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Chapter 419 Younger Sister Protects Older Brother

Although Gu Ning wasnt used to calling him her brother yet, she still did it in order to not upset him.

“Older brother,” Gu Ning said.

“Ha-ha! I have a younger sister now! Since you already call me your older brother, Ill protect you from now on!” Tang Jiakai laughed out loud, but suddenly he realized he was wrong.

“Oh, no.

I think its you who should protect me, because Cao Wenxin is such a bad girl.

Shell come later, and probably bully me once more.

You must protect me, please!”

Tang Jiakai cozied up to Gu Ning without hesitation, as if Gu Ning was his boss, instead of his younger sister.

“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning snorted with laughter.

She thought that Tang Jiakai was quite funny.

“Tang Jiakai!” Tang Haifeng snapped at him.

Tang Jiakai didnt think that it was a big deal and argued.

“Grandpa, why dont you tell Cao Wenxin to stop bullying me”

Tang Haifeng was annoyed, but didnt say a word.

If he could stop Cao Wenxin who was a spoiled, naughty girl, he would have done it already.

“Please, help me.” Without Gu Nings answer, Tang Jiakai didnt give it up.

“Fine,” Gu Ning said.

Actually, she was curious to meet Tang Jiakais older female cousin.

Seeing Tang Haifeng being irritated, Gu Ning immediately changed the topic.

“Grandpa, happy New Year, where is my red envelope” Saying that, she held out her hands for the red envelope.

Tang Haifeng was amused.

“Ha-ha, youre so rich now do you still want my red envelope”

Although Tang Haifeng was joking, he took out the red envelope at once.

“Well, youre my grandpa.

Its different.

I want good luck from you,” Gu Ning said with a smile when she got the red envelope from Tang Haifeng.

“I wont take red envelopes from those who I dont care about.”

Gu Ning wasnt lying.

Either way, Tang Haifeng felt touched.

Gu Ning didnt open the red envelope right in front of Tang Haifeng, but she used her Jade Eyes to see what was inside.

There was a bank card in it, but Gu Ning didnt know how much money there was in the account.

Anyway, it would probably be a lot.

Gu Ning took out the red envelope that she was going to give as a gift to Master Tang too.

That was the way of socializing.

“Grandpa, Ive prepared a New Year gift for you too!” Gu Ning said and walked to her suitcase.

“What is it” Tang Jiakai and Tang Haifeng were both curious.

Tang Haifeng understood that the gift had to be special.

In fact, no matter what Gu Ning sent to him, he would take it with pleasure.

He was only worried that Gu Ning would send him a very expensive gift, and he would feel guilty to accept it.

“It wont be a surprise if I directly tell you, so you need to open it yourself,” Gu Ning said.

She opened her suitcase and took out a medium-sized paper box.

Then she walked back to Tang Haifeng and handed the present to him.

Tang Haifeng took it with curiosity and placed it on the table.

Tang Jiakai came closer at once.

The box was opened, and there was an object wrapped in a red cloth.

Tang Haifeng cautiously unwrapped the red cloth, and was amazed to see what was inside.

“This-this is a Sancai camel from the Tang Dynasty!” Tang Haifeng recognized it at first sight, and he believed that it had to be real since it was a gift from Gu Ning.

This Sancai camel was precisely one of the antiques Gu Ning had taken out from the ancient grave yesterday.

Tang Sancai was a versatile type of decoration on Chinese pottery using glazes or slip, predominantly in the three colors of brown, green, and a creamy off-white.

It was particularly associated with the Tang Dynasty

This Sancai camel was 87 centimeters tall and 61 centimeters wide.

It had double humps with one leaned left and the other leaned right.

The whole body was mainly brown glaze, with different shades of green, white and yellow colors in between.

The camel headed up, and the sacs were hung between the two peaks.

Both sides of the bags were hung with tows, kettles, flat pots, water bladders, and so forth.

Tang Jiakai knew nothing about antiques, but he also knew that it was Tang Sancai.

“Wow, it must an antique from the Tang Dynasty!”

“It must be expensive! Youre so generous,” Tang Jiakai said to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning smiled.

“Not really.

I accidentally found it and it turned out to be real.”

Gu Ning didnt want Tang Haifeng to feel guilty, because she didnt spend much money on it.

Moreover, she also told Tang Haifeng that it was real in case he had doubts.

“Nevertheless, I think this Sancai camel is too valuable!” Tang Haifeng still didnt think that he should accept this gift which was worth at least dozens of millions of yuan.

“Grandpa, if you dont accept my gift, I wont accept your red envelope either,” Gu Ning said, and pretended to be displeased.

“Well.” Tang Haifeng hesitated.

His red envelope was barely comparable to this Sancai camel.

“And, I also want to ask grandpa for a favor.” In order to let Tang Haifeng accept her gift, Gu Ning thought of something to ask him for help.

“Of course Ill help you, even without this Sancai camel!” Tang Haifeng said.

“The thing is, I established a jewelry company a while ago, and I want to open a branch in City B now.

However, Im not familiar with City B, so I want grandpa to help me find a store with a good location along with a good manager,” Gu Ning said.

The idea just dawned on her, because she was so occupied with work now that she hardly had time to deal with the branch.

Therefore, Gu Ning brought it up now simply because she wanted Tang Haifeng to accept her gift without hesitation.

And she planned to use the excuse that she needed their promotion later when she was going to give jewelry to the ladies in the Tang Family.

“No problem!” Tang Haifeng answered with alacrity.

“However, this Sancai camel…”

“Grandpa.” Gu Ning interrupted him.

“Do you still regard me as a member of your family”

“Of course I do!” Tang Haifeng immediately said.

“Then please accept it.

If you refuse to do so, Ill leave right away and dump it into a trash can.” Gu Ning acted like a spoiled naughty child.

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