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Chapter 394 Punch Jin Kexin

“Enough! Anya is in great danger now.

Couldnt you stop arguing No matter who attacked Anya, shell pay for it!” Mrs.

Su shouted in anger.

Su Anya could die, but they were busy defending themselves.

Hearing that, Jin Jingwei and Jin Kexin were anxious.

They both hoped that Su Anya would never wake up again so that they would be safe.

“Jin Kexin, as soon as Anya wakes up, everything will be clear,” Gu Ning said.

The last thing Jin Jingwei and Jin Kexin wanted to see was Su Anya waking up, so they would do everything to stop it from happening.

Once Su Anya was admitted to the hospital, Jin Jingwei would secretly do something to keep her in deep sleep.

However, to their astonishment, before the ambulance arrived, Su Anya opened her eyes right after Gu Ning told her to do so.

Everyone was shocked when Su Anya suddenly woke up.

Jin Kexin and Jin Jingwei were also terrified.

“Anya, are you alright” Mrs.

Su smiled tearfully.

“Anya” Su Zhenhao was both excited and surprised.

In fact, Gu Ning had rescued Su Anya the moment she came inside.

And she told Su Anya to pretend to be unconscious to trap Jin Kexin.

“It was Jin Kexin who attacked me! I caught her stealing a document in my fathers study so she hit me with an ashtray!” Su Anya glared at Jin Kexin, clenching her teeth.

Hearing that everyone looked at Jin Kexin in shock.

Jin Kexin tried to steal a document from Su Zhenhaos study, but was caught by Su Anya, so she hit Su Anya with an ashtray

Hearing that Su Anya mentioned a document, Su Zhenhao immediately ran to his desk and searched for it.


Su, on the other hand, slapped Jin Kexin across the face and questioned her, “Jin Kexin, how could you do that”

Jin Kexin covered her hurt cheek, but didnt know how to retort.

Su Anya had already woken up, and she had no excuse to defend herself.

Jin Jingwei also didnt dare to help Jin Kexin, because he was in big trouble too.

“Jin Kexin, you dared to slander Gu Ning, so Ill punch you down to the floor!” Chu Peihan ran to Jin Kexin and punched her without hesitation.

Jin Kexin was heavily hit again and screamed in pain.

Everyone around them was struck dumb because they didnt expect that Chu Peihan would really hit Jin Kexin.

And it was obvious that Chu Peihan had been trained.

“Stop it! Stop!” Jin Jingwei shouted and wanted to stop Chu Peihan.

However, Hao Ran and the other boys went ahead and caught Jin Jingwei.

Therefore, Jin Jingwei could only watch Jin Kexin being punched.

As for others, nobody was willing to get involved in this mess.

“Alright, stop now,” Yuan Jisong said, but wasnt very serious, because he just did it superficially due to his identity.

Jin Kexin had attacked his best friends daughter and slandered his lifesaver! Yuan Jisong was an upright official, but not weak.

He would also fight back if someone dares to hurt people that he cared about.

Chu Peihan didnt beat Jin Kexin for very long, because Jin Kexin couldnt tolerate it at all.

Even though Chu Peihan was in a rage, she knew when to stop.

If Jin Kexin died, she couldnt bear the result.

Anyway, Jin Kexin was doomed to be sentenced to jail.

Su Zhenhao did lose a document which was quite important.

It was a tender document for a tourist scenic area.

The reason why Jin Jingwei frequently visited him the past few days was because he tried to get a share of the loot.

However, Su Zhenhao rejected him, because Su Zhenhao wasnt in charge of the project alone and couldnt make decisions on his own.

Given what had happened, Su Zhenhao figured out what was going on now.

Jin Jingwei told Jin Kexin to slide in his study when he was absent to steal the tender document so that Jin Jingwei could get the project.

Su Zhenhao was angry that Jin Jingwei would hurt his family for money.

Since Jin Jingwei didnt care about them, Su Zhenhao wouldnt regard them as his family any longer!

“Where is the document” Su Zhenhao questioned Jin Kexin who was beaten down on the ground.

It was too painful for Jin Kexin to utter a word now, so she didnt answer the question.

“Oh, its under the sofa.

When I kicked her away, the document fell there,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Su Zhenhao walked to the sofa at once.

He knelt and searched for the document.

There was indeed a document under the sofa.

Su Zhenhao was relieved when he was sure it was exactly what he was searching for.

Afterward, Su Zhenhao gave Jin Jingwei a cold glance.

He didnt say it directly to Jin Jingwei, but the crowd before him.

“From now on, I, Su Zhenhao, will withdraw any investment and cooperation with the Jinhua Group.

And whoever continues to work with the Jinhua Group is cutting business connections with our Su family!”

“Zhenhao!” Jin Jingwei panicked a lot and tried to stop Su Zhenhao.

The Jin family relied on the Su family to run its business.

If Su Zhenhao withdrew all of his investments and cooperation, the Jin family would barely make a living.

Besides, Su Zhenhao also threatened other big companies to not work with him.

In that case, the Jin familys business would go bankrupt soon.

“Dont call my name! As of this minute, youre no longer my family.

And the Jin family is banned from entering this house! Su Zhenhao said icily.

Then he added, “The police will deal with Jin Kexin.”

Jin Jingwei opened his mouth but didnt know what to say.

It was too late to regret it.

“Oh, Gu Ning, what is the medicine that you just gave me I stopped bleeding within seconds and my wound doesnt ache anymore,” Su Anya asked curiously.

When Su Anya had woken up, Gu Ning had given her a special medicine, which stopped her wound from bleeding and aching.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

Gu Ning really was a young girl full of surprises.

“Well, its a special medicine with great effects.

And it can cure most diseases.

If the disease isnt severe, a pill is enough.

If its severe, several pills will help,” Gu Ning said.

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