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Chapter 409 Meet Those Gravediggers Again

In the beginning, some villagers wanted to make some money by secretly selling antiques, but others who knew that it was illegal told the government.

The government then sent an archaeological team here.

Although the government didnt hide the news, it didnt spread the news either, so there werent many people who knew about it.

Gu Ning walked along the road while using her Jade Eyes to scan the mountains around her.

Su Anjuns group had probably already searched this road, but their eyes were hardly comparable to her Jade Eyes.

Gu Ning came here not for Su Anjun, but the ancient grave.

Therefore, she didnt care much about Su Anjuns group but was still cautious to not run across them.

The mountains here werent very high, merely at an altitude of around a few hundred to a thousand meters, but there were many trees and rocks and it wasnt easy to climb.

Of course, it wasnt a problem for Gu Ning.

She had walked for an hour and made a round of a small mountain, but failed to find any traces of an ancient grave or a grave hole.

Hours had passed, and still nothing.

However, right after Gu Ning climbed a short distance up another mountain, she heard some people talking, but couldnt hear them clearly because they were far away.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and saw 20 or so people on the other side of this mountain.

They were searching for something with tools on the ground.

Although Gu Ning had her Jade Eyes, she couldnt find the ancient grave at a glance.

Instead, she had to search the ground meter by meter too.

Nevertheless, she was able to search in a much larger area at a higher speed than them.

Since she already found Su Anjuns group, Gu Ning definitely wouldnt go over.

She turned and walked in the opposite direction.

It wasnt early when Gu Ning arrived at Nanshui Village, and the sky quickly got dark in the winter.

It wasnt safe to stay in the mountains at night.

There could be snakes, ants, rats or something else, so Su Anjuns group stopped searching and made camp in an empty place while taking measures to prevent against snakes and other poisonous animals.

As for Gu Ning, she kept looking for the ancient grave.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, she had no trouble walking in the night.

And if she was bitten by a snake, she could use her power to protect herself.

Gu Ning later came to another mountain.

However, before she could find the ancient grave, she heard someone talking quietly in front of her.

“Li Maosong, my older brother died because of you! And Ill get revenge for him today!”

Hearing the name, Li Maosong, Gu Ning was surprised and immediately used her Jade Eyes.

There they were! Gu Ning met those gravediggers again, namely Li Maosong, Sun Chao, Zhao Jiangquan and Guo Yiyang.

What a coincidence! However, Gu Ning wasnt very surprised.

They were gravediggers after all and spent most of their time finding ancient graves.

It wasnt surprising that they came here after they heard the news.

However, there wasnt only Li Maosong and his friends.

Another six men were standing opposite Li Maosongs group.

Both of the sides seemed displeased, especially those who were glaring at Li Maosong

“Du Shouyang, I told you that Lao San didnt die because of us.

He refused to listen to us and ran into the grave for money, but was killed by a moving body!” Lao Er who was Sun Chao argued in anger.

They were unwilling to bear the result of Lao Sans death.

Hearing that, Gu Ning figured out what was happening here.

The man named Du Shouyang must be the younger brother of Lao San (Du Shouming).

Gu Ning moved over silently.

Although she had just met Li Maosong and others once, they shared the unbelievable experience in the ancient grave.

Thus, she wouldnt walk away from them.

If they were in danger, she was willing to help them.

“A moving body Bull**! Do you think Ill buy that I think you killed him because you didnt want to share the money with him!” Du Shouyang didnt believe in the moving body.

“Believe it or not, we didnt kill Lao San!” Zhao Jiangquan said.

“Its not important whether I believe it or not, because you all are going to die today.” Du Shouyang seemed evil and pulled a gun from his waist all of a sudden, aiming at Li Maosong.

Li Maosong and the others stepped backward in fear, and their faces turned pale.

Gu Ning was displeased too.

She was worried that they would be killed at any second, so she ran forward to rescue them without delay.

Luckily, Gu Ning was only four meters away from them.

And within two seconds, Gu Ning reached Du Shouyangs side and broke his wrist.

The others didnt clearly see what was going on until Du Shouyang shouted in severe pain.

They were all scared as well as shocked.

Du Shouyang held his injured right wrist, but his gun was gone.

And Gu Ning was standing by his side with his gun in her hand.

“You…” Everyone looked at Gu Ning in astonishment.

It happened as fast like lightning! And an ordinary person couldnt do that.

This girl must be a kung fu master.

They thought.

Li Maosong and the others didnt recognize Gu Ning when she had dashed out, but when they saw Gu Nings face, they were quite surprised.

“Miss Gu, its you!” Li Maosong said in excitement.

Since it was Gu Ning, it was understandable that she could get the control of Du Shouyang like lightning.

Gu Ning had rescued them from bats and a moving body the last time, so in their hearts, Gu Ning was their lifesaver and a kung fu master they admired.

“Oh, its Miss Gu!” The others were also surprised.

They didnt wonder why Gu Ning showed up here because they thought that Gu Ning was a gravedigger too.

“Hi, you all, nice to meet you again!” Gu Ning said to them.

Li Maosong and Sun Chao were even older than her mother, while Zhao Jiangquan and Guo Yiyang were younger than 30-years-old.

Du Shouyang panicked a little after he found out that Li Maosong and the others knew Gu Ning and Gu Ning was able to grab his gun away in seconds.

Gu Ning coldly glanced at Du Shouyangs group, and she had a natural air of power, which terrified them.

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