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Chapter 406 Ill Do My Best


Yang, on the other hand, was upset.

If Gu Ning became Lord Pans master, Lord Pan would definitely listen to her, and he would be in big trouble.

Gu Ning frowned a little.

She wasnt interested in being someones master, so she rejected him directly.

“Sorry, Im not interested.”

“What” Lord Pan was disappointed, but then he had another idea.

“Well, if you dont want to be my master, would you mind being my boss”.

People around them were really shocked this time.

Why did Lord Pan want to follow Gu Ning

Gu Ning didnt reject him again but was thinking about it.

It wasnt a bad idea to have a super-rich heir be a member of her team.

It wouldnt cost her anything but expand her network.

However, she wouldnt decide without thorough consideration either, because she was unfamiliar with the Pan Family.

If the Pan family often abused their power, they wouldnt get along with Gu Ning, and there would be no need for her to be connected with them.

At the same time, Gu Ning also understood that there were no officials or businessmen who had never done anything bad.

As long as it didnt break the law or basic moral standards, Gu Ning wouldnt mind.

“What do you think” Seeing Gu Ning hesitated, Lord Pan knew that he had hope, but was still very nervous.

“Are you sure that youre willing to call me boss” Gu Ning asked.

“Of course,” Lord Pan replied seriously.

Seeing Lord Pan being so serious, Gu Ning said, “I cant give you the answer right now, but I can give you a chance.

So whether Ill accept you as one of my team all depends on you.”

“No problem, Ill do my best!” Lord Pan said in excitement.

Although Gu Ning didnt give him an affirmative answer yet, he still had a chance.

“Are you going to support Mr.

Yang now” Gu Ning asked.

“No-no,” Lord Pan said.

Since Gu Ning was his boss now, he would, of course, stand with her.


Yang really panicked now.

“And Im helping Mr.


Will you pick on him” Gu Ning asked again.

“Of course not,” Lord Pan said.

His boss was going to help Mr.

Zhang, and he definitely wouldnt act against his boss.

“Very well.” Gu Ning was satisfied, then looked at Mr.


“Are you going to give the money back to Mr.

Zhang, and destroy all the artificial raw materials, or do I still have to call the police”

“I-Ill give the money back to Mr.

Zhang,” Mr.

Yang said.

No matter what, the reputation of his store was damaged.

However, if he was willing to give the money back to Mr.

Zhang and destroy all the artificial raw materials, he still had a chance to run his business as usual.

However, if Gu Ning called the police, he would really be doomed.

In the end, Mr.

Yang gave the money to Mr.


Because of Mr.

Yangs attitude, Mr.

Zhang and others all believed that the raw material wasnt real.

From the beginning to the end, Mr.

Zhang also closely watched how the situation developed.

After that, Mr.

Zhang repeatedly thanked Gu Ning, and he wasnt dumb enough to ask how Gu Ning found out that there was something wrong with the raw material.

Even though Lord Pan wouldnt cause Mr.

Zhang any trouble, Mr.

Zhang couldnt find any source of jade in a short time.

Therefore, Gu Ning talked to him in private and told him that she had a relative who had a jade provider.

If he needed it, she could help him.

In actual fact, Gu Ning was making a deal for herself.

What Gu Ning offered was exactly what Mr.

Zhang was badly in need of.

He was thrilled and thanked Gu Ning again.

Gu Ning then gave Mr.

Zhang, Zheng Pengs phone number and the name of the company.

Hearing that the company was Colorful Jade Provider, Mr.

Zhang was very relieved, because the company was quite famous in the jade industry.

“Boss, would you mind having a meal with me” When Gu Ning and Lord Pan were alone, Lord Pan seized the chance to please Gu Ning.

“I just had a meal,” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt turning Lord Pan down on purpose, but she did have a meal an hour ago.

“Let me buy you a cup of coffee then,” Lord Pan said.

“I need to continue stone gambling.” Gu Ning rejected him again.

“Stone gambling Boss, do you play it too” Lord Pan was surprised.

If he had known Gu Nings achievements, he wouldnt have been so surprised.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said lightly.

Now, Lord Pan admired Gu Ning more.

He followed Gu Ning walking into another raw material store.

The moment its owner noticed Lord Pan, he fawned on him at once.

“Oh, isnt this Lord Pan! Please come on in and have a look.

I can give you 30% off.”

Lord Pan didnt know much about stone gambling, but he enjoyed it because it was exciting, so he came to this stone gambling street often.

And all the owners of the raw material shops on this street knew Lord Pan.

“Sure.” Lord Pan became arrogant again before others.

He followed behind Gu Ning but had no intention to buy raw materials himself.

Gu Ning focused on the pile of raw materials before her for a few seconds, then walked over and picked up one the size of a football.

There was medium-high-level jade in it.

“Get a cart now,” Gu Ning naturally gave Lord Pan an order.

“No problem!” Facing Gu Ning, Lord Pan immediately put on a smile and went to fetch a cart.

The scene shocked many people who had known Lord Pan for a long time, and none of them could believe their eyes.

Who is this young girl Why is Lord Pan listening to her Is she Lord Pans girlfriend Impossible! Lord Pan has had many girls, but those girls were like female servants when they were with Lord Pan, and Lord Pan never treated them gently, let alone smiled at them.

Is this girl special to Lord Pan Or is Lord Pan scared of this girl

Everyone around them had the same thoughts, but Lord Pan didnt care at all, because Gu Ning occupied his mind.

“Boss, is there jade inside” Lord Pan asked.

When people heard Lord Pan call this young girl “boss”, they were truly shocked.

However, no matter how curious they were, nobody dared to ask Lord Pan.

The Pan family wasnt ranked on the top 10 richest list in City B, but it was a well-known super-rich family.

City B was the center of finance, and only an affluent family with billions or dozens of billions of yuan in wealth could be called a real super-rich family.

A common super-rich family normally had over a billion yuan in assets.

As for those families with only hundreds of millions of yuan in wealth, they were hardly super-rich families.

Of course, there were many rich people with hundreds of millions of yuan in wealth in City B, but it wasnt common to see a billionaire.

“Well know when we cut it.” Gu Ning wouldnt give him an affirmative answer before the raw material was cut open.

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