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Chapter 356 Age Gap Isnt A Problem

Therefore, Bai Xueyan gave the jade pendant to Liu Lulu and said, “Fine, youre right.

I cant afford it, so its yours now.”

Bai Xueyan didnt care that others regarded her as poor, because she didnt care how people thought about her.

“Well, if you cant afford it, dont walk into a jewelry store! You cant suddenly get rich by pretending.” Seeing that Bai Xueyan admitted that she couldnt afford the jewelry, Liu Lulu was gloating, but she had no idea that she had been trapped, nor did she realize that her behavior was inappropriate.

Liu Lulu said to a saleswoman then, “Pack it up.”

Saying that, she took out a bank card and gave it to the saleswoman.

The card was given to her by her mother.

As the vice mayor, Liu Shikun understood that he had to be low-profile even though he accepted bribes.

Liu Shikuns wife was also a junior government official, but she was so dumb that she gave her daughter a card with millions of yuan on it.

Normally, if the customer could pay the deposit, Jade Beauty Jewelry would keep the jewelry for the customer for three days.

If the customer couldnt afford the bill after three days, they would sell it to others, but since Gu Ning, who was the boss, and the customer both agreed, the saleswoman immediately packed it up.

Liu Lulu swiped her card and signed her name.

She made fun of Bai Xueyan again before leaving as if she was a princess.

As stupid as Liu Lulu was, she had no idea that she had made a big mistake and that she made a terrible decision which she would regret forever.

However, given what Liu Shikun had done illegally before, what his daughter did today was simply a moderate issue.

Gu Ning did in on purpose so that everyone around them would be witnesses.

After Liu Lulu left, the crowd dispersed too.

Bai Xueyan was slightly displeased and asked Gu Ning, “Why did you tell me to let her buy it”

“Because I need to make money!” Gu Ning said, as if she was really greedy.

“I can pay the bill! I just didnt bring enough money with me today.” Bai Xueyan was mad.

“Alright, let me be honest with you.

I have my own plan.

And I can give you a better jade pendant than hers.

What kind of style do you want” Gu Ning asked.

Hearing that Gu Ning had her own plan, Bai Xueyan calmed down a little.

And she was also shocked by Gu Nings generosity.

“Are you sure It must be very expensive!”

Although Gu Ning didnt lack jade or money at all, it was very generous of her to give others such an expensive gift.

“Do you want it or not” Gu Ning asked.

“Of course I do!” Bai Xueyan replied at once.

“However, I wont take it for free.

Ill pay for it.” Bai Xueyan was unwilling to take advantage of others.

“You dont need to do that.

Just take it as a New Year gift from me,” Gu Ning said.

“Why We just met each other.

Are you dumb or something” Bai Xueyan asked plainly.

She wasnt laughing at Gu Ning, but simply thought that it was too expensive.

Gu Ning was amused by Bai Xueyan, but what she had just said did make sense.

“Well then, for the sake of your father and grandfather, let me send you this gift.

Alright” Gu Ning changed her explanation.

“But…” Bai Xueyan hesitated.

“If you hesitate any longer, Ill regret,” Gu Ning threatened.

“Alright, Ill take it.”

After seeing so many beautiful pieces of jewelry in the store, Bai Xueyan gradually fell in love with jade jewelry.

Most females couldnt resist the temptation of jewelry, especially pretty jewelry.

“What kind of jewelry is better than hers” Bai Xueyan asked with curiosity.

“Double Happiness jade has the mixed color of red and green, or blood-red jade which has a color as red as blood.

Which one do you prefer” Gu Ning asked.

Of course, there was other jade that was even better than those two types, but Gu Ning chose the two kinds which were suitable for younger girls.

“The blood-red jade!” Bai Xueyan was excited.

She loved the color more than the jade itself.

In fact, the color red was Bai Xueyans favorite.

She had many red clothes and she was even wearing a lot of red now.

“No problem, what style do you want” Gu Ning asked.

“Please give me a jade pendant with a dragon on it!” Bai Xueyan said.

The dragon was Bai Xueyans Chinese zodiac sign, and she was a year younger than Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then went to tell Zhou Zhenghong to make it.

Bai Xueyans jade pendant would be carved by machine, because it took a lot longer and required more energy to carve it by hand.

Bai Xueyan could come get it tomorrow.

When Gu Ning walked out of the office again, Bai Xueyan asked her, “Are you free today Can we go shopping together”

“Sure!” Gu Ning agreed.

Afterwards, they went to a shopping mall together.

They didnt actually buy anything, but just hung out together.

An hour later, Bai Xueyan and Gu Ning left for a café to have some coffee.

Bai Xueyans favorite dessert was sold in the café.

Bai Xueyan loved eating desserts.

Luckily, she didnt gain weight at all.

Otherwise, she would be overweight in a short time since she ate desserts often.

After they were both seated, Bai Xueyan said, “I love the desserts here and the coffee of course.

The boss is a Sino-German[1] whose name is Allan, and he is not 30-years-old yet, and single.

If it werent for the fact that hes much older than me, I would chase him! Ha-ha.”

Bai Xueyan didnt hide her affection towards Allan at all.

Gu Ning also sensed her strong fondness to Allan.

“I dont think that the age gap is a problem, as long as you like each other,” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt encouraging Bai Xueyan to chase the man, but was simply expressing her opinion.

“Really” Bai Xueyans eyes lit up.

“At least I think so,” Gu Ning said.

After thinking for a while, Bai Xueyan sighed.

“Well, forget it.

My family wont allow me to have a boyfriend yet.”

Gu Ning didnt say anything further, because Bai Xueyan was indeed too young to fall in love.

And it was her personal affairs after all.

Before long, their coffee and desserts were on the table.

Seeing the dessert, Bai Xueyan couldnt wait to taste it.

[1] A Sino-German is someone who is half-Chinese and half-German.

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