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Chapter 428 The Head of the Kirin Gang, Qi Tianlin

“Sure.” Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai nodded.

They trusted Gu Ning.

And even if Gu Ning couldnt handle it alone, they would still be safe as long as they uncovered their family background.

The manager guided the three of them up to the seventh floor.

Standing outside of a luxurious private room were two tall, muscular security guards.

Once they appeared, a bodyguard opened the door.

Before they walked inside, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to check the situation in the private room.

There were three men in it.

One of them was lazily sitting in a chair in front of a gambling table.

He was very handsome but looked obtrusive and aggressive.

Gu Ning recognized him at once.

He was the head of the Kirin Gang, Qi Tianlin.

Surprisingly, she did meet him in person.

Standing at both of his sides were two men.

Obviously, the two men followed his lead.

The head of a gang was always mysterious and never went out in public.

Except for their own men, few people could meet him.

The reason why Gu Ning knew Qi Tianlin was because she had a conflict with him in her previous incarnation and had almost been killed by him.

Qi Tianlin was arrogant and cruel.

In order to achieve his aim, he would do anything, literally anything.

Compared with Situ Ye, he was even scarier.

No matter who annoyed him, he would torture the person to death.

However, he also had a changeable personality.

And sometimes his actions were a complete surprise.

Like when she had almost been killed by him in her previous incarnation.

He had let her go in the end, had even saved her life, just because she had been the first one who had dared to challenge him by risking their life.

In addition, he wasnt an executioner, and wouldnt kill people randomly because he preferred to torture them.

Qi Tianlin also cared about the existence of Kirin Gang, and wasnt willing to annoy those who were extremely powerful and able to threaten his Kirin Gang, in public.

However, in private, nobody knew what he would do.

If Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai told him their family background, Qi Tianlin probably wouldnt cause them trouble.

However, Gu Ning wasnt willing to do so.

Although Qi Tianlin would let them go if he found out that they were from the Cao family and the Tang family, no one knew whether he would secretly hurt the Cao family or the Tang family.

Thus, Gu Ning decided to handle it on her own.

Money wasnt a big deal, so they would be safe.

Once they walked in, Gu Nings eyes met his.

He looked dangerous, but Gu Ning didnt hesitate to meet his eyes.

Qi Tianlin was surprised that Gu Ning dared to meet his eyes, but he wasnt sure whether she was just too dumb or brave.

With that thought in his mind, he kept staring straight at her and his look was getting colder.

However, Gu Ning wasnt afraid of it at all.

Their eyes met in the air for a couple of minutes.

During that time, people around them felt great pressure and almost couldnt breathe, while Qi Tianlin and Gu Ning seemed fine.

In fact, Qi Tianlin was slightly stressed too, because Gu Ning put her magic power into her gaze and made it icier, which amazed as well as threatened him.

How is it possible Qi Tianlin was confused and annoyed.

He felt upset at being beaten by a young girls gaze, but he couldnt deny that he had felt stressed under her look.

Qi Tianlin immediately realized that this young girl in front of his eyes wasnt simple! However, it aroused his intense interest towards her.

Moreover, he even thought that this young girls look was familiar with the first woman he was interested in.

Unfortunately, she was already dead.

Otherwise, he would love to spend some time with her.

“Great!” Qi Tianlin suddenly opened his mouth and broke the ice between them.

“Youre really great.”

“You too,” Gu Ning replied calmly.

In reality, he wasnt complimenting her skills of gambling, but her outstanding psychological quality.

Although Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai didnt know that this man was the head of the Kirin Gang, since he was the boss of the Earth Nightclub, he had to be at least one of the senior management of the Kirin Gang.

“Leave now!” Qi Tianlin said to the manager.

“Yes, sir,” the manager said and left.

After that, Qi Tianlin turned to Gu Ning.

“Lets have a round!” He sounded very domineering.

Since Gu Ning was already here, she naturally wouldnt reject.

She directly stepped to the gambling table and sat across Qi Tianlin.

“What are we going to play”


Lets guess the numbers, and its a rubber game[1],” Qi Tianlin said.

There was a faint smile on Gu Nings lips.

“Whats the bet”

Qi Tianlin asked, “What do you want to bet”

“Either three billion yuan, or 30% shares of the Earth Nightclub,” Gu Ning said.

If she wasnt going to leave here with a fortune, she wouldnt be Gu Ning.

“What” Everyone was shocked.

“Dont you dare talk to our boss like that! Do you know who he…” a man beside Qi Tianlin said.

However, before he could finish, Gu Ning directly interrupted him, “I dont care who he is.

Im here to gamble.

If you cant afford the result, then dont do


“You…” The man wanted to say something, but was stopped by Qi Tianlins hand gesture.

Qi Tianlin squinted at Gu Ning.

He wasnt mad, but was quite interested in this young girl.

“Why are you so confident that youll win”

“Even if I lose, its just three billion yuan.

I can afford it,” Gu Ning said.

However, she was confident that she couldnt lose.

Qi Tianlin was irritated, because Gu Ning apparently said it on purpose.

Since she could afford the result, it would be shameful if he couldnt as the head of the Kirin Gang, but it was still too early to tell the result!

“No problem.

Three billion yuan,” Qi Tianlin said.

“Who will stack the dice cup first”

“We dont need to rush.

Lets write down an agreement first.” Gu Ning didnt believe him.

“How dare you doubt our boss!” The man who just had snapped at Gu Ning angrily criticized her again.

Gu Ning wasnt mad, but looked straight to him and deliberately said, “Your boss didnt say anything yet.

Why are you shouting all the time Do you think that you are the real boss here”

“Bull**!” The man was furious.

“Enough.” Qi Tianlin stopped him.

He stared at Gu Ning and teased, “Young girl, youre really good at stirring up trouble here! However, theyve been with me in so many dangerous situations over the years.

Its impossible for an outsider like you to alienate them from me.”

[1] A rubber game is a tie-breaking game.

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