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Chapter 422 Investigate Gu Nings Life Experience

“Girl Gu, please dont mind.

Xin is just joking,” Tang Haifeng said to Gu Ning.

“Its fine.” Gu Ning didnt care.

Seeing that Gu Ning wasnt mad, Tang Yunfan was relieved, then he introduced Tang Yunfan to Gu Ning.

“This is your Uncle Yunfan.”

“Nice to meet you!” Gu Ning said.

“Hi,” Tang Yunfan said lightly.

All of a sudden, Tang Yunfan felt great pain in his head.

“Yunfan, whats wrong” Tang Haifeng was nervous.

Tang Yunfans secretary, Quan Mingkai, who was walking behind him, immediately ran over and opened his briefcase to get the medicine.

Quan Mingkai was Quan Bohangs son and had complete loyalty towards the Tang family, so he became Tang Yunfans closest assistant.

However, before Quan Mingkai took out the medicine, Gu Ning stepped forward and directly massaged Tang Yunfans temples with her hands.

She rubbed steadily, but secretly put her power into Tang Yunfans body.

“What…” Quan Mingkai was struck dumb, and didnt know what was happening.

He held the medicine up before Tang Haifeng but was stopped.

“Wait a second,” Tang Haifeng said.

Although everyone knew that Gu Ning had a special method of massage, they couldnt help doubting its effect.

Tang Yunfan felt a flow of coldness spread in his head, and the pain was soon relieved.

After a short while, he went back to normal.

Tang Yunfan opened his eyes, looking at Gu Ning who was right in front of him.

He felt so close to this girl.

“Yunfan, how do you feel now” Tang Haifeng asked with concern.

“I dont feel any pain now,” Tang Yunfan said.

He then turned to Gu Ning.

“Thank you so much.”

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said with a gentle smile.

Quan Mingkai hadnt seen Gu Nings face until now, and he was astonished to see that this girl greatly resembled his boss.

“I have some files to deal with, so Ill go back to my room now.

Please let me know when dinner is ready,” Tang Yunfan said coldly, like he couldnt stand being with them any longer.

Quan Mingkai followed him at once.

“Girl Gu, please dont mind.

Hes always like that,” Tang Haifeng said to Gu Ning.

“I understand.

Its fine,” Gu Ning said.

“Why did Yunfan suddenly have a headache And he has medicine with him.

Apparently, it wasnt the first time.

Is he…” Tang Haifeng was deeply worried.

“Grandpa, you dont need to worry.

Uncle is fine now,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that and thinking of Gu Nings exceptional ability, Tang Haifeng relaxed.

If Gu Ning was able to cure his heart disease, Tang Yunfans headache must be easy.

“Wow, sister, youre so awesome!” Tang Jiakai said with admiration.

“Sister, are you a goddess in a human beings body Youre so good at kung fu and you also easily cured grandpa and uncle!” Cao Wenxin said.

“Maybe!” Gu Ning joked.

“Ha-ha, you wont reject any compliment, will you” Cao Wenxin laughed.

“Nevertheless, you have to teach me some fighting skills!” Saying that, Cao Wenxin pulled Gu Ning, walking back to the center of the yard, whether Gu Ning agreed or not.

Gu Ning, of course, didnt mind.

Ever since Tang Yunfan had been in an accident 19 years ago, the Tang family wouldnt forbid the younger generation from practicing kung fu.

Instead, the younger generation except for Tang Jiakai who wasnt very interested in kung fu, and who merely dabbled in it, had been trained professionally from their childhood so that they could protect themselves if anything happened to them.

Cao Wenxin was able to fight against 10 common men by herself.

She was much better than Chu Peihan.

Gu Ning sensed that someone kept looking at her the entire time from the third floor of the main living building.

Without a doubt, it had to be Tang Yunfan.

It was a good thing that Tang Yunfan still felt attached to Gu Ning.

In the study on the third floor, Tang Yunfan was standing by the window.

Through the curtain, he was staring at the beautiful young girl in the yard.

He wasnt clear about what he was doing, but he was unwilling to rest either.

Quan Mingkai noticed that there was something wrong with his boss, and he also had many thoughts in his mind.

However, he didnt dare to say it because he wasnt sure.

All of a sudden, Tang Yunfan covered his forehead with his hand again.

Quan Mingkai thought that he was having a headache once more and asked in a hurry, “Boss, are you alright”

“Im fine.

I just have a strange feeling towards this girl.

I dont know why, but I have the desire to get close to her.” Facing Quan Mingkai, Tang Yunfan didnt hide his real feelings.

Quan Mingkai was the one that Tang Yunfan talked with most in the Tang family.

Even Tang Haifeng wasnt confident that he knew Tang Yunfan better than Quan Mingkai did.

“Boss, is it possible that the girl really has some connection with you After all, you lost a year of memory.

Could it be possible that you had a daughter with a woman in that year” Quan Mingkai had a wild guess.

Before Gu Ning appeared, nobody would ever have had that idea, but Gu Ning indeed greatly resembled Tang Yunfan, and people started to make wild guesses.

Hearing that, Tang Yunfans body stiffened a little.

Every time he had a headache, there was a vague image of a woman in his mind.

Although the image wasnt clear at all, it affected Tang Yunfan deeply and made him refuse to get married to another woman.

In the past, Tang Yunfan had the idea that the vague image could have some connection with him, but he didnt have any proof, and the image was too vague to be real, but now, Gu Nings appearance made Tang Yunfan believe that what Quan Mingkai had just said was likely to be true.

Since he had doubts, he would find out the truth.

“Investigate Gu Nings life experiences as soon as possible!”

“Yes, boss,” Quan Mingkai answered.

Then he made a call and gave the order.

With the influence of the Tang family, it couldnt be easier to investigate a person.

When it was just past 6 pm, the Cao familys car drove into the gate of the Tang familys grand house.

Cao Wenxin and Gu Ning were practicing kung fu in the yard.

This time, they werent competing against each other, but Gu Ning was teaching Cao Wenxin.

Seeing the scene, Cao Wenxins parents, Cao Ruihua and Tang Yunrong, were both amazed.

“Jesus! The girl who is teaching Xin must be my fathers new granddaughter, Gu Ning! Shes even better at kung fu than Xin is.

Im curious about her background,” Tang Yunrong said in surprise.

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