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Chapter 355 More Complicated

“Exactly, even my two grandsons are barely comparable to Girl Gu!” Master Yan sighed.

Gu Ning was indeed the best among the younger generation.

Master Bai wasnt really blaming Bai Xueyan, nor did he hope that she could be as able as Gu Ning.

He simply wanted to encourage her to be more independent and outstanding.

They walked for another half an hour before going back.

It was time for the meal too.

During the meal, Mrs.

Bai kept putting different dishes into Gu Nings bowl.

Although Gu Ning had a large appetite, it was hard for her to eat all of it, so she politely stopped Mrs.


After the meal, they relaxed in the living room.

During the break, Bai Xueyan approached Gu Ning and asked, “Gu Ning, would you mind taking me to Jade Beauty Jewelry with you”

“No problem!” Gu Ning agreed with alacrity.

Bai Xueyan was pleased and told her mother at once.


Bai didnt stop her, but reminded her to be polite and to not cause any trouble.

Bai Xueyan was outgoing and spoiled by her family, but she would only argue with those that she disliked.

Other than that, she was also supportive of her friends, and she had caused a lot of trouble because of that in the past, so Mrs.

Bai was worried.

Although it wasnt a big deal, it would not be good news if she caused trouble again.

Later, a group of them left the Bai Familys villa.

They took Master Yans car and Master Yan sent them to Jade Beauty Jewelry.

After taking Gu Ning and Bai Xueyan to Jade Beauty Jewelry, Master Yan went back to his home.

In actual fact, Bai Xueyan wasnt interested in jewelry, so she had never come here before.

However, when she found out that Gu Ning was the boss of this famous jewelry store, she was shocked and curious.

Thus she came to have a look.

There were a lot of customers in the store, and all the saleswomen were busy serving them, which proved that the brand was really popular.

Although there were many people in the store, only a small part of them would buy jewelry in the end, but it was already enough for Gu Ning to make a lot of money.

Jade Beauty Jewelry was a high-end jewelry brand after all, and the prices of its products were all high.

A saleswoman didnt know that Bai Xueyan came to the store along with Gu Ning, so she wanted to introduce the jewelry for Bai Xueyan, but she was stopped by Gu Ning.

“Its fine.

She came here with


“Miss Gu, nice to meet you!” the saleswoman immediately greeted Gu Ning and followed her order, walking away to serve other potential buyers.

All the saleswomen in Jade Beauty Jewelry were well-trained with great manners, so they would treat every customer equally, even if the customer was a young girl or the poor or couldnt afford the jewelry.

Gu Ning told Bai Xueyan to enjoy herself in the store, while she walked to the office to meet Zhou Zhenghong.

All the jade pendants that Gu Ning had booked for Hao Ran and her other friends were already made.

So she came to fetch them herself.

Moreover, Gu Ning was going to choose several other jade pendants from her store later.

One was Su Anyas birthday gift, three were the prizes prepared for when Kamei Beauty Salon held the event, and the rest Gu Ning would keep with her.

She would probably need them in the future.

Within a short time, Gu Ning heard noise from outside, including Bai Xueyans angry criticisms.

Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong immediately walked out of the office to the store.

In the store, there were a group of onlookers, and Bai Xueyan was arguing with another girl who was her age in the middle.

“Liu Lulu, why do you have to grab things from other people This isnt the first time! How could you be so shameless!” Bai Xueyan said angrily.

“You didnt buy it anyway, so you cant forbid me from taking it!” the girl whose name was Liu Lulu said with disdain.

It seemed that she was sure that Bai Xueyan couldnt afford the piece of jewelry.

“I didnt bring money with me, but I was going to make a reservation!” Bai Xueyan retorted.

“Can you even afford it Yu already told me that youre from an ordinary family.

I dont think that you have enough money to buy it.

Do you know how much this jade pendant is It costs three hundred and sixty thousand yuan!” Liu Lulu said acidly.

Obviously, Liu Lulu didnt know Bai Xueyans family background; otherwise, she wouldnt be so arrogant.

Yus full name was Lin Xiaoyu; she was the cousin of Bai Xueyans friend, Lin Youyou.

The two girls never got along

Lin Youyou was Bai Xueyans good friend, so she naturally knew Bai Xueyans family background, but she never told others, especially Lin Xiaoyu and Liu Lulu.

Lin Youyous parents worked for an ordinary company, but Bai Xueyan only made friends with people that she shared common interests with, not just those who were rich.

Lin Xiaoyu on the other hand, was from a rich family with a fortune of over a hundred million yuan, so she always disliked and bullied her cousin, Lin Youyou.

Bai Xueyan was Lin Youyous good friend, while Liu Lulu was Lin Xiaoyus good friend, thus they were naturally involved in the conflicts between Lin Xiaoyu and Lin Youyou.

Bai Xueyan never showed off her family background, so Lin Xiaoyu and Liu Lulu thought that she was also from an ordinary family.

Thus Liu Lulu felt that she was superior to Bai Xueyan.

“Well, Im really curious.

You father is the vice mayor, so how can he afford such expensive jewelry” Bai Xueyan asked in a meaningful way.

It had to be more complicated than it looked.

How could the daughter of a government official afford such an expensive piece of jewelry at the price of three hundred and sixty thousand yuan Where did he get the money Liu Lulus father must have accepted bribes.

Although it wasnt uncommon that public officials accepted bribes, it was rare to see the daughter of a senior government official being so high-profile.

She was merely digging her own grave.

All of a sudden, people looked at Liu Lulu in a totally different way, but Liu Lulu didnt notice.

She was even showing off her fathers position in politics and said arrogantly, “Its none of your business.

Either way, I can afford it.” Liu Lulu was also digging the grave for her father.

Gu Ning curbed her desire to laugh out loud.

If Liu Shikun found out that his daughter was so stupid, he would probably die of anger.

Bai Xueyan wanted to argue back, but was interrupted by Gu Ning, “Xueyan, let her buy it.” At the same time, Gu Ning gave her a knowing glance.

Bai Xueyan didnt understand what Gu Ning planned to do, but she still listened to Gu Ning.

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