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Chapter 424 New Year Gift

“Its the New Year festival and we definitely have to give you a New Year gift,” Jiang Liwen said first, and took out a document from her handbag.

“Ningning, this is for a villa in Huafu Hills.

Please take it as me and your eldest uncles New Year gift as well as the first meeting gift for you.

If youre not used to staying in this old house when you come to City B in the future, you may stay in the villa.” Gu Ning was a little shocked, and didnt take it immediately.

“Wow, its too luxurious.”

“Ningning, just take it! I live right next to this villa, so we can be neighbors!” Cao Wenxin persuaded.

“But…” Although the Tang family was the richest family in City B, and a villa was nothing for them.

The house price was crazily high in City B and a villa in the downtown was worth at least dozens of millions of yuan!


“Please accept it! Were a family, arent we” Jiang Liwen said.

Gu Ning didnt know how to reject so she accepted it in the end.

“Thank you so much!”

After that, Tang Yunrong took out her gift.

“Ningning, this is the gift from me and your uncle.

Since you already have a villa, you must be in need of a car.

The car is parked at the villa.”

“Thank you so much!” Gu Ning had no reason to reject Cao Ruihua and his wife, since she had already accepted the gift from Tang Yunhang and his wife.

She took a look at the papers in the file.

It was a Lamborghini which cost over ten million yuan.

And then, it was Tang Yunfans turn.

He took out a red envelope and said, “Happy New Year.” Although he seemed cold as usual, he sounded unusually gentle.

“Thanks!” Gu Ning took it.

She used her Jade Eyes, and saw a Black Card inside.

OMG! Her father really was the richest one in the family!

Maybe because Tang Yunfan was Gu Nings biological father, Gu Ning didnt feel uncomfortable accepting the card.

After receiving all the gifts, it was time for Gu Ning to give hers out.

“Well, I also prepared New Year gifts for you all.

Please wait a second.” Saying that, she left the dining table for her gifts.

Although they were too rich to be lacking anything, they were curious about Gu Nings gifts.

Gu Ning then took out a large box from her suitcase and laid it on the table.

Afterwards, she took the gifts out one by one.

“I dont know much about your likes, and all I have is jade, so all my gifts are jade,” Gu Ning said.

She firstly gave Tang Haifeng a box.

“This is for grandpa, and I hope you like it.”

Although everyone knew that Gu Ning had plenty of jade, jade was very expensive as a gift, especially from a young girl.

“Me Didnt you already give me the Sancai camel” Tang Haifeng was quite surprised.

He didnt expect that he would get a second New Year gift.

Hearing about the Sancai camel, everyone was amazed, because it was known for its rarity and high price.

Gu Ning was really generous!

Gu Ning smiled, but didnt say anything and placed the box in front of Tang Haifeng.

Tang Haifeng opened it and was shocked.

Inside the box was a pair of lion heads made of Kings Green jade with qilin patterns on it.

“Its the Kings Green!” Tang Haifeng was totally amazed.

This pair of jade lion heads was worth around forty million yuan!

Gu Ning had sent Master Leng the Kings Green jade, so she of course wouldnt hesitate to give her own grandpa the best jade that she had.

Although she didnt have much of the Kings Green jade, it was enough to make several small objects.

Hearing that it was the Kings Green, the rest of the people around the table were astonished too.

Nobody expected that Gu Ning would give such an expensive


After that, Gu Ning took out another three boxes and placed them in front of Tang Yunfan, Tang Yunhang and Cao Ruihua.

“Um, yours arent as good as grandpas.

Please dont mind.”

The men rounded their eyes in shock, because they realized that their gifts had to be precious as well, and felt a little guilty to accept such expensive gifts from the younger generation.

They opened their gifts at the same time, and there was a pixiu[1] the size of a fist in their boxes.

The flawless jade was bright like glass.

It was jade of the old-pit glass type! Although it wasnt as rare as the Kings Green, it was worth dozens of millions of yuan too.

They knew little about jade, but Tang Haifeng was familiar with it.

The moment he saw the pixiu, he raised his voice in surprise.

“Oh, its jade of the old-pit glass type!”

And then Tang Jiakai got his New Year gift which was also a jade accessory of the old-pit glass type, but his wasnt as big as the uncles.

Each of the ladies in the room, including Cao Wenxin, received a whole set of jade jewelry which consisted of a pair of earrings, jade pendant, a pair of bracelets and a ring.

Every set cost at least ten million yuan.

Even the Tang family was shocked by its price.

Seeing that they were still in shock Gu Ning joked.

“Well, Im not being generous for nothing.

Im going to open a jewelry branch in City B in the near future, and you all have to advertise it for me, like at a party or a ball or something else.

And you also have to mention the brand, Jade Beauty Jewelry!” Gu Ning said a lot with exaggerated body language, which amused everyone.

They, of course, understood that Gu Ning was just joking and persuading them to accept the gifts.

The women loved the jewelry, and none of them could put it down.

It wasnt because they couldnt afford it, but because it was so hard to find high quality jade, and beautiful designs.

Gu Nings gifts exactly satisfied their needs.

Even Cao Wenxin who never wore jewelry was absorbed in the blood-red jade jewelry.

She loved the bright and red color.

“No problem, I will advertise it for you.” Jiang Liwen smiled.

“Me too!” Tang Yunrong said.

“Ill do the advertising for you.

If you need a brand ambassador, I can get the most popular star in the Tanghuang Group to do it for free,” Tang Yunfan said.

The Tang family owned an entertainment and media company, so it was influential in advertising and promotion.

90% of the stars who got the support of Tanghuang were soon popular.

The others were surprised by Tang Yunfans proposal, but they all agreed with him.

[1] A pixiu is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature, commonly (but incorrectly) referred to in the West by the Greek word “chimera”.

It is considered a powerful protector of practitioners of Feng Shui.

It resembles a strong, winged lion

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