happen again.” Zhao Kanglin was truly terrified this time, partly because of Gu Ning and partly because of Tang Jiakai and his friends.

Obviously, they stood on Pan Ziruis side.

If he dared to cause Pan Zirui trouble again, he would be acting against Tang Jiakai and his friends.

Zhao Kanglin definitely didnt dare to annoy any of the Tang family, the Cao family, the Ouyang family or the Cong family.

At the same time…

“Hi, Lord Jiakai,” Pan Zirui and his friends greeted Tang Jiakai with great respect.

Although Pan Zirui was always arrogant, he knew the rules and only bullied the people who were from families that were just as rich as his, or those who were poorer than him.

“You really had a stroke of luck and met my younger sister.

We were in the middle of dinner, but we drove directly here to save your life,” Tang Jiakai said with disdain.

He had a terrible impression of Pan Zirui.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, he wouldnt have agreed to rescue him.

Pan Zirui felt ashamed, but Gu Ning was the only person he could think of when he was in danger.

Wait, boss is Tang Jiakais younger sister Pan Zirui was shocked.

He, of course, knew that they werent biological brother and sister because they had different family names.

Even so, if Gu Ning was a relative of the Tang family she had to be influential too!

“Take this.

Ningning told me to give this medicine to you.” Tang Jiakai threw the bottles to Pan Ziruis group, then turned back, walking to Gu Ning and his friends.

Pan Zirui and his friends took the medicine without delay or asking the reason.

The pill immediately melted in their mouths.

Within a minute, they quickly got their energy back, and their pain was greatly relieved.

Before long, they were able to get back on their feet again.

“Boss, what medicine is this Its so unbelievable!” Pan Zirui jumped in front of Gu Ning and asked with curiosity.

“Magical medicine.” Gu Ning gave him a perfunctory answer.

Pan Zirui didnt care, and trusted Gu Ning.

“Thank you so much, Miss Gu,” Pan Ziruis friends said to Gu Ning.

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.

“Alright, lets go!”

Before they left, Pan Zirui and his friends beat Zhao Kanglins group again to vent their anger.

They naturally knew that they couldnt kill them, so they soon stopped.

“Boss, I heard from Lord Jiakai that you were in the middle of dinner when I called you.

In order to thank you as well as apologize, no matter what do you want to have now, Ill pay the bill,” Pan Zirui said to please Gu Ning.

“Seafood,” Gu Ning said without hesitation.

Afterwards, they went to the biggest seafood restaurant in City B.

When they were gone, Zhao Kanglin took out his phone and called the ambulance.

Because of Gu Nings warning, Zhao Kanglin didnt even dare to tell his family, because his family wouldnt get revenge on them but would instead blame his stupid behavior.

In that case, he could be sent abroad or locked at home, which was dreadfully terrible.

In the CEOs office of Tanghuang Group, Tang Yunfan was working, but he couldnt help thinking about Gu Ning.

Was it possible that Gu Ning was his daughter What if she was What should he do then He was so used to being alone, and had no idea how to handle the relationship if he suddenly had a daughter and the mother of his daughter.

Therefore, he was uncertain about it.

After a short while, Quan Mingkai walked in with a file.

He walked to Tang Yunfan and gave him the file.

“Boss, here are the latest materials we have from the investigation.”

Tang Yunfan immediately opened the file.

On the top of the documents were Gu Nings and Gu Mans photos.

When Tang Yunfans sight fell on Gu Mans photo, his body stiffened for a second.

He suddenly felt a strange excitement, but didnt know why.

Thinking about it, Tang Yunfan was in great pain.

Although his head didnt ache anymore after taking Gu Nings medicine, he still felt uncomfortable.

Quan Mingkai was a little scared, and stopped Tang Yunfan.

“Boss, calm down for a second, and dont force yourself to think about it right now.”

Hearing Quan Mingkais voice, Tang Yunfan gradually went back to normal.

He put the photos aside first, and read the documents.

Gu Man, female, 39 years old, lives in City F.

She went to college in City D at age 20, but got pregnant before marriage, so she quit school.

During the last 18 years, she was humiliated and despised by her family.

She worked in a factory to support her daughter.

Four months ago, she fell from the stairs and passed out, and quit her job later.

Now she is the boss of a beauty salon.

Gu Ning, female, 18 years old, lives in City F.

Shes a senior student studying in the No.

3 High School in City F.

She has been self-abased, weak, bad at studying, and was in a car accident four months ago.

After she woke up, she suddenly became brave, confident and good at studying.

After a short time, she became the boss of Jade Beauty jewelry.

It is said that she made the money by stone gambling.

Many important figures in City G attended the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

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