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Chapter 378 A Granddaughter Showed up out of the Blue

It was the most meaningful New Year festival that they had ever celebrated.

It was the same for Gu Qing and Gu Mans families.

After the New Years Eve family dinner, they gathered together to watch the Spring Festival Gala.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didnt leave until it was very late.

And Gu Ning invited them to come over tomorrow again.

When it was just past midnight, Gu Ning was about to call Leng Shaoting, but Leng Shaoting called her first.

“Happy New Year!” Leng Shaoting said the moment Gu Ning answered the call.

Gu Ning smiled gently, “Happy New Year! Where is my red envelope”

“Ill give it to you in a few days,” Leng Shaoting said.

Although Gu Ning was just joking, she wouldnt reject if Leng Shaoting prepared a red envelope for her.

They talked for a little while longer before hanging up.

Gu Ning checked her phone later and many new messages were coming in.

Other than Hao Ran and her other close friends, Qin Yifan also sent her a message.

Gu Ning immediately typed a message and sent it to all of the contacts on her phone.

It was too late, so she didnt call them one by one.

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The next morning, Gu Ning called those masters one by one.

Although she had already sent them a message to wish them a Happy New Year, it was more meaningful if she called.

The first one Gu Ning called was her “grandpa” Tang Haifeng.

“Girl Gu, Happy New Year!” Tang Haifeng was happy to hear from Gu Ning, and couldnt wait to wish her Happy New Year the moment that he picked up the phone.

Gu Ning smiled and said, “Happy New year, grandpa! Where is my red envelope”

Tang Haifeng had told Gu Ning to call him grandpa directly, so Gu Ning followed his request.

“Of course Ive prepared a red envelope for you, but you have to visit me in person first!” Tang Haifeng said and joked.

However, he really missed Gu Ning.

Ever since they had separated in City Teng, he always missed Gu Ning.

Tang Haifeng didnt tell his family about the fact that Gu Ning closely resembled Tang Yunfan, because it didnt prove anything if they were only alike in appearance.

“Sure, I will once Im free! However, the red envelope must be worth it.

If it isnt enough to pay for my plane tickets, Ill be mad,” Gu Ning said and acted greedy.

Tang Haifeng laughed out loud with pleasure, “Ha-ha, dont worry.

Grandpa will give you a thick red envelope.”

“Very well, then Ill call you when I come to visit you,” Gu Ning said.

“Be quick and dont let me wait for you for a long time!” Tang Haifeng said.

Although Gu Ning was just joking about the red envelope, Tang Haifeng took it seriously and prepared a thick red envelope for Gu Ning.

“I wont,” Gu Ning said and hung up.

It was the New Year festival, so everyone in the Tang family gathered together in the house.

Except for Tang Yunfan who stayed in his study the entire time, the rest of the people all heard what Tang Haifeng had said on the phone.

Seeing Tang Haifeng being so happy after answering the call, everyone was quite surprised and had no idea what had happened.

“Grandpa, since when do you have another granddaughter” Tang Jiakai asked.

He was the eldest grandson in the Tang family.

Tang Jiakai inherited his familys beautiful appearance.

His skin was smooth and shiny and his features were attractive.

The young man had an air of natural nobility.

Apart from that, Tang Jiakais features resembled Gu Nings to some extent.

Maybe that was the effect of genes.

“Just a young girl I met,” Tang Haifeng said.

When he mentioned Gu Ning, his face lit up with pride, because he was proud of Gu Ning.

“What” Everyone was astonished again.

Master Tang had just left home for a week, and he already regarded a stranger who he had met as his granddaughter

However, the next moment, Tang Haifeng looked upset.

“When I was in City Teng, I had a heart attack at its airport.

It was Girl Gu who saved my life.”

Tang Haifeng was reluctant to bring it up because he didnt want to worry his family.

“What” Everyone was shocked this time.

“Dad, why didnt you say anything about it”

“I didnt want to worry you,” Tang Haifeng replied.

“I think that you just want to impress us because of the young girl who you met,” Tang Yunhang hit the point.

Gu Ning had rescued Master Tang, and his family definitely appreciated her kind behavior, but wasnt it too much to take Gu Ning as his granddaughter

Tang Haifeng understood their concern, and sighed, “I regard Girl Gu as my granddaughter not only because she saved my life, but also because she strongly resembled Yunfan.

Nobody would doubt it if I said that theyre father and daughter!”

“What” Everyone was more than shocked now.

Tang Haifeng added, “Yunfan refuses to get married and Im wondering if Yunfan would be willing to be the young girls adoptive father.

The girl had a hard childhood and lost her father when she was just a baby.

However, the girl said that she first wants to know Yunfans opinion.

I thought that Yunfan wont agree according to his character, so I took her as my granddaughter.”

“Does she know who you are” Tang Jiakai asked.

He doubted Gu Nings aim, which was reasonable because the Tang family wasnt a simple family after all.

“She didnt know it at the beginning, but I told her later and gave her two Black Cards of the hotel and shopping mall under the Tang familys name,” Tang Haifeng said.

“Did she accept it” Tang Yunhangs wife, Yan Xiuyu, asked.

Tang Haifeng knew what was on their mind, and explained, “I know what youre suspecting.

Although shes just 18, she isnt simple at all.

Not only has she saved my life, but she also improved my heart condition with a special way of massage.

I now feel much more energetic than ever.

I had a checkup the other day, and the doctor said that its very unlikely that Ill have heart disease again.”

Everyone rounded their eyes in shock now.

Really A special way of massage can cure heart disease Is the young girl a human being Even the most advanced medical science wasnt able to cure heart disease, only improve it.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, could cure it completely just with a massage It must be a miracle!

Everyone had thought that Gu Ning had only administered First Aid to Tang Haifeng when he had a heart attack.

It wasnt very difficult anyway, but to their astonishment, Gu Ning had cured Tang Haifengs heart disease!

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