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Chapter 377 The New Year Festival

After dinner, Gu Ning went back home.

Gu Man was quite surprised to see Gu Ning coming back home with two boxes.

“Ningning, what are these”

“New Year gifts from my friends.” Gu Ning placed the boxes on a table and opened it.

When Gu Man saw what was in the boxes, she exclaimed, “Ningning, your friends are so generous!” None of the objects were cheap.

“Yeah, were very good friends,” Gu Ning said but didnt explain further.

After seeing the gifts, Gu Man suddenly thought of something and said, “Oh, the old lady is paralyzed.” Gu Man wasnt very sad when she said it, but her mood was affected to some extent.

The old lady was her biological mother after all.

However, it was good news to Gu Ning.

If the old lady was paralyzed, she wouldnt be able to cause Gu Man and Gu Qing trouble anymore.

Gu Ning was always busy ever since she had come back from City F, and she didnt have much time to talk with Gu Man, so she hadnt mentioned Tang Yunfan yet.

And tomorrow was the New Year festival.

Gu Ning wasnt willing to bring it up, in case Gu man would be affected.

The next day was the New Year festival.

Gu Ning chatted with Leng Shaoting on the phone for about half an hour early in the morning.

Leng Shaoting was in his apartment, and he would go to the Leng familys house in the afternoon for the New Years Eve family dinner.

Thinking of Leng Shaoting and his family, Gu Ning felt sorry for him.

Luckily, he had a close relationship with his grandpa.

Otherwise, Gu Ning would certainly invite him to spend the festival with her.

In the morning, Gu Ning called Gao Yi and Qiao Ya and invited them to come over.

Jiang Xus family also came to Gu Nings home to spend the New Year festival together.

After lunch, they were going to prepare for the New Years Eve family dinner.

Leng Shaoting had his lunch with Xu Jinchen, Si Ming and the other teammates in the capital.

He wouldnt have time to gather together with them after the New Years Festival, so he decided to advance their meeting.

They also understood that Leng Shaoting was eager to meet Gu Ning after the festival, so they didnt complain.

However, one of them felt sad that he was still single.

That one was precisely Xu Jinchen.

Si Ming and Qiu Yuxin got along quite well recently.

And although they werent boyfriend and girlfriend yet, they would be sooner or later.

The capital, in the Leng familys old house…

All the members of the Leng family gathered together in the living hall, chatting with one another, except for Leng Shaoting.

There were grudges among some of them, but none of them would be so dumb as to argue during the New Year festival, especially in front of Master Leng.

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“Its almost 4 pm.

Why is Shaoting still absent” Leng Shaoxun asked.

Hearing Leng Shaotings name, Leng Yuanqians family felt uncomfortable but didnt dare to say anything.

However, right at this moment, they heard Leng Changzhis happy voice.

“Lord Leng is back!”

Leng Shaoxun abruptly stood up, running out at once.

“Shaoting! Why are you so late I thought that you wouldnt be back for the festival!”

“I was just occupied by something,” Leng Shaoting said.

Entering the front hall, Leng Shaoting greeted the older generation one by one.

“Welcome home, Shaoting!” Only Master Leng was visibly excited to see Leng Shaoting, while the rest simply remained polite.

“Hi, Shaoting,” Leng Shaoming said.

He wasnt as cold as his parents but didnt show any affection either.

“Been a while, Shaoting,” Leng Shaoxi said with respect.

However, Leng Shaojia directly ignored Leng Shaoting.

“Shaoting, its not dinner time yet.

Could you please teach me some fighting skills now” Leng Shaoxun begged.

Before Leng Shaoting could say a word, Master Leng criticized Leng Shaoxun, “Its the New Year festival! Dont be so naughty and sit down.”

Once Master Leng opened his mouth, Leng Shaoxun didnt dare to say it again and sat down quietly.

“Shaoting, come here!” Master Leng waved his hand and told Leng Shaoting to sit by his side.

Leng Shaoting walked over and sat down by Master Lengs side.

Master Leng then kept talking with Leng Shaoting and cared about him very much.

Seeing that Master Leng cared so much about Leng Shaoting, others around the table were jealous.

Leng Shaojia, who was always impulsive felt like her biological brother had been ignored and asked, “Grandpa, my older brother has left home for a long time too, so why dont you care about him like that”

Leng Shaoming didnt work in the capital but in a nearby county.

Although the county wasnt far away, he seldom had time to come back home.

Leng Shaoming was also an outstanding young man.

With his family background, he became the head of the county when he was only 25-years-old.

In addition, he was promoted to be the vice mayor of a nearby third-tier city recently, and he could soon move back to work in the capital as an important official.

However, no matter how outstanding Leng Shaoming was, he was barely comparable to Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting was only half a year older than Leng Shaoming, but he was already the youngest major general in the countrys history.

“Shaojia, mind your words! Since when does grandpa not care about me You dont know anything so stop saying that,” Leng Shaoming instantly snapped at Leng Shaojia.

Master Leng treated Leng Shaoting better than him, and he did feel aggrieved, but he never showed his dissatisfaction because he didnt want Master Leng to think that he was mean or selfish.

What Leng Shaojia had said merely damaged his image.

“Im telling the truth!” Leng Shaojia, instead, had no idea what was on her older brothers mind.

“Shaojia, close your mouth now!” Leng Yuanqian also criticized her.

What Leng Shaojia had said was very inappropriate.

Even though Leng Shaoming and Leng Yuanqian both scolded Leng Shaojia, Master Leng was still displeased.

He looked to Leng Shaojia with unhappiness and said seriously, “Youre always complaining in this family.

Are you living too comfortable a life for you to be that troublesome”

It was a fact that Master Leng cared more about Leng Shaoting than Leng Shaoming, but that was because Leng Shaoting lost his parents when he was just a child.

If Master Leng didnt care about Leng Shaoting, nobody would.

On the contrary, Leng Yuanqians family didnt care about Leng Shaoting, who was their cousin at all and even schemed against him.

Ironically, the more they disliked Leng Shaoting, the more Master Leng care about him.

Leng Shaojia was mad but did not have to nerves to argue with Master Leng, so she lowered her head and kept silent.

At this moment, Jiang Shuyuan didnt dare to defend Leng Shaojia either.

In City F, Gu Nings family prepared many kinds of dishes on the table at around 6 pm.

And the seven of them sat around the table chatting, laughing and joking in harmony.

Even Gao Yi and Qiao Ya who were always expressionless smiled a lot.

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