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Chapter 360 Yu Mixis Family Is in Trouble

After lunch, Gu Ning, Gu Man and Gu Qing went back to the beauty salon.

Gu Ning took her suitcase and went back home when it was almost 2 pm.

While she was resting in her home, she suddenly realized that she hadnt seen Chu Peihan and her other friends in a long time.

Thus she sent a message to their WeChat group and proposed to gather together this afternoon for dinner.

Gu Nings sudden appearance really surprised them.

Hao Ran: Ahhhhhhh! Boss, youre finally back! I havent seen you for so long, and I miss you so much!

Chu Peihan: Come on, come on, lets gather together right now! Where

Chu Peihan couldnt wait to meet Gu Ning, even though it was only 2 pm.

Mu Ke: Why are you rushing Its still early now.

Chu Peihan: So what

Gu Ning: I need to deal with something, but we can gather together at 4 pm.

Call the people who miss this Wechat message.

And you can decide where well meet.

Its my treat today, so enjoy yourself!

Hao Ran: Yeah! I love you, boss!

Chu Peihan: I love you too!

Mu Ke: Me too!

Gu Ning: Then Ill go deal with my business, and you can tell me when you have made your decision.

Gu Ning then left for the sales apartment of Fenghua Luxury Mansion to meet Wei Zhirui.

She was going to buy an apartment for Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

Although Shenghua Real Estate had many apartments for sale, Gu Ning preferred for Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to live in a place near her, because Gao Yi and Qiao Ya would follow by Gu Nings sides as her guards, driver and secretary.

Moreover, Fenghua Luxury Mansion was a high-end living area with a great environment.

Nevertheless, when Shenghua Real Estates new living area was completely built, Gu Ning would reserve a house there.

She didnt need it now, but it could be of use in the future.

Maybe she would hold a grand party someday, and her apartment in Fenghua Luxury Mansion was too small to do that.

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you again!” Wei Zhirui went to welcome Gu Ning when she appeared.

“Hi, nice to meet you too! Im looking for a small, well-decorated apartment,” Gu Ning said.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were only two people, so one room was enough for them.

In addition, they would just live here temporarily, thus it was unnecessary to buy a large one.

They would move to the capital within half a year.

Hearing that Gu Ning was looking for a new apartment, Wei Zhirui was surprised, but he didnt ask for details.

“The smallest one is 73 square meters in size, and its a single apartment with only one bedroom.

However, we also have an apartment with two bedrooms which is 85 square meters.”

“Where is the single apartment I want to see its layout first,” Gu Ning asked.

“Its in Building No.

2, Zone F which is opposite Zone G,” Wei Zhirui said.

He then guided Gu Ning to see its layout.

We only have two single apartments left.

One is on the 12th floor, and the other is on the 13th floor.”

Gu Ning looked for a while, and said, “Great, Ill buy the one on the 12th floor.”

Wei Zhirui was shocked by Gu Nings efficiency again, and immediately went to finish the procedure for her.

It was only 3 pm when Gu Ning left.

She wanted to check their WeChat group to see whether they had decided yet.

However, before she could open her WeChat, Chu Peihans call came in.

The moment that Gu Ning answered her call, Chu Peihan said anxiously, “Boss, Mixis family is in trouble now!”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was immediately mad.

“What happened”

“Her familys house is going to be demolished, and her oldest uncle and aunt are arguing that they should get to share the money!” Chu Peihan replied.

Gu Ning was displeased.

There were indeed many shameless relatives who would fight against their brothers or sisters for money.

“Ill be right there,” Gu Ning said, and immediately went to take a taxi heading straight to Yu Mixis home.

Gu Ning called Yu Mixi at once, and Yu Mixi answered it after a long while.

“Ningning…” she cried.

Yu Mixi burst into tears helplessly.

“Mixi, dont cry.

How is everything going now” Gu Ning asked.

Yu Mixi tried her best to calm down and replied, “Well, the thing is my familys house is going to be demolished, but my oldest uncle and aunt are arguing that they should get to share the money.

The house was given to my father by my grandfather, and my grandfather already gave my eldest uncle and aunt thirty thousand yuan when they bought their houses a dozen years ago.

My father is quarreling with them right now.

I really have no idea what to do.”

“Dont worry.

Im coming now, and Ill be right there,” Gu Ning comforted.

“OK,” Yu Mixi said.

After hanging up, Gu Ning urged the taxi driver to drive faster.

About 20 minutes later, Chu Peihan and Hao Ran arrived at the living area where Yu Mixi lived at almost the same time.

Both of them drove here and Hao Ran came with Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping.

As for Mu Ke and An Yi, they didnt have cars, so they took taxis and would arrive later.

Yu Mixis family lived in an old living area.

There were a lot of staircases in the building.

When Chu Peihan and the others walked inside, they heard the loud and extremely unkind argument from upstairs.

“What the f*ck! How dare they bully Xi! Ill teach them a lesson!” Hao Ran was mad, and ran to the third floor, followed by the others.

In the living room, Yu Mixis family and another two men and two women were arguing loudly.

“I told you that this house belonged to our father, so you cant take it alone.

You mentioned that our father gave us thirty thousand yuan a dozen years ago.

Well, when the demolition compensation is paid, you can take thirty thousand yuan, and well share the rest,” a man who was almost 50-years-old said.

This man was Yu Mixis eldest uncle, and he had already repeated it at least 10 times.

“Exactly!” a woman in her early forties echoed.

She was Yu Mixis aunt.

“Its insane! Thirty thousand yuan a dozen years ago, is barely comparable to that of today!” Yu Mixis father was furious.

Indeed, thirty thousand yuan a dozen years ago, was equal to three hundred thousand yuan today! However, Yu Mixis father wouldnt agree to just take three hundred thousand yuan and let them share the rest either.

“We dont care.

It has to be shared in that way!” Yu Mixis aunt played the blame game.

They didnt care about family at all when it came to money.

“You…” Yu Mixis father was too mad to say another word.

However, Yu Mixis mother was a weak woman who didnt dare to join the argument.

And once Yu Mixi tried to help her father, her oldest uncle and aunt would swear at her, so she couldnt do anything either.

The door wasnt closed, so Hao Ran and the others intruded inside directly, which surprised the people in the living room.

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