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Chapter 393 Gu Ning Killed Su Anya

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya realized that something must be wrong from Gu Nings face.

However, without Gu Nings order, they could only stay in the hall.

Other guests noticed Gu Ning walking to the second floor in a hurry, but they all believed that Su Anya told her to come upstairs.

The moment that Gu Ning was on the second floor, she ran into Jin Kexin.

Before Jin Kexin could react, Gu Ning kicked her in her stomach.

Jin Kexin screamed in pain and hit the wall before she slid down to the ground.

After that, Gu Ning immediately went into the study to check on Su Anyas condition.

Su Anya had already fainted, so Gu Ning used her magic power to stop her wound from bleeding.

Jin Kexin understood that her family would be involved if others found out that she had injured Su Anya and secretly slid into Su Zhenhaos study.

Therefore, she decided to make Gu Ning her scapegoat.

Jin Kexin tolerated the severe pain and crawled to the stairs.

“Help! Gu Ning killed Anya! Help!”

All the people in the hall stopped talking all of a sudden, looking towards the second floor with horror.

Gu Ning killed Su Anya Nobody believed it, and only Jin Jingwei knew what had happened.

It was obvious that Jin Kexin was exposed and had attacked Su Anya.

“What did you say” Su Zhenhao was shocked.

“Jin Kexin, are you insane” Hao Ran was furious.

Jin Kexin ignored him and added, “Gu Ning killed Anya, and injured me.

There is so much blood on the floor.”

At that moment Jin Kexins face was pale and she covered her stomach in pain.

It seemed that she was indeed injured badly.

No matter whether Jin Kexin was telling the truth, Su Anyas parents ran upstairs at once, followed by many people.

Hao Ran and Gu Nings other friends including Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didnt believe it, but they had to go upstairs and check themselves.

When a group of people dashed in the study, Gu Ning was standing in front of the desk, while Su Anya was lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

She was still unconscious and likely to die.

Many people were stunned by the scene, and Mrs.

Su almost collapsed in fear.

“Anya! Wake up, Anya!” Mrs.

Su knelt beside Su Anya and cried.

Su Zhenhao called an ambulance at once before he looked to Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, what is going on here”

Su Zhenhaos voice sounded cold to some extent.

Although he didnt believe that Gu Ning killed his daughter, it was undeniable truth that Gu Ning was at the crime site where Su Anya was attacked.

“I heard Anyas agonized scream, so I ran upstairs.

When I came here, Anya had already been hit and was lying here.

Her head is badly injured,” Gu Ning replied calmly.

Even though she said that, except for Gu Nings friends, nobody completely trusted her explanation.

“Stop acting! I saw you throw the ashtray at Anyas head! I discovered you, so you kicked me in my stomach!” Jin Kexin retorted and lied.

Jin Kexin was feeling sheer panic because a lie was a lie.

However, she also knew that if she failed to make Gu Ning her scapegoat, she would be the one who was doomed.

In that case, she had to force herself to lie.

“Damn you! Our boss would never hurt Anya!” Hao Ran said angrily.

“Exactly, our boss wouldnt hurt Anya!” Qin Zixun and the others echoed.

“Miss Gu claims that she heard Anyas agonized scream and went upstairs.

Why did none of us hear it” Jin Jingwei argued.

Even though he blamed Jin Kexin because she had ruined his scheme, he had to protect her now.

Hearing that, many people agreed.

They hadnt heard anything strange.

“Because I have acute hearing,” Gu Ning said calmly as usual.

“Well, thats what you say, but no one believes it,” Jin Jingwei said.

“Exactly!” Some agreed with Jin Jingwei.

Gu Ning glanced through the crowd coldly and said, “Well, why do you all choose to believe Jin Kexins words instead of mine If I told you that it was Jin Kexin who attacked Anya and was caught by me on site, so I kicked her, would you believe it”.

Hearing that, everyone started to stare at Jin Kexin.

Some believed it, while some didnt.

Jin Kexin panicked a little and tried her best to defend herself.

“Youre crazy! Im Anyas close cousin, and I wouldnt hurt her!”

Exactly! Jin Kexin was Su Anyas older cousin, so people chose to believe her.

As for Gu Ning, although she was Su Anyas close friend, she was an outsider after all, but they still didnt understand why Gu Ning would attack Su Anya, especially in the Su familys house.

“I believe my boss.

Its you who attacked Anya!” Hao Ran said to Jin Kexin.

“Youre Gu Nings friend, so you will, of course, support her.” Jin Kexin retorted.

“Jin Kexin, how dare you do this! I promise you that Ill pay you back one day!” Chu Peihan pointed at Jin Kexin threateningly.

She didnt care that there were many important officials here.

Hearing Chu Peihans threat, Yuan Jisong frowned a little.

Obviously, he didnt like Chu Peihans behavior but didnt say anything.

Su Zhenhao was his best friend, and Gu Ning was his lifesaver.

If Jin Kexin had really attacked Su Anya but made Gu Ning her scapegoat, he would definitely punish Jin Kexin.

Although he believed Gu Ning, there was no solid proof yet.

If Su Anya could wake up now, everything would be clear then.

However, the problem was that Su Anya was still unconscious.

And it seemed that she had been injured badly from the pool of blood on the floor.

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