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Chapter 373 Dont Force Me to Kill You

“You…” What Gu Ning had said was like a slap which slammed across the old ladys face, and she felt utterly embarrassed.

However, the old lady didnt want to give up, so she played the blame game.

“Jiang Xu has no parents and he should regard me as his mother.

His is mine too!”

Hearing that, Jiang Xu and the others were all shocked and amused by the old ladys stupidity and shamelessness.

Gu Ning snapped at her, “Ive never seen such a shameless person like you in my whole life! Who do you think you are”

Being humiliated by Gu Ning, the old lady lost her reason.

“Who do you think you are then Youre merely a b*st*rd!”

“Bang!” Gu Ning hit the table heavily with her hand angrily, which scared everyone around the table.

She looked straight into the old ladys eyes icily and asked, “Do you still remember what I warned you” Gu Nings tone was quite threatening.

The old lady was terrified and couldnt utter a word.

Gu Qinxiang knew that todays family reunion was completely ruined.

What the old lady had said and done had to irritate Gu Ning.

However, before he could stop his mother, Gu Qinyang criticized the old lady, “Mom, how can you say that! Ningning is your granddaughter after all!”

Gu Qing had told Gu Qingyang that they came to todays family reunion just for his sake.

If Gu Qinxiangs family and the old lady dared to annoy them, they wouldnt tolerate it.

Therefore, Gu Qinyang was cornered now, because he was unwilling to irritate either of them.

“She is a…” The old lady unconsciously retorted.

She totally forgot that Gu Qinxiang had reminded her to not call Gu Qinxiang b*st*rd again.

However, the only lady only cared about herself.

“Enough!” Gu Man interrupted before the old lady could say the humiliating word again.

Gu Man had really had enough of such a toxic relationship with her mother.

“We came here today just because of Qinyang.

If you dont like us, you can get out of here right now!” This time, Gu Man was really mad, and nobody dared to ignore her.

“What How can you say that to me” The old lady couldnt believe her ears.

Everyone else around the table was greatly surprised too, including Gu Ning.

However, Gu Ning loved to see Gu Man being tough and strong

“Gu Man, how can you talk to our mother like that!” Gu Qinxiang scolded Gu Man.

He knew that the old lady was being unreasonable, but he couldnt accept the fact that Gu Man dared to drive them away.

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“Why cant I I dont owe you anything, and you have no right to judge us!” Gu Man said.

“You…” Gu Qinxiang was struck dumb, and didnt know how to retort because Gu Man was simply telling the truth.

Gu Qing added, “When Man and I were poor, you never respected us and always made fun of us.

We didnt care.

All we wanted was to live our own life.

However, now were rich, and you want to share our money or even grab our fortune away I mean seriously, who do you think you are”

“You, how dare you!” The old lady was furious, but she still believed that she was right.

“I think that youre the ones who should get out of here right now!” the old lady almost yelled in anger.

Saying that, she threw an empty glass at Gu Man.

“Mom!” Everyone was shocked, but it was too late to stop the crazy old lady.

However, right at this key moment, Gu Ning raised her hand and caught the empty glass in the air.

The scene astonished everyone once more.

How is it possible How can Gu Ning be so agile Everyone had the same questions in their mind.

Gu Ning gave the old lady a sharp look.

And with the effect of her power, it seemed like the air in the room was frozen.

The old lady was trembling from fear and coldness.

She lost her breath and almost had a heart attack.

Although Gu Ning hated the old lady to death, she wouldnt kill her.

“Dont force me to kill you!” Gu Ning clenched her teeth.

Saying that, she tightened her fingers and the empty glass was immediately smashed into pieces.

Everyone rounded their eyes in shock looking at Gu Ning with horror.

How-how is it possible

“Ningning!” Gu Man was scared and ran to check Gu Nings hand without delay.

Seeing that Gu Nings hand was fine, Gu Man was relieved.

“Uncle Qinyang, I think that its enough for today.

Either they get out of here right now, or you can leave with them.

And well stay and finish the meal,” Gu Ning said in an undeniable tone.

It wasnt Gu Ning who was forcing Gu Qinyang into a corner, because they had come to an agreement beforehand.

Having witnessed what just had happened, Gu Qinxiang was terrified.

Even if Gu Ning didnt drive him away, he wasnt willing to stayt here any longer either.

He said to Lin Lijuan, “Lets leave now.”

Within seconds, Gu Qinxiangs family disappeared.

Gu Qingyun who had claimed that he was going to teach Gu Ning a lesson also escaped as soon as possible.

Gu Qinyangs family stayed, but lost their appetite.

They behaved carefully, in case Gu Ning got angry.

On the contrary, Gu Ning and her family enjoyed the meal, as if nothing had happened.

In the past, Gu Qinyang had been better than Gu Qing and Gu Man, but now everything has changed completely.

Gu Qinyang was scared of Gu Qing and Gu Man after today.

Before long, they separated too.

Gu Qinyangs family felt like they had been released from prison when they left the restaurant.

“Gu Qing and Gu Man are totally different now!” Wen Yulan sighed with jealousy.

However, she also felt lucky that there were no long-standing grudges between them, Gu Qing and Gu Man.

In fact, Gu Qinyangs family had always despised Gu Qing and Gu Man because they had earned less, but now Gu Qing and Gu Man were both far richer than them.

Although Gu Qinyang had a cradle-to-grave job, he had no power at all, and his salary was barely enough to improve his familys living standards.

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