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Gu Ning said, then rolled up her sleeves to let Gu Man check.

Although it was winter, the temperature wasnt low.

Gu Ning didnt wear much.

She easily rolled her sleeves up, and her beautiful arms without any wounds were out in the air.

“Yes, we were just having some fun.

We didnt fight.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi immediately stepped ahead, helping Gu Ning explain to her mother.

Gu Man then found out there were other people in the room.

They both were in the same school uniform.

Gu Man knew they must be Gu Nings schoolmates.

Gu Man chose to believe Gu Ning.

Afterwards, she was completely convinced by Gu Ning and her schoolmates that they hadnt fight.

“Thats great.

Thats great,” Gu Man said.

Then, Gu Man looked around the room, and she was surprised.

She instantly realized this wasnt an ordinary patient room.

It must be a luxury one.

But, she couldnt afford such a room.

“Ningning, Im fine now.

Lets leave the hospital as soon as the infusion ends,” Gu Man said.

Gu Ning knew Gu Man well.

She comforted her mother, “Mom, your head is injured, and you greatly lack of nutrition.

You need to have a good rest.

Dont worry about money.

Ill explain to you later.”

Since Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were both here, Gu Ning couldnt tell her mother now.

“But…” Gu Man wouldnt listen to Gu Ning.

How could she not worry about money She knew better than anyone else about their financial condition.

“You have to listen to me, and you cant leave the hospital without the doctors permission.

You have no idea how worried I was when you were in unconsciousness.

If anything terrible had happened to you, what should I do” Gu Ning used her ace in the hole, even Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were touched.

Gu Man didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

She compromised, “Fine, Ill listen to you.”

However, Gu Man was still uneasy about the money.

Gu Ning knew clearly what her mother was worried about, but she had to wait till her friends were gone.

After a while, Hao Ran and his bros were back with many packages of expensive health-care products.

Those health-care products were worth thousands at least.

Gu Man and Gu Ning were shocked, “Why did you buy so many of these”

“Boss, nothing is more important than your mothers health.

Please accept all of them!” Hao Ran said.

Gu Ning felt moved.

She understood their kindness.

They were rich kids who never lacked of money.

Thus Gu Ning accepted at the end, “Great, Lets eat first.”

“Ningning…” It was unacceptable to Gu Man though, because those products were too expensive.

Gu Ning comforted, “Mom, its fine.

Theyre my good friends.

They do this out of kindness.

We cant reject that.”

“Exactly, please accept our gifts.

We all hope you can recover soon,” Hao Ran and his bros immediately added.

They were afraid Gu Man would say no.

Now, even Gu Man didnt want to hurt them.

Although Hao Ran and the others didnt know when Gu Man would wake up, they still had prepared nutritious meal for her.

After the meal, An Qian came with another bunch of health-care products.

“Doctor An, nice to meet you.” Seeing An Qian came with a lot of health-care products, Gu Man felt very grateful.

“Gu Nings mother, please have a good rest.

If you have any need, just tell me.

Gu Ning and I are friends.

Your health is the most important,” An Qian said kindly.

“Doctor An, I even dont know how to thank you.” Gu Man felt more grateful now.

“Its nothing,” An Qian said.

An Qian was still on duty, so she left after a short while.

In the afternoon, everyone stayed in the room to keep Gu Mans company.

They told jokes once in a while.

Gu Man beamed often.

Gu Ning didnt tell anyone else that Gu Man was in hospital, Gu Qing included.

She didnt want to worry them.

Gu Ning didnt attend classes this afternoon, which became an excuse for Shao Feifei to make fun of Gu Ning.

“I think Gu Ning probably is playing around with Hao Ran and his bros.

She even didnt come to school this afternoon.”

“I agree.

Hao Ran and his bros arent good boys after all,” Yang Yulu added.

Wu Qingya immediately followed up, “That will explain what has happened this afternoon! Although Gu Ning isnt weak, I still believe Hao Ran lost the game on purpose because he likes Gu Ning.”

“Try saying these to Gu Ning, Hao Ran and his bros faces.

Dont ever badmouth behind their backs, losers,” an admirer of Gu Ning retorted.

“Exactly, she didnt come must be because she was in a middle of something.

The head teacher said nothing about it.

Why do you have to criticize her!”

“Dont think too highly of yourself.

Youre not a princess only because youre from a rich family.”

“Exactly! Someone must forget that Hao Ran wont tolerate her.”

“You…” Shao Feifei was announced, but she had to admit that she didnt want to irritate Hao Ran.

Or, why she could only badmouth them behind their backs

She didnt forget what Hao Ran had said to her this noon.

Actually, most of the classmates hated Shao Feifei and her friends.

They knew these girls enjoyed gossiping and behaved badly, but they didnt dare to say anything because those girls had great background.

However, since they admired Gu Ning now, they couldnt stand it when Shao Feifei and her friends badmouthed Gu Ning in public.

They had to do something.

When An Qian was off-duty, she came to visit Gu Man again.

“Doctor An, when can I leave the hospital” Gu Man asked.

An Qian told Gu Man in the way Gu Ning had asked her to do.

“Youve hit your head.

It takes one or two days to make sure that youre all good.

Recurrence of the injury can be terrible.”

Hearing that, Gu Man was a little scared.

If it got worse, it could cost more money.

Thus, Gu Man closed her mouth.

But in her heart, she was still worried about money.


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