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Chapter 390 I Cant Tolerate It Anymore

Gu Ning immediately pulled Chu Peihan back and stopped her.

“Its Anyas birthday party.

Dont fight.”

“Its not me.

Its this hypocritical girl! Who do you think you are to find fault with our boss” Chu Peihan said angrily.

“You…” Being humiliated by Chu Peihan, Jin Kexin flushed with anger.

However, seeing that everyone was watching them, she suddenly had a scheme and put on an aggrieved face.

“I just saw Miss Gu being so generous and Ive never heard of a super-rich Gu family in City F, so Im curious about Miss Gus family background.

Thats all.

Why do you have to get so mad Its not something shameful, unless…” In the end, Jin Kexin pretended that she suddenly realized something shocking, and closed her mouth at once to let others wonder.

If Gu Ning wasnt from a super-rich family, and could afford such an expensive birthday gift, but refused to tell others her family background, it was enough for people to gossip.

Hearing what Jin Kexin had just said, some already started to gossip about Gu Ning.

“What Does she have a sugar daddy”

“No way! Shes so young!”

“Who knows!”

“You all shut up!” Hao Ran and Gu Nings other friends got angry hearing them gossiping, and they raised their voice with one accord.

Their loud voice attracted a lot more attention from the guests in the front hall.

Almost all the attendees were walking or looking towards them.

Hao Ran glared at Jin Kexin and said angrily, “Jin Kexin, dont think that just because youre a relative of the Su family we wont punch you!”

“Boss, I cant tolerate it anymore, and Im going to beat her!” Chu Peihan said and ran forward, but was stopped by Gu Ning again.

Even Gao Yi and Qiao Ya went to Gu Nings side without delay and stared at Jin Kexin unkindly.

Jin Kexin was scared by their threatening looks.

“I didnt say that; they said it!” Jin Kexin was terrified by Hao Ran and the others reaction, but she still acted as if she was the victim.

“Whats going on here” Su Zhenhao walked towards them in a hurry and asked.

“Dad, Jin Kexins humiliating Gu Ning!” Su Anya said.

Hearing that, Su Zhenhao, along with other guests, all looked at Jin Kexin with unfriendly gazes.

“Im not.” Jin Kexin was struck dumb by Su Zhenhaos sharp look.

However, before Su Zhenhao could say a word, Jin Kexin denied it.

“I was just surprised by Miss Gus generosity, and I thought that she must be from a super-rich family, but Ive never heard of the Gu family in City F, so I just asked Miss Gus family background out of curiosity.

Unexpectedly, theyre so mad.”

Honestly, many people had the same thoughts and suspicion.

None of them had heard of a super-rich Gu family in City F, so they were also curious about why Gu Ning could afford such an expensive gift.

“I dont think there is anything wrong with what Kexin said.

Why is it humiliating all of a sudden” Jin Jingwei asked unhappily.

Jin Kexin was his daughter, and he knew his daughters character.

Jin Kexin had indeed picked on Gu Ning, but it wasnt humiliating in his eyes.

It wasnt a big problem if Jin Kexin asked directly, but she intentionally didnt finish her sentence and made people wonder and gossip, which was a huge problem.

“Bull**!” Hao Ran swore.

He didnt care that Jin Jingwei was much older than him and was a well-known businessman, but criticized him loudly.

“Nothing wrong Do you know what she had said beforehand She deliberately made others believe that our boss has a sugar daddy!”

Hao Zhonglong and his wife didnt stop Hao Rans inappropriate behavior.

They were a family and their characters were alike.

Therefore, they thought what Hao Ran was doing was right.

“You…” Jin Jingwei was mad at being humiliated by a young boy, but couldnt retort.

It was Jin Kexins fault after all.

He then looked to Jin Kexin with blame in his eyes.

He was blaming her for causing him trouble.

Jin Kexin was scared and pointed to several young girls.

“They said it, not me!”

Those young girls were shocked and argued back.

“You led us to!”

“You…” Jin Kexin was helpless.

Su Zhenhao and his wife were disappointed in Jin Kexin.

To their astonishment, Jin Kexin who seemed cute and quiet normally was so evil.

It would ruin a girls reputation if people thought that she had a sugar daddy.

“Jin Kexin, stop acting! Nobody believes you and were all clear about why you picked on Gu Ning.

If you still have a sense of shame, apologize to Gu Ning right now.

Otherwise, Ill beat you down to the floor!” Chu Peihan threatened.

“Exactly, who do you think you are Do you know every super-rich family in City F Dont flatter yourself!” Qin Zixun added.

“Do you think that youre better than others just because you were born in a super-rich family Do you earn your money Youre just showing off with your parents money!” Hao Ran said.

Gu Nings friends were all criticizing Jin Kexin, even the guests disliked what she had done today.

Since it caught everyones attention, Gu Ning thought it was time to uncover her real identity to protect her reputation as a businesswoman.

Gu Ning looked at Jin Kexin calmly and asked, “Cant I be super-rich myself”.

Although Jin Kexin was terrified amid the criticisms, she unconsciously retorted with disdain.

“Keep bragging!”

“Miss Gu isnt bragging.

She gave Master Qin a highly valuable antique which is worth at least five million yuan!” someone said.


Girl Gu did send me a precious birthday gift,” Qin Haozheng said.

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