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Chapter 358 Allan

After the divorce, Song Mannis father had brought Song Meixins mother along with Song Meixin and her younger brother back home, and they had become the joke among the people in the town.

Song Meixin and her younger brother were called illegitimate children and were bullied by other kids for a long time.

Thinking of that, Song Meixin was full of hatred.

For the sake of her child, she had to change her attitude towards Song Manni.

“Manni, we can give you a hundred thousand yuan so please leave the house to us! You have a high salary and its easy for you to buy a new house, but we have no place to live without it!”

The house price was so high now, and a common house cost at least millions of yuan.

They couldnt afford it at all.

Hearing that, Song Manni laughed, “You want to exchange a house at the price of over a million yuan for only a hundred thousand yuan Youre really both cunning and stupid.

And its none of my business that you have nowhere to live.”

“Exactly! Ive never seen such shameless people before.

Its so disgusting that you hurt another woman and even want to grab her house!” Bai Xueyan supported Song Manni.

“You…” Song Meixi was angry at having to face the humiliation from Song Manni and Bai Xueyan.

She actually knew that her behavior was amoral, but so what She did it for her own benefits anyway.

“Song Manni, we already gave you a chance by talking with you.

If you dont compromise, I have tons of ways to torture you!” the older woman threatened.

“This will be the last time that I call you my mother.

Mom, youve gone to school, so you should know what laws are.

I didnt sue you just because Im doing you a favor by saving the litigation cost.

You should know that the losing party has to pay the litigation costs.

And let me tell you the truth.

I will definitely win the lawsuit.

If you still refuse to compromise, wait for my lawyers letter!” Song Manni said calmly with the air of an elite.

Song Manni wasnt weak.

She had been ignored and bullied ever since she had been a kid, so had learned to be independent at an early stage.

Although she had still lived with her father after her parents had divorced, her mother had paid all of her tuition fees because her father had refused to do so because he believed that it was meaningless for girls to receive education.

While she studied in college, her mother had passed away because of cancer.

And she had worked part-time while she kept studying hard.

What she had done had paid off.

She had found a great job after her graduation.

Her job was interior design, which was tiring, but had a high salary so that she had been able to live a good life on her own.

However, she had married the wrong man.

As for whether she was really infertile or not, she decided to keep it a secret for now.

After she divorced her husband, she would tell them the truth then.

Song Manni wouldnt give in to them.

She always treated others the way she wanted to be treated, but if anyone tried to hurt her, she would definitely fight back.

Her husband and her mother-in-law had annoyed her again and again, so she already had her plan to beat them down.

“You…” Hearing that, the older woman was scared.

She knew that they would lose the lawsuit without a doubt.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have tried to force Song Manni to compromise by threatening her, instead of using the laws.

However, if they couldnt get the house, they would have to move back to the poor small town, which was the last thing they wanted to do.

“Song Manni, how can you be so cold blooded Youre part of my family; do you want us to sleep on the street” the older woman questioned, as if Song Manni was the one who was cruel.

Her behavior was totally ridiculous.

Song Manni was amused by her stupidity.

“Thats quite interesting.

Have you ever reflected on your behavior when you hurt me without hesitation Im the victim, not you!”

At this time, a waiter came over and said, “Sorry, we have many other customers here.

Please keep your voices low.” There was music in this café.

Normally, the music could cover peoples voices when they were chatting, but if anyone raised his voice, it would be disturbing.

“Im sorry,” Song Manni immediately apologized, then turned to the older woman and Song Meixin.

“Thats all I will say.

Please stay away from me!”

After that, she picked her handbag up and thanked Bai Xueyan before walking out.

Bai Xueyan went back to her seat afterwards, while the older woman and Song Meixin were struck dumb.

They didnt dare to cause trouble here, so they didnt stop Song Manni from leaving.

And they also knew that it was useless to argue any longer, but it was impossible for them to do nothing.

They wouldnt give up the house, nor wait for Song Manni to sue them.

Bai Xueyan kept complaining after she was seated again, “The old witch and the mistress are indeed shameless! They hurt the woman and even try to grab her house!”

“Luckily, the woman isnt weak.

Otherwise, it would be a tragedy.”

“I do hope the witch and her family goes to hell!”

“OMG! Xue, its so nice to meet you.” Suddenly, a male voice with a foreign accent sounded at their back, which surprised Bai Xueyan.

She stood up, looking at the man.

The man was tall and around 28-years-old with curly hair.

His facial features were attractive and had sharp lines with a pair of blue eyes and there was a charming broad smile on his sexy lips.

He also had an air of nobility like a prince.

Gu Ning had already noticed him and assumed that he had to be the boss of this café.

The man was indeed as handsome as Bai Xueyan had described.

Seeing the newcomer, Bai Xueyan obviously panicked as if she had seen her lover.

“Allan! Hi!” Bai Xueyan said.

“Hi!” Allan replied then looked at Gu Ning before reaching out his hand.

“Nice to meet you.

You must be Xues friend.”

Gu Ning immediately stood up and shook hands with him.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr.


“Do you know me” Allan was surprised.

“Xueyan told me a lot about you,” Gu Ning replied.

Hearing that, Allan smiled gently and asked, “May I know your name” “Im Gu Ning,” Gu Ning replied.

“Great to meet you, Miss Gu.

Your coffee and desserts are my treat today,” Allan said.

He treated both of them as his friends.

Since Allan said so, Gu Ning didnt reject.

“Thank you so much!”

“My pleasure.

Then I wont bother you two any longer, enjoy yourself please,” Allan said.

“Sure,” Gu Ning and Bai Xueyan answered at the same time.

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