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Chapter 407 I Know Im Awesome

Later, Gu Ning chose another two raw materials with jade inside.

One was medium-high-level jade the size of a tissue box, while the other was high-level and as big as three mans palms piled together.

And two-third of the two raw materials was jade.

Lord Pan was surprised by Gu Nings speed of picking up raw materials.

“Boss, are you just randomly choosing”

“I have my instinct,” Gu Ning said.

What Lord Pan didnt think that instinct was reliable.

Even though Lord Pan thought that Gu Ning knew nothing about stone gambling, he still admired her as always.

Gu Ning only took three raw materials with jade inside, and she was kind enough to leave the rest for the owner of this shop to run his business.

With the help of Lord Pan, Gu Ning got 30% off when she paid the bill.

Even though Gu Ning didnt lack money, it felt good when you could get a discount.

“Miss, do you want to cut them out” the owner of the shop asked.

“Sure,” Gu Ning said, then walked to the stone-cutting area.

No customers were cutting raw materials, so the two machines were both available.

Gu Ning told the two stonecutters to cut the two raw materials with medium-high-level jade inside first.

Once the machines started to work, people in the shop quickly surrounded the area.

Everyone was nervously staring at the raw materials which were being cut, including Lord Pan.

Gu Ning was the only one who stayed calm.

“Boss, shouldnt you be nervous” Lord Pan saw Gu Ning being so calm and asked with curiosity.

“Im not,” Gu Ning said.

Lord Pan admired Gu Nings outstanding psychological quality once more.

Before long, the green showed.

People all looked at Gu Ning with envy or jealousy, but Gu Ning still remained calm.

Lord Pan, on the other hand, was astonished by Gu Nings accurate instinct.

He also understood that luck was very important in stone gambling.

However, Gu Ning still remained calm and didnt seem excited at all.

“Boss, arent you happy” Lord Pan asked puzzledly.

“Of course I am.” Gu Ning gave him a perfunctory answer.

She wasnt unhappy but was used to it, and she had already known that there was jade in it.

Lord Pan felt that it was very strange that Gu Ning didnt show any happiness if she was really happy.

Did she already know Lord Pan thought to himself, but he didnt take it seriously, even though it was precisely the truth.

“It could be just a thin layer,” someone said with jealousy.

Seeing the green, many people would be green with envy too.

“Miss, Im willing to pay fifty thousand yuan for this raw material.

Although the green shows a little, it could only be a thin layer and the raw material would be a waste.

However, if you sell it to me, you can at least make fifty thousand yuan!” a middle-aged man in a suit said to Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning heard it, she remembered that someone had said the same thing to her when she had cut out jade the first time.

“Sorry, if you want to buy it, you have to wait until the end.

And the most generous buyer will get the jade,” Gu Ning said.

Since Gu Ning said so, the middle-aged man could only wait.

The stonecutter kept cutting.

And at the same time, the other stone cutter told them that green showed.

“Jesus! This young girl is so lucky! Both of her raw materials show green.

Is it possible that the third one will show green too”


People were more surprised and looked at Gu Ning with greater jealousy, while Gu Ning still remained calm.

“Boss, youre so awesome!” Lord Pan couldnt admire Gu Ning more now, and he believed that he had made the right decision to follow Gu Nings lead.

Within minutes, the first jade was fully cut out.

“Oh my! Its medium-high-level jade of the glutinous-rice type!” the stonecutter raised his voice in excitement.

His hands were trembling slightly.

It was hard to cut out jade and normally he could only cut out dozens of pieces of jade in a year.

It was rare to see jade above the medium level.

“What Glutinous-rice type! It must be worth at least thirty million yuan!”

“Jesus! Its a fortune!”

“Boss, youre so awesome!” Lord Pan complimented with excitement like the jade was his.

However, no one was more upset than the owner of this shop.

Although it was usual to see a customer cut out jade in his shop, he couldnt help feeling envious and jealous too.

A short while later.

“Jesus! This is medium-high-level jade of the water type!” the other stonecutter said in astonishment.

What The crowd burst into discussion again.

Gu Nings unbelievable luck really shocked them.

Everyone looked at Gu Ning with pure jealousy, but Gu Ning wasnt affected at all.

“Boss…” Lord Pan was about to praise Gu Ning again, but he was suddenly short of words.

He was running out of complimentary vocabulary.

However, he still tried to express his admiration for Gu Ning.

“Well, I honestly dont what else I can say, but boss, youre really awesome!”

Gu Ning was amused.

“Alright, I know that Im awesome, so you can stop flattering me.”

Hearing their small talk, many people around them thought that Gu Ning was being too proud, even though they all had to admit that she was really incredible.

Lord Pan, on the other hand, loved Gu Nings character.

Before long, someone bid for the first jade of the glutinous-rice type.

“Ten million yuan.”

“Eleven million yuan.”

“Twenty million yuan.”

In the end, the jade was sold for twenty million yuan.

Right when Gu Ning was ready to give the third raw material to a stonecutter, her phone rang, and the caller was K.

K finally got the location, so Gu Ning decided to not cut the third raw material now.

“Miss, are you going to cut the third one” the owner of this shop asked.

“No, thanks,” Gu Ning said.

Afterward, the second jade was fully cut out.

It was bigger than the first one, so its price would be higher too.

“Ten million yuan.”

“Twelve million yuan.”

When people were busy bidding for the second jade, Gu Ning heard someone speaking Language R beside her, and she was displeased.

People from Country R were disliked by people in this country, including Gu Ning.

Gu Ning wasnt adept at Language R, but she could understand a little.

Gu Ning heard the person from Country R tell a local citizen by his side to help him bid for the second jade.

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