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Chapter 354 Envy And Jealousy

Bai Xueyans family knew her character very well.

Although she was spoiled to some extent, she wasnt a bad young girl, and was willing to admit her shortcomings.

However, Gu Ning had never met her before, so they were afraid that Bai Xueyan would annoy Gu Ning.

They understood that Gu Ning wasnt mean, and that she wouldnt care about Bai Xueyans rude behavior, but they still didnt want to affect Gu Nings good mood.

“Its fine,” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt affected at all.

Seeing that Gu Ning was fine, the others all relaxed.

After Gu Ning forgave her, Bai Xueyan walked to Master Bai at once.

She also felt happy for her grandpa.

The older generation and the younger generation in the Bai Family got along quite well.

In the following minutes, Gu Ning helped Master Fu with his sore shoulder.

With the nourishment of Gu Nings magical power, Master Fu experienced the changes of his own body in person this time.

He felt like he was full of energy now.

“Ha-ha! I do feel energetic now, like I am a dozen years younger!” Master Fu laughed with excitement.

Then he turned to Gu Ning.

“Girl Gu, thank you so much!”

Gu Ning smiled gently as response.

“Come on, lets go out and have a walk together!” Master Fu couldnt wait to walk around now that his body was full of energy.

“Lets go!” Master Yan and Master Bai had the same idea!

“Why dont you come with us” Master Bai asked Gu Ning and Bai Xueyan.

Afterwards, Gu Ning and Bai Xueyan followed them, walking outside.

Bai Linwei, on the other hand, went back to his study to deal with his own business, while his wife went to the kitchen to cook with their housemaid.

There was “Peach-blossom” in Peach-blossom Villas name, not only because this living area was like the Arcadia[1], but also because there were many peach trees along both of the roadsides along with a large peach grove.

When the peaches bloomed, people could see a large area of peach color from afar, which was quite stunning.

There were more green plants than villas in Peach-blossom Villas, and the villas were divided by a certain distance, so that citizens living here wouldnt be bothered by others.

Half of the green plants were from the original forest.

The real estate developer had only built some stone roads, pavilions, bridges, small waterfalls and lotus ponds.

There were also many surveillance cameras in Peach-blossom Villas, even in the forest.

If anyone wanted to commit crime here, the surveillance cameras would record it without any doubt.

Even Gu Ning who was good at kung fu would expose herself if she wasnt cautious enough.

They had all walked for a long distance, but none of them felt tired.

And those masters beamed with pleasure along the way.

Gu Ning talked with them without any trouble, but Bai Xueyan failed to join their discussion, which made her feel like she was an outsider.

Bai Xueyans sight fell on Gu Ning once in a while with curiosity.

Gu Ning was the same age as her, so why did she look so mature and stable like a grownup Bai Xueyan was envious, but also admired her.

Gu Ning couldnt be a simple girl! Bai Xueyan thought to herself.

Bai Xueyan was born in a super-rich family.

And although she was spoiled by her superior life, it didnt mean that she was dumb.

Instead, under the influence of her family, she was more sophisticated than her peers.

Gu Ning sensed Bai Xueyans curious glances, but ignored them, not because she disliked her, but because Bai Xueyan didnt say anything.

And she wouldnt give Bai Xueyan any responses.

“Girl Gu, I heard that Jade Beauty Jewelry is quite popular,” Master Bai said.

Jade Beauty Jewelry was indeed very famous now for Master Bai to also have heard of it.

“Yes, Uncle Zhou told me the same thing, but I havent checked on it myself yet.

I plan to go to the store later,” Gu Ning replied.

“I think that Zhou Zhenghong must have gained luck from his terrible experience before.

He lost Zhoufu Jewelry, but met you!” Master Yan said.

Gu Ning smiled, but didnt say anything.

“Oh, I believe that you wont be satisfied with only one store right Where do you plan to open the branches” Master Fu asked.

“The entrance examination to college is around the corner, and Im preparing for the Capital University, so Ill develop my businesses in the capital.

I went to the capital before I came here, and Ive already found a store with a great location.

It will be decorated after the New Year festival and Ill be ready to open a branch afterwards,” Gu Ning replied.

“Very good! I like your ambition, but it isnt easy to run a company in the capital!” Master Fu appreciated Gu Nings blueprint, but was also worried about her.

“There is no business without risks, right And nothing good comes without risk.

Im willing to try it.” Gu Ning wasnt afraid, although she had no idea whether it would be easy or hard for her to build her businesses in the capital.

No matter what, she wouldnt retreat; she would fight with courage.

“I agree.

And I do believe that you can succeed!” Master Bai encouraged her.

“Do you own Jade Beauty Jewelry” Bai Xueyan was shocked.

She naturally knew about the famous Jade Beauty Jewelry, and she had also read the news.

Many important figures in City G, including her grandpa and father, had attended its opening ceremony on that day.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

“What” Bai Xueyan was stunned.

How can Gu Ning be so amazingIs she really just a year older than me

Master Bai also felt slightly embarrassed after comparing Gu Ning with Bai Xueyan.

If only Gu Ning were my granddaughter! Master Bai thought to himself.

Bai Xueyan was now jealous of Gu Ning.

Master Bai even criticized her right in front of Gu Ning.

“Look at Gu Ning! She is at the same age as you, but shes able to run several companies at the same time.

And you You simply fool around all day.

You dont even read books! How can you build your own career in the future like that”

Bai Xueyan felt ashamed, and didnt dare to argue back.

Even so, she didnt blame Gu Ning.

Instead, she really admired Gu Ning.

“Ha-ha! Bai, I think that Xueyan is already much better than her peers.

And its rare to see a teenager as talented as Girl Gu!” Master Fu immediately helped Bai Xueyan out.

However, he was also telling the truth.

They had never met another young girl who was as unbelievable as Gu Ning.

Gu Ning had Tang Ainings soul and her magical power.

Thus it was hard for her to not be outstanding.

And she was meant to be successful.

Therefore, Gu Ning felt a little guilty that Bai Xueyan was criticized because of her.

[1] Arcadia refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature.

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