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Chapter 389 Jin Kexin Challenges Gu Ning

“Not just the jade pendant, I want the whole set!”

All the young girls from rich families discussed with animation.

None of them disliked Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Hearing that Jade Beauty Jewelry was so welcomed and loved by them, Hao Ran and the others who knew that Gu Ning was the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry felt happy for her.

As the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry, Gu Ning was also in a good mood when she heard that her brand was so successful.

Although Su Anya loved Jade Beauty Jewelry too, she didnt like Jin Kexin.

However, it wasnt appropriate for her to reject the gift right in front of other guests, so she accepted it and thanked Jin Kexin.



“Miss Su, would you mind if we had a look” a young girl whose father was the chairman of a big company asked.

“Sure!” Su Anya said.

She directly opened the small box, and there was a jade pendant of the pink-lotus type inside.

It was actually the cheapest jewelry in the Jade Beauty Jewelry store.

Even so, it cost over a hundred thousand yuan.

There was a price tag beside the jade pendant.

It read 188, 888 yuan.

“Wow! It cost 188,888 yuan!”

“Its so small and so expensive! I think this jade must be of high quality.”

“Miss Jin, youre so generous!

“Its my close cousins birthday!” Jin Kexin said and acted as if she and Su Anya were very close.

Then she turned to Gu Ning.

“Well, Miss Gu, Im curious what kind of birthday gift youve prepared for Anya Youre Anyas best friend, so I suppose that your gift has to be more expensive than mine, right”

Hearing that, Su Anya, Hao Ran, and Gu Nings other friends were displeased.

Although what Jin Kexin had said wasnt wrong, her attitude was quite provoking.

If Gu Ning couldnt present a gift which was much more expensive than hers, it would be embarrassing.

Gu Nings friends all knew that the gift that Gu Ning had prepared for Su Anya was much better than Jin Kexins, but they were mad at Jin Kexins unkindness.

“Jin Kexin, what do you mean by saying that!” Su Anya snapped at her, “I dont care how much the gifts from my friends are.

As long as I like them, theyre priceless in my eyes!”

After that, Su Anya said to Gu Ning, “Gu Ning, just ignore her.”

“Its fine.” Although Gu Ning was displeased, she understood that it wasnt the right time to argue with Jin Kexin at Su Anyas birthday party.

However, Jin Kexin wouldnt give up just like that.

Hearing what Su Anya had said, she was certain that Gu Ning couldnt afford an expensive gift.

“Anya, I didnt mean anything.

I just thought that Miss Gu would give you a much more expensive gift than mine.

After all, youre so close.” Then, Jin Kexin put on a sad look like she felt sorry for Su Anya.

It seemed that if Gu Ning couldnt send Su Anya a more expensive gift, they werent close friends.

Hao Ran and the others all knew that Jin Kexin was picking on Gu Ning because she only aimed at Gu Ning although all of them were Su Anyas friends.

Gu Ning wanted to ignore her in the beginning, but since Jin Kexin was so hypocritical, she would seem weak if she still didnt fight back.

Therefore, Gu Ning looked straight into Jin Kexins eyes and said, “Youre right.

Im Anyas best friend, so I should give her a more valuable gift than yours.”

Hearing that, Jin Kexin was struck dumb.

If Gu Ning really could afford a much more expensive gift than hers, she would be the one who lost face in public.

Even so, Jin Kexin refused to believe that Gu Ning was willing to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on a birthday gift.

“Oh, really” Jin Kexin said.

“As you wish,” Gu Ning said.

She took out a jewelry box which was the same package as Jin Kexins gift from her handbag.

It was the exclusive jewelry box of Jade Beauty Jewelry, so everyone recognized it at first glance.

“Jesus! Its jewelry from Jade Beauty Jewelry too!” a young girl said in surprise.

“Im curious to see which one is more expensive, hers or Miss Jins,” another young girl said with curiosity.

However, Jin Kexin was upset, because she was certain that Gu Nings gift was more expensive than hers.

The gift that she just gave Su Anya was the cheapest piece of jewelry in the Jade Beauty Jewelry store.

And Gu Ning was very confident that her gift was more valuable than Jin Kexins.

In that case, the price of Gu Nings gift had to be higher than hers.

Su Anya was greatly surprised that Gu Ning had prepared jewelry from Jade Beauty Jewelry for her too.

It must be super expensive!

Gu Ning opened the jewelry box and a jade pendant of the ice type appeared.

It was in the shape of a leaf the size of a thumb.

“Wow! Its so beautiful!” Several young girls raised their voices in excitement.

“How much is this” one of them asked.

“Its not important, but at least its much more expensive than Jin Kexins.” Gu Ning smiled and gave it to Su Anya.

“Do you like it”

“Of course I do!” Su Anhaos eyes lit up at once.

She immediately threw Jin Kexins gift to Su Anhao who was standing by her side and took Gu Nings gift without delay.

Seeing that, Jin Kexin was furious, but couldnt say anything.

She had thought that Gu Ning was an ordinary girl who couldnt afford expensive gifts, but to her astonishment, Gu Ning gave Su Anya a much more valuable gift than hers.

“Anya, ours arent as expensive as Gu Nings, please dont mind,” Chu Peihan said at that moment.

In fact, the younger generations birthday gifts were normally around thousands of yuan, and it was rare to see a gift at the price of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

“Of course I wont! Im already satisfied that youre willing to attend my birthday party!” Su Anya said with sincerity.

They also understood that Su Anya didnt care about the price tag, and they happily gave her their birthday gifts one by one.

Although their gifts were hardly comparable to Gu Nings, they werent cheap or common either.

Su Anya didnt lack those expensive gifts at all, but these were from her real friends, so she was excited to receive them.

Jin Kexin, on the other hand, was quite unhappy.

She thought for a while and asked Gu Ning again, “Miss Gu is so generous! May I know what your family does”

“Shit, I think that you just want to cause a fight!” Chu Peihan couldnt curb her anger any longer.

She swore at Jin Kexin with arms akimbo, like she was going to beat Jin Kexin.

Chu Peihans voice was loud and instantly attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

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