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Chapter 364 Kickboxing Game

“Nice to meet you, Uncle Jiang!” Chu Peihan and the others all greeted Jiang Xu.

“Hi! Nice to meet you all.

Did you dine here together too” Jiang Xu asked.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

“Are you going home or…” Jiang Xu asked.

“Not yet.

Well go home later,” Gu Ning replied.

“Be careful!”

After that, Gu Ning and the others left.

They got in two taxis.

Both Quan Wenfeng and Jiang Xu had driven here, but they had all drunk.

Quan Wenfengs secretary would drive him back, while Jiang Xu didnt have a secretary, so Quan Wenfeng said to him, “Xu, you drank so I think that you should let the designated driver in the hotel drive you home for your own safety.”

“I had the same idea,” Jiang Xu said.

Although he didnt drink much, he had drunk, and it was better for him to not drive himself.

It would be troublesome if he was caught by the traffic police.

When a designated driver drove Jiang Xus car towards them, Gu Qinxiang was even more jealous of Jiang Xu after seeing that his car was a luxurious Mercedes-Benz.

Thinking of the fact that Jiang Xu had always been envious of him during the past years, Gu Qinxiang now had mixed emotions because everything had completely changed.

Gu Ning had reminded Jiang Xu to keep a low-profile.

Otherwise, it was easy for her to give Jiang Xu enough money to buy a car at the price of millions of yuan.

Quan Wenfeng was a rich man too, but he also drove a car which was only worth several hundred thousand yuan.

Most rich people didnt drive cars that were too luxurious.

The richer the person was, the more low-profile he would be.

On the contrary, only men who werent very rich preferred to brag and show off their wealth.

Gu Qinxiang was eager to talk with Jiang Xu, but he didnt do it because of Quan Wenfengs presence.

Therefore, after Quan Wenfeng got in his car, Gu Qinxiang immediately stopped Jiang Xu who was about to get into his.

“Hey, wait a second.”

“What” Jiang Xu asked.

He intentionally stayed aloof from Gu Qinxiang.

“Well, since youre Executive Quans friend…” Gu Qinxiang didnt finish, but his aim was quite obvious.

He was worried that Jiang Xu would complain in front of Quan Wenfeng because they didnt get along, so he might lose this deal.

Although Quan Wenfeng didnt show any dissatisfaction towards Gu Qinxiang today, and emphasized that qualification was the most important element, Gu Qinxiang was still concerned.

In addition, he also hoped that Jiang Xu could help him to secure this cooperation with Quan Wenfeng.

Jiang Xu understood what was on Gu Qinxiangs mind, and interrupted him before he could finish, “I believe that Executive Quan is a fair man.

As long as your company is qualified, he will choose your proposal.

Its useless for me, who is an outsider, to say anything.”

After that, Jiang Xu got in his car and left without delay.

Gu Qinxiang was furious, and thought that Jiang Xu did it on purpose, but he didnt dare to annoy Jiang Xu at this moment, because he was afraid that Jiang Xu would bad-mouth him in front of Quan Wenfeng.

If so, the deal would be hopeless.

Gu Ning and the others arrived at Dihao Clubhouse later.

When they came to the front desk, Chu Peihan said, “Boss, come over here and lets see whether you can win the top prize again!” Although Chu Peihan agreed that it wasnt very likely, she still had hope, so did everyone else.

The service staff at the front desk were a little surprised that Gu Ning was the young girl who had won the top prize last time.

Thousands of people would come here to have fun every day, but it was rare to see a top prize winner, thus all of them were impressed.

And they were also curious to see whether Gu Ning could win the top prize once more.

“Well, I will be super lucky if I can get the top prize again!” Gu Ning joked.

In fact, she could do it if she wanted to, but she thought that it would be hard to explain it.

In order to not disappoint them, Gu Ning decided to choose the third prize.

So that they could have 50% off the bill today.

When Gu Nings hand reached into the box of red envelopes, everyone was nervous and curious, as if it was a fierce game.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and took out a red envelope containing the third prize.

Once the red envelope was out, Chu Peihan grabbed it and opened it without hesitation.

“Wow, its the third prize!” Although it wasnt the top prize, a third prize was surprising enough.

“Boss, youre so lucky! Ive never gotten any prizes out of it!”

“Indeed!” The service staff were also surprised by Gu Nings unbelievable luck.

Afterwards, a waiter guided them to a private room.

Chu Peihan made a reservation for the room which had the best view.

“There will be a kickboxing game later.

If you feel bored, you can join it and make some money for fun,” Gu Ning said to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

She saw the announcement at the door when they had just entered.

As professional killers, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didnt lack money at all.

They had savings of over a billion yuan in the Swiss Bank.

Even though they were chased by the killer organizations, their account would still be safe.

Gu Ning advised them to have some fun because she had noticed that Gao Yi was interested in the announcement.

“Sure,” Gao Yi said and his eyes lit up with excitement.

Although he normally practiced with Qiao Ya when they were free, he wouldnt use his full force in case Qiao Ya got hurt, so he didnt enjoy himself very much.

“What They can fight” Hearing that, Chu Peihan and the others were excited.

“Its a kickboxing game which is open for challenges, so Dihao Clubhouse sets the bet.

If you win, there will be a reward of a hundred thousand yuan.

If you lose, you dont need to pay anything.

You can also decide the bet ratio,” Gu Ning said to Gao Yi, then turned to her friends.

“Oh, Gao Yi will join the game later, so you all can bet on him.

He will win.” Gu Ning was confident.

She wasnt sure whether Gao Yi could win in a professional boxing match, but she believed that Gao Yi could do it in a kickboxing game.

“Really” Hearing that, everyone was thrilled; none of them would doubt Gu Nings words.

“Im in!” Hao Ran said with excitement.

He would pay a hundred thousand yuan, which was all he had with him.

Nevertheless, a hundred thousand yuan was also the limit.

“Me too!” Qin Zixun, Zhang Tianping, Mu Ke and Chu Peihan did the same thing as Hao Ran.

“And me!” An Yi paid fifty thousand yuan.

Yu Mixi didnt have much money, so she remained silent.

It was a great chance to make money.

Gu Ning wouldnt allow Mixi to miss it.

“Mixi, I can lend you a hundred thousand yuan and you can join us,” Gu Ning said.

“What Um…” Yu Mixi was shocked, because she had never gambled before.

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