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Chapter 436 She Is Very Successful

In addition, it was all to Yu Zis advantage, because there were a lot of people whose major was clothing design, and a lot of them were also talented.

It was easy for Gu Ning to hire a famous clothing designer as long as she wanted.

However, she chose Yu Zi due to her fondness for Yu Zis designs.

After she established Fenghua Entertainment, it was unavoidable to use a lot of clothing in advertising, movies and so on.

If she had her own clothing company, it would be much more convenient.

There would be more than just one brand in Gu Nings clothing company.

Charm could specifically be the gown brand if Yu Zi agreed and she could manage the brand herself.

Other than gowns, Gu Ning planned to develop mens and womens clothing lines, but she didnt need to rush.

Gu Ning offered Yu Zi the shares, instead of a very attractive annual package because she needed a manager.

Although she didnt know much about Yu Zi, she believed that Yu Zi was reliable since Yu Zi was able to make friends with Cao Wenxin.

Moreover, Yu Zi founded Charm, so Charm was like her own child, and she would definitely be more dedicated to her work than anyone else.

Hearing what Gu Ning said, Yu Zi was very surprised.

It was like something fell into her lap out of the blue.

If she was able to make Charm popular, she was, of course, willing to do it on her own, but the point was that she didnt have the ability.

Nevertheless, she couldnt help but doubt Gu Nings ability now, because Gu Ning looked too young to run a company.

Anyway, it wouldnt do her any harm even if it didnt work, so Yu Zi would like to give it a try.

“Miss Gu, are you being serious”

“What are you talking about” Cao Wenxin came back at this time, and heard what Yu Zi had just said.

Seeing Yu Zi being so serious, Cao Wenxin was curious.

Gu Ning then told Cao Wenxin her plan.

Cao Wenxin wasnt surprised at all, because Gu Ning was almighty in her heart.

No matter what Gu Ning planned to do, she believed that it would be a success.

“Yu Zi, although Ningning is young, she is very successful and I believe in her.”

Yu Zi had already made up her mind to try it, so whether Cao Wenxin persuaded her or not, she would agree.

After hearing what Cao Wenxin said, she was more confident.

“Miss Gu, Im willing to follow your lead.”

Seeing that Yu Zi wasnt totally confident yet, Gu Ning said seriously, “If you choose to follow my lead, you have to trust me and work hard.

Never take it casually.”

Yu Zi immediately sat straight and answered.


“Very well.

As for the contract, we dont need to sign it right away.

You can have some time to adjust to it.

Within a month, Im going to open a jewelry store in City B, and well put a lot of effort into advertising it.

Give me your banking details, and Ill transfer a million yuan to you.

Make 10 new gowns of high quality, and well advertise your gowns along with the jewelry.

At the opening ceremony, well invite 10 models to walk on the runway.

Our brand ambassadors will also be there; the future of our jewelry and gowns relies on this battle!” Gu Ning said.

This time, Gu Ning decided to do her best to highly publicize her brands.

She would also turn to the Tang family for help, and make full use of her network.

However, she would still exact revenge on her own.

Hearing that, Yu Zi was excited and full of enthusiasm.

“Yes, boss!” She naturally changed her way of addressing Gu Ning.

“Oh, Ningning, who do you want to use as your brand ambassadors There are two very famous and popular female stars in Tanghuang Group.

One is Yan Yan, and the other is Lin Anxiao,” Cao Wenxin said.

Hearing that, Yu Zi took a long breath in.

“Yan Yan and Lin Anxiao are both the A-list stars.

Will they agree”

Although she didnt know how big or famous Gu Nings jewelry store was, Charm was unknown to the public.

Let alone the A-list stars, even Z-list stars wouldnt bother to endorse Charm.

“We dont need to rush.” Gu Ning had heard of the two female stars, but wasnt familiar with them.

Gu Ning didnt want the Tang family to help her invite stars to be the brand ambassadors.

Instead, she planned to discuss the deal with the stars on her own as a businesswoman.

If the stars werent willing to cooperate with her, she wouldnt sign them.

Gu Ning wanted voluntary cooperation.

Since Gu Ning said so, Cao Wenxin didnt say anything further.

“Oh, boss, do you need 10 new designs or we can use what we already have” Yu Zi asked.

It wasnt easy to make a design, and it was hard to create 10 novel designs within a month.

Normally, if the designer failed to have good ideas, he or she would refuse to put bad ideas into practice.

Besides, the designer also couldnt make good clothing under great pressure.

Gu Ning understood that, so she didnt force Yu Zi to do so.

“I think what you have right now are pretty good.

You can make the decision yourself.

If you can make new designs, no matter how many they are, use them.

As for the rest, just use what you already have.”

“Great!” Yu Zi relaxed.

After that, Gu Ning transferred a million yuan to Yu Zis bank account, and told her to not limit her creativity.

Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin left a while later.

Yu Zi wanted to invite Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin to have dinner together, but Tang Jiakai called them and invited them to meet his friend, Ouyang Siyuan, who was the heir of the horse racing field.

Tang Jiakai wanted to show off in front of Ouyang Siyuan, and Gu Ning wouldnt upset him.

“Ouyang Sihuan is Ouyang Siyuans second older brother.

Ouyang Sihuan doesnt like running businesses, so he chose to work in the public institution,” Cao Wenxin said to Gu Ning.

“Ouyang Sihuan has an older brother too, whose name is Ouyang Sizhe.

Ouyang Sizhe is 29-years-old and hes the one who is managing the Ouyang Familys companies.

The Ouyang family is also influential in City B, and is ranked seventh on the rich list with around fifty billion yuan in assets, they are involved in…”

Before Cao Wenxin could finish, a female voice interrupted her, “Wenxin!”

Hearing the voice, Cao Wenxin was displeased at once with intense dislike flashing in her eyes.

“What a bad day!”

A young woman in her early twenties walked toward them.

She looked pretty and cute, but she must have done something unpleasant to make Cao Wenxin dislike her.

This young woman must not be as cute as she looked.

“Wenxin, why cant I get through to your phone recently Have I done anything that upset you and youre mad at me now” the young woman asked, and acted as if she was innocent.

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