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Chapter 363 Gao Yi and Qiao Yas Arrival

However, the man next to Quan Wenfeng shocked Gu Qinxiang.

He was Jiang Xu.

How come Jiang Xu is with Quan Wenfeng Is Jiang Xu the friend that Quan Wenfeng mentioned

When Gu Qinxiang had called Quan Wenfeng to invite him to dine together, Quan Wenfeng had told him that he already had an appointment with one of his friends.

Gu Qinxiang had then invited Quan Wenfeng to come together with his friend.

However, to his astonishment, Quan Wenfengs friend was Jiang Xu.

How did Jiang Xu meet Quan Wenfeng Although Gu Qinxiang had many thoughts in his mind, it wasnt the right time to think about them.

He immediately went over to welcome them, “Its so nice to meet you, Executive Quan!”

“Boss Gu, sorry to make you wait for us,” Quan Wenfeng said, shaking hands with Gu Qinxiang.

“Its nothing.

I just arrived too,” Gu Qinxiang said.

“Please let me introduce you.

This is the boss of Xuri Construction Material Store, Jiang Xu,” Quan Wenfeng introduced Jiang Xu to Gu Qinxiang.

“What” Hearing that, Gu Qinxiang was surprised.

He looked to Jiang Xu and unconsciously asked, “Jiang Xu, since when have you become the boss of Xuri Construction Material Store.”

Gu Qinxiang had heard of Xuri Construction Material Store, which was popular recently, but it was beyond his imagination that Jiang Xu, who he had never respected, was its boss.

What is going on here How did Jiang Xu become the boss of Xuri Construction Material Store whose assets are worth at least several million yuan all of a sudden Gu Qinxiang kept thinking to himself.

Hearing that, Quan Wenfeng was surprised too.

“Do you know each other”

“Oh, Boss Gu is actually my brother-in-law,” Jiang Xu explained.

Jiang Xu and Quan Wenfeng had known each other for a short time, but they got along quite well.

Otherwise, Quan Wenfeng wouldnt have come here to meet Gu Qinxiang along with Jiang Xu.

Gu Qinxiang planned to discuss business with him, and it wasnt appropriate if an acquaintance was there.

“Brother-in-law” Quan Wenfeng was slightly shocked, not because of their family relationship, but because Gu Qinxiang had no idea that Jiang Xu was the boss of Xuri Construction Material Store.

In addition, it seemed that they werent close at all.

Quan Wenfeng was a shrewd businessman and he instantly understood that the two didnt get along.

Even so, he wouldnt point it out.

“I borrowed some money from my friends and opened the store,” Jiang Xu explained to Gu Qinxiang casually.

Who would lend over 10 million yuan to himMrs.

Hao lent money to Gu Qing and Gu Man to run the beauty salon last time.

Did Jiang Xu borrow money from Mrs.

Hao too

Seeing that Jiang Xu suddenly became rich, Gu Qinxiang felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Quan Wenfeng, on the other hand, had a bad impression of Gu Qinxiang because of his attitude towards Jiang Xu, but he wouldnt deny the possibility that he might cooperate with Gu Qinxiang.

As long as Gu Qinxiangs company was able to fulfill their needs, he would still work with him.

“Well, lets get inside now!” Gu Qinxiang said to Quan Wenfeng when he noticed that they were still standing in the hall.

After that, they walked inside.

When they had just walked in, Gu Ning and the others arrived, but didnt meet them.

However, the minute that they entered the hall, Gu Nings phone rang.

The caller was Qiao Ya.

Gu Ning then suddenly realized that Qiao Ya and Gao Yi would arrive at City F around this time.

She immediately answered it, “Have you arrived yet”

“Just got off the plane,” Qiao Ya replied.

“Take a taxi to Shengyuan Hotel to meet me,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Qiao Ya answered.

“Boss, who is it” Hao Ran asked.

“Two of my friends.

Theyll dine with us later,” Gu Ning said.

“Men or women” Chu Peihan suddenly thought of Leng Shaoting and asked.

Seeing Chu Peihans face, Gu Ning understood what was on her mind.

“A couple.” She rolled her eyes.

However, she really missed Leng Shaoting a lot, but he was always busy.

She hadnt heard from him ever since she came back from the capital.

“Fine!” Hearing that it wasnt Gu Nings boyfriend, Chu Peihan was a little disappointed.

“Lets go inside!” Gu Ning and the others then walked towards their private room.

After ordering, Gu Ning took out the jade pendants she had prepared for them.

“These are yours.

Peihan already got hers at her birthday party.”

“Wow!” Everyone was excited and thanked Gu Ning.

She laid the boxes on the table, and let them find their own ones.

Half an hour later, before the dishes were on the table, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya arrived at the hotel.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didnt know that Gu Ning was dining with her friends, so they were slightly surprised when they saw a group of teenagers in the room.

“Boss,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya called Gu Ning.

“Come on in! Lets have the meal first, and then well have fun in a clubhouse afterwards before we go back.” As Gu Nings bodyguards, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya naturally had to keep her company.

And they were hungry too after a long flight.

As professional killers, they didnt feel tired at all, so they would go back to Fenghua Luxury Mansion with Gu Ning.

“Yes, boss.” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya would obey Gu Nings order without any hesitation.

The others around the table glanced at Gao Yi, Qiao Ya and Gu Ning.

They wanted to ask something, but none of them did it.

When Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were both seated, Gu Ning introduced them to her friends, “Please let me introduce you.

This is Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, they both work for me.”

“Nice to meet you!” they said, and Gao Yi along with Qiao Ya nodded slightly.

Gu Ning then introduced her friends to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, “Theyre all my good friends.

Chu Peihan, Yu Mixi, Hao Ran, Qin Zixun, Mu Ke, An Yi and Zhang Tianping.”

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya kept silent unless Gu Ning asked them questions.

Meanwhile, they had a natural air of coldness.

In the beginning, it wasnt easy for them to enjoy themselves, but they started to get used to it as time went by.

Everyone knew that Gao Yi and Qiao Ya werent simple.

After the meal, they left together, but met Jiang Xu and his group in the hall by accident.

“Uncle!” Gu Ning called Jiang Xu, but ignored Gu Qinxiang, which annoyed him.

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