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Chapter 405 Lord Pan

Gu Ning hated frauds.

And since she encountered one, she wouldnt ignore it.

“Wait a second!” When the worker was about to cut the big raw material, Gu Ning stopped him.

Everyone looked at her with confusion.

Gu Ning said to Mr.

Zhang, “Mr.

Zhang, I think that you better not buy this raw material.”

“Why” Mr.

Zhang didnt understand.

However, before Gu Ning could say another word, the boss of this raw material shop, Mr.

Yang, opened his mouth and his tone was unkind.

“Miss, what do you mean”

Gu Ning looked to him and said calmly, “I think that you know the reason.

You better give the money back to Mr.

Zhang, otherwise…” Gu Ning didnt finish her sentence, but her sneer and meaningful tone revealed everything.

The boss of the raw material shop panicked a little.

He wasnt sure whether Gu Ning knew the truth, but he refused to admit it.

“He already paid for this raw material, and there is no reason to regret!” Mr.

Yang pretended that he didnt understand Gu Nings meaning.

“Oh, what if there is something wrong with this raw material” Gu Ning sneered.

“What This raw material isnt right” Everyone was surprised.

“Miss, are you serious” Mr.

Zhang asked anxiously.

Although he wasnt certain that Gu Ning spoke the truth, he had to be cautious now.


Yang, on the other hand, was struck dumb for a second, then he snapped at Gu Ning.

“You have no proof!”


Yang was mad and panicking.

How How is it possible that this young girl found out that this raw material isnt real

Although he didnt know how Gu Ning found out, it was obvious that she purposely told everyone in public.

Gu Ning stared at Mr.

Yang and said, “I dont have proof Why dont we make a bet then”

“You…” Mr.

Yang didnt know what to say.

He couldnt bet with Gu Ning because he knew that it was an artificial raw material.

Seeing that, most of the people started to believe Gu Ning.

“Is there something wrong with this raw material”


Yang, is this an artificial raw material”

“Of course not!” Mr.

Yang struggled, and said to his worker, “Drive her away! Shes crazy!”

“Wait a second, Mr.


Since youre confident, why do you refuse to bet If this raw material is natural, I will pay you ten million yuan.

However, if its artificial, you give the money back to Mr.


How about that” Gu Ning said.

It sounded like it was to Mr.

Yangs advantage.

However, only he knew that he was doomed to fail.

If his dirty secret was exposed, the reputation of his shop would be ruined, and nobody would ever come to his shop again.

“Exactly! If youre confident, why dont you bet”

“Indeed! If you win, you can have ten million yuan!”


Yang was so furious that he stared at Gu Ning evilly and questioned.

“Why do I have to listen to you”

“Of course you can reject, and then Ill call the police,” Gu Ning said.

She aimed to uncover his fraud, and she didnt care about what would happen to Mr.

Yang and his shop afterward.

“You…” Mr.

Yang was speechless now and had no idea how to deal with it.

Right at this moment, a male voice sounded arrogantly.

“Step aside! Let me see who dares cause trouble in a shop with the Pan familys support!”

The minute people heard his voice; they instantly stepped aside and left a wide passage in the middle.

A good-looking young man around 22-years-old strutted inside.

“Lord Pan! Since when has he been Mr.

Yangs support”

“Well, I heard the person that Mr.

Zhang annoyed is from the Pan family.

I dont know whether Lord Pan is Mr.

Yangs support, but Im sure that he is coming here aiming at Mr.


“Gee, it seems Mr.

Zhang is really in trouble!”

Although they discussed in a low voice, Gu Ning heard it clearly.

Lord Pan, of course, wasnt Mr.

Yangs support, and he indeed came here to get revenge on Mr.


Seeing Lord Pan coming, Mr.

Yang relaxed.

Gu Ning also sensed peoples fear of Lord Pan, but she wasnt afraid of him at all.

“It was me.”

Following Gu Nings voice, Lord Pans sight fell on her.

He was surprised by her familiar face.

All of a sudden, he thought of something and became very excited.

“Oh, its you! Youre the one who rescued the injured girl at the airport, right” His abrupt change astonished everyone in the shop, but they all heard that Gu Ning was the one who had rescued the injured girl at the airport.

Gu Ning raised her eyebrow.

She didnt expect that this man recognized her face, but she wasnt surprised because there had been so many cameras in front of her.

“Yes, its me.” Gu Ning didnt deny it.

Having an affirmative answer, Lord Pan was more excited.

“Do you know kung fu”

“Sure,” Gu Ning replied.

“Um, can you teach me and be my master” Lord Pan asked and looked at Gu Ning with anticipation.

People around them were stunned, and all doubted whether this Lord Pan was the high-profile one who was always arrogant.

Lord Pan was famous for his disdain for women.

Nobody could believe the scene.

Lord Pan loved fighting, and he naturally admired whoever was good at fighting.

Although there were many martial clubs in City B, Lord Pan disliked them.

And although it was easy for his family to find a master to teach him kung fu, he wasnt willing to do so.

He only did things according to his own will, and he was totally self-centered.

The reason why he chose Gu Ning was because he had a good impression of her.

Otherwise, he would never regard a girl as his master.

Lord Pan was arrogant, and always bullied others, but he had never committed crimes.

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