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Chapter 420 Lets Have A Fight

“You…” Although he knew that Gu Ning said it on purpose, Tang Haifeng was still annoyed.

He was really afraid that Gu Ning would throw this Sancai camel away, which would be a great loss.

“Fine-fine, Ill accept it, alright” Tang Haifeng compromised.

Gu Ning then smiled with satisfaction.

Seeing Gu Ning handling Master Tang so well, Tang Jiakai couldnt help admiring her.

“Youre so good at acting.

Are you interested in being an actress I can be your agent.” He was joking too.

“Nonsense!” Tang Haifeng said.

“I think that Girl Gu is born to be the big boss.”

Gu Ning smiled gently, but didnt say anything.

After that, Tang Haifeng was absorbed in the Sancai camel, and kept looking at it from different angles, while Tang Jiakai talked with Gu Ning.

Or to be more specific, it was more like Tang Jiakai continuously asked Gu Ning questions.

“Sister, how are your studies”

“Sister, which university is your favorite”

“Sister, why dont you attend a university in City B”

“Sister, youre so outstanding at such a young age! Youre adept at kung fu, you know how to cure people, you know stone gambling and antiques, and most importantly, you know business!”

“Sister, would you mind if I followed your lead from now on”

“Tang Jiakai, enough!” Tang Haifeng couldnt stand his noise anymore.

Tang Haifeng was displeased, and Tang Jiakai could only close his mouth.

“Oh, Girl Gu, why dont you stay in this house before you leave City B” Tang Haifeng asked Gu Ning.

“Thanks, grandpa, but I think Ill stay in the hotel.” Gu Ning declined politely.

She indeed had the idea to have a tour around this grand house, but she didnt want to stay here at night, which wouldnt be convenient or comfortable for her.

“Come on, sister, there are so many rooms for so few people here.

Just stay with us!” Tang Jiakai said.

“Thanks, but I have other things to deal with.” Gu Ning declined again.

Since Gu Ning said so, Tang Jiakai and Tang Haifeng didnt insist.

“Well, could you visit me more often as long as youre free in City B I get bored,” Tang Haifeng said.

Gu Ning smiled.

“No problem.” However, she would be going home in a few days.

Around 5 pm, Cao Wenxin arrived.

Once she walked in, she raised her voice.

“Tang Jiakai, where are you now How dare you challenge me And where is your helper” Hearing the voice, it was apparent that Cao Wenxin had a fiery temper.

Gu Ning figured it out instantly.

Tang Jiakai must have challenged Cao Wenxin the moment she had promised to protect him.

However, she had only promised to protect him when he was bullied by others.

How come it ended up being a challenge Wasnt he afraid that Gu Ning might lose

Tang Jiakai really believed in Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning was able to kick Zhao Kanglin three meters away, it shouldnt be difficult for her to beat Cao Wenxin.

Within seconds, Cao Wenxin had already run into the room.

“Dont shout in public! Its not polite!” Tang Haifeng criticized, but he was already used to it.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning was here today, so Tang Haifeng didnt want to scare her.

Cao Wenxin didnt listen to Tang Haifeng, as usual, but she was surprised when she saw Gu Ning.

“Tang Jiakai, is this your girlfriend She is pretty!”

No one could blame Cao Wenxin for mistaking Gu Ning as Tang Jiakais girlfriend, because Gu Ning was their age and was a stranger.

In addition, it was the first time that Tang Jiakai had brought a girl home, so it had to be his girlfriend.

“What are you talking about Shes not.” Tang Jiakai felt a little embarrassed.

“Really” Cao Wenxin didnt believe him.

“Shes grandpas newgranddaughter,” Tang Jiakai said.

“Oh, she is Gu Ning” Cao Wenxin was amazed.

Cao Wenxin had heard of Gu Ning from Tang Haifeng, and she admired Gu Ning too.

The Tang family never treated people differently because of their family background.

On the contrary, they were all kind and grateful.

“Hi!” Gu Ning stood up and greeted Cao Wenxin.

“Hi, Im Cao Wenxin.

Since youre my grandpas new granddaughter, then youll be my younger sister.

Ill protect you from now on,” Cao Wenxin said, and caught Gu Nings shoulder like they were already close sisters.

Gu Ning had saved her grandpa, so she was the Tang familys lifesaver.

In addition, Gu Ning was so outstanding at such a young age, which left a good impression on Cao Wenxin.

Therefore, Cao Wenxin honestly regarded her as a younger sister.

Normally, Gu Ning was reluctant to be touched by a stranger, but she didnt have the feeling when Cao Wenxin laid an arm on her shoulder.

However, before Gu Ning could say a word, Tang Jiakai opened his mouth with disdain.


You want to protect her Do you have the ability”

Cao Wenxin was struck dumb for a second, then asked Tang Jiakai with uncertainty.

“Do you mean your helper is Gu Ning”

Tang Jiakai had just called and told her that he found someone who could beat her, which was a pure challenge in Cao Wenxins eyes, so she ran to the Tang familys house at once.

“Yes, youre right,” Tang Jiakai said proudly.

Cao Wenxin turned to Gu Ning.

“Do you fight”

It wasnt because Cao Wenxin didnt believe Tang Jiakai, but she respected Gu Ning, and wanted to hear the answer from Gu Nings mouth.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said with a slight smile.

“Great, then lets have a fight.

If you can beat me, I wont bully Tang Jiakai anymore,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Of course you can reject.

I wont force you.”

Cao Wenxin had a fiery temper, but she also had respect towards others and always kept her promises.

However, the Tang family was an exception, like Tang Jiakai.

Tang Jiakai was utterly unwilling to practice fighting skills with Cao Wenxin, because he was beaten by Cao Wenxin every time.

“My lovely sister, my future relies on you now,” Tang Jiakai said to Gu Ning and begged.

Gu Ning gave him a resigned smile.

“I will do my best.” Not only because of Tang Jiakai, but because Gu Ning also wanted to have a competition with Cao Wenxin.

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