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Chapter 392 Su Anya Is in Danger

Seeing Gu Ning being so at ease when she was socializing with other successful businessmen, people were all impressed.

She didnt seem like a teenager at all from her mature manner.

Gu Nings friends were so proud of her and looked to Jin Kexin with obvious dislike.

Chu Peihan even said acidly, “So How do you feel now Dont ever think that you can deceive us, and youre hardly comparable to our boss.

If it hadnt been for my boss, I would have already beaten you down on the floor.”

After that, they ignored Jin Kexin, and other guests also stayed away from her.

Jin Kexin felt so embarrassed and just wanted to hide.

Su Zhenhao especially was dissatisfied at Jin Kexin, but it wasnt a good time to criticize her.

Jin Jingwei was also quite embarrassed.

He gave Jin Kexin a sharp look and almost wanted to slap her.

“Why are you still here Dont you think that its humiliating enough Get back to your room now!”

Jin Kexin didnt think that it was her fault and felt aggrieved.

She was so mad at Gu Ning and her friends but didnt dare to utter a word.

Therefore, she quietly went back to her room.

The party went on, but Gu Ning replaced Su Anya and became the focus.

Su Anya didnt mind, neither did her family.

“I always have the feeling that our boss is even more awesome than we think,” Hao Ran said seriously.

“Me too.

Although its so unbelievable, I also have the same feeling, Qin Zixun said.

“Why dont we ask her” Chu Peihan proposed.

“We can.

However, if boss isnt willing to tell us, we cant force her, because she must be doing it for a reason,” Mu Ke said.

Everyone agreed.

Although they were curious, they wouldnt force Gu Ning to tell them everything.

Gu Ning wasnt left alone until she had socialized with different socialites for a long time.

Hao Ran and the others immediately came to her and asked, “Boss, do you have more companies than just Jade Beauty Jewelry”

“Yes, but I cant tell you right now.

Youll know about it when its right the time,” Gu Ning replied.

Since Gu Ning wasnt willing to tell them now, they didnt ask further, but they were all surprised that Gu Ning owned so many companies.

“Oh, Anya, dont you have an older brother Why havent we seen him yet” Hao Ran suddenly asked.

At the mention of her older brother, Su Anya seemed a little displeased and complained.

“He left in a hurry a few days ago.

He is majoring in finance but is an archeology addict.

If it hadnt been for my father, he would have majored in archeology! However, he still chose archeology as his elective course, and he spends most of his free time with his friends who major in archeology.

His tutor called him saying they found an ancient grave somewhere, so he went to meet them without delay.”

“Archeology Where” Gu Ning was interested.

Su Anya thought for a while, and said, “I think its a small village in City B, but they havent found the exact location yet.

Some people picked antiques out of the river, so they believe that there is an ancient grave.

Those antiques might have been left by gravediggers.”

Gu Ning suddenly had an idea in her mind.

She decided to visit the village in City B.

She now had an antique store, so she naturally needed more antiques.

However, before she left for City B, Gu Ning had to go to City G first.

The Spring Festival was almost over, and the government would open tomorrow, so she needed to settle the Hongyun Groups properties beforehand.

When it was about 8 pm, guests started to leave, but Gu Ning stayed.

When the party came to an end, all the other guests began to leave, but Gu Ning still stayed, because she was worried about Su Zhenhao who was affected by Yin and because of her premonition.

Although everything looked fine now, she didnt feel relaxed.

“Oh, please wait here.

I have something to give you,” Su Anya said and turned to run upstairs.

Su Anya had prepared gifts for Gu Ning and her other friends.

The gifts werent expensive but stood for her kindness.

Seeing Su Anya going upstairs, Jin Jingwei panicked.

He took out his phone calling Jin Kexin at once.

When Su Anya got to the second floor, she noticed that the door of her fathers study was open.

She thought that it was strange and walked over because the door was closed when she had walked downstairs earlier.

Jin Kexins phone was vibrating when Su Anya got to the door.

She caught Jin Kexin taking out a document from a drawer in Su Zhenhaos desk.

Su Anya was shocked and angry.

“Jin Kexin, what are you doing” Saying that Su Anya ran at her.

Having been caught on site, Jin Kexin was scared.

She hadnt thought that Su Anya would appear.

In order to stop Su Anya, Jin Kexin grabbed the ashtray on the desk throwing it towards Su Anyas head.

Su Anya didnt expect that Jin Kexin would be so bold, so she wasnt mentally prepared, and was hit straight on the head.

“Ah!” An agonized scream.

There was music in the hall, and people were busy talking with one another, so none of them noticed the scream, except Gu Ning.

She recognized that it was Su Anyas voice and quickly went upstairs without hesitation.

At the same time, she used her Jade Eyes to see what was going on.

On the second floor, Jin Kexin escaped from Su Zhenhaos study in panic, while Su Anya was lying on the floor with her head bleeding.

Gu Ning ran faster.

It seemed that this was the reason why she felt anxious tonight.

Jin Kexin wouldnt answer the call, and Gu Ning went upstairs.

Jin Jingwei felt more nervous now.

He was afraid that Gu Ning and Su Anya would find out about his scheme, but he couldnt follow to stop Gu Ning.

Otherwise, it would arouse a lot more attention, so he had to wait in the hall in anxiety.

“What is boss doing” Hao Ran asked with doubt.

“Shall we follow” Chu Peihan said.

“Its Anyas home, and we cant walk around casually.

I think boss is going to find Anya.

Lets wait here,” Mu Ke said.

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