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Chapter 412 Step-shake Crown

With a small sound, the rock door moved, which shocked Li Maosong and his friends.

Gu Ning was unusually strong! Gu Ning gradually pushed the rock door open.

In order to not shock them too much, Gu Ning intentionally slowed down.

After the rock door was pushed open, the group of them walked inside.

The third chamber was 10 square-meters large, but it was still empty.

And it had three grave tunnels at its front, left and right side.

“Which tunnel should we go in first” Zhao Jiangquan asked.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and saw that this ancient grave was like a complicated maze.

People would easily either lose their sense of direction or reach the same place after walking for a long time.

It was hard for normal people to find the main chamber, but Gu Ning who had Jade Eyes spotted the main chamber with just a glance.

However, they still had to dig through another dirt wall.

“Follow me,” Gu Ning said and directly walked to the left grave tunnel.

After half an hour of twists and turns, they stopped and Gu Ning said, “Here, dig the wall.”

With the previous experience, nobody doubted her decision.

They raised their tools and started to dig through the wall without delay, even though they found it unbelievable.

Within half an hour, the one-meter thick dirt wall was dug through.

And on the other side of the dirt wall was a rock door, which was precisely the access to the main chamber.

The main chamber had been furnished with a door and was covered with a layer of dirt.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, they would never have found this main chamber.

If they wanted to open this rock door, they had to remove all the dirt covering the door.

The rock door was two meters tall, and one meter wide, which was a big project, so all five of them began to dig together.

After two hours, they finally removed all the dirt and Gu Ning went to push the rock door.

However, she failed to push it open this time.

Gu Ning was surprised, and the men also exchanged a glance with doubt.

Gu Ning checked the surroundings and found an iron ring.

She immediately lowered her body to pull it.

And with a series of sounds, the rock door moved and fell, and the main chamber was revealed in front of their eyes.

Because of the night-luminescent pearl, the main chamber was lit brightly when they walked inside.

It was around 10 square-meters large, and there were two coffins laid in the middle with three boxes standing against the wall.

Seeing the three big boxes, everyone was excited.

The men were eager to open it but stood still waiting for Gu Nings permission.

“Go and open the boxes,” Gu Ning said.

Li Maosong and his friends then ran to the boxes at once, while Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see what was in the two coffins.

This ancient grave was under the temple, so there was no Yin or a moving body here.

In the left coffin, the body was already a skeleton and Gu Ning could only judge which period this man had been from the clothes.

He must be an important official in the Tang Dynasty according to his purple official uniform.

And in the right coffin, the skeleton was wearing a pure red wedding gown with a step-shake crown[1].

Seeing the step-shake crown, Gu Ning was stunned.

It was so beautiful!

“Miss Gu, come here and have a look!” Li Maosong called her.

Hearing that, Gu Ning left the step-shake crown and walked towards them.

One of the three boxes was filled with jewelry, another was full of porcelain, while there were many other valuable antiques in the third one.

“Do you have bags to carry them” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes,” they said and took their bags out.

The bags were made of special material and they wouldnt tear no matter how sharp the objects inside were.

“Fill two bags with the jewelry,” Gu Ning said, and the men worked.

After that, Gu Ning chose five pieces of porcelain from 12 in the second box and took out eight antiques from 20 or so in the third box.

“Thats all I want, and the rest will be yours,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss Gu, its…” They had agreed to share the antiques in halves, but Gu Ning gave them more than a half.

“I cant take so many,” Gu Ning lied.

In reality, she wasnt greedy, and there were four of them while she was alone.

It wasnt a big deal if they got more than a half.

As for the jewelry, Gu Ning only took two-fifths of it, and LI Mansong and the others got the rest.

The men all thanked Gu Ning with sincerity.

Afterward, they opened the two coffins.

Gu Ning went directly to the right one, while Li Maosong and the others went to the left one.

There were some books which were written by famous writers in the past in the left coffin.

And except for the step-shake crown, there were only two pairs of bracelets and other jewelry in the right coffin.

“You can have whatever is in the right coffin, and Ill take whatever is in this one,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure.” Everyone agreed.

Li Maosong and the others didnt know what was in the right coffin, so Gu Ning directly put the step-shake crown into her telepathic eye space.

She then put her share of the antiques into a box and fastened it with ropes.

Zhao Jiangquan proposed to help Gu Ning carry the box, but he failed because it was too heavy.

However, even if he was able to move it, Gu Ning wouldnt bother him, because they all had heavy bags to carry.

And they were ordinary men after all, while Gu Ning had practiced kung fu for years, so she was stronger than common people, and she also had her magic power!

When they were ready to leave, Gu Ning guided them along the same way moving smoothly and quickly back outside.

After a while, they were all out.

Guo Yiyang looked in the direction of the archaeological team and said, “Well, I bet theyll find nothing this time.”

“Yeah, theyve searched for a week already.

I have sympathy for them,” Zhao Jiangquan said.

“Why dont you go and tell them that the ancient grave is here” Sun Chao joked.

“I wont! Id be exposed! I dont want to suffer a double loss,” Zhao Jiangquan said.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for your help! If it hadnt been for you, we wouldnt have found the ancient grave or gotten these antiques so easily.

If we heard anything about ancient graves in the future, would you mind if we called you And we can share the antiques in halves,” Li Maosong said.

It was a win-win, and they would enjoy cooperating with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning had the same idea and agreed with alacrity.

She had accidentally heard the news this time, while Li Maosong and the others were professional gravediggers, so they might have more chances.

“Oh, Miss Gu, where are you leaving for If you didnt drive here, we can give you a ride,” Li Maosong said out of kindness.

[1] A step-shake crown is a traditional Chinese bridal headdress.

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