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“Youre Gu Ning, right” Hao Ran walked to Gu Ning and asked with certainty.


Whats up” Gu Ning answered calmly with confidence.

She wasnt afraid at all.

“Hao Ran, what do you want to do” Seeing Hao Ran being here, Mu Ke, who followed Gu Ning, felt something must be wrong.

He immediately stepped forward to protect Gu Ning.

He had no idea why Hao Ran was here for Gu Ning, but he did know Hao Ran was here not because of Chen Ziyao.

Hao Ran was surprised that Mu Ke would protect Gu Ning, but he still continued, “I saw the video about what had happened in the canteen on our schools forum.

Everyone says Gu Ning is powerful.

I disagree though.

Thus, Im here to challenge Gu Ning to have a fight with me.

Does she dare to accept my challenge”


Hearing that, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi was shocked.

They all looked at Gu Ning with worry at once.

Gu Ning, instead, remained calm.

The boy was here to challenge her! Gu Ning even assumed he was here because of Chen Ziyao.

Mu Ke quietly swore at the person who had uploaded the video.

The person apparently wanted to cause Gu Ning trouble! Gu Ning was displeased as well, but she was more interested than terrified in Hao Rans challenge.

Gu Ning was very familiar with Hao Rans name, because Hao Ran was as notorious as Chu Peihan in their school.

He was often involved in fights and riots, and always absent in classes.

Hao Ran had received as many punishments as Chu Peihan.

But, he couldnt have a high score like Chu Peihan.

He was terrible at studying.

Hao Ran was from a super rich family.

His family was the third richest family with dozens of millions of assets in City F.

Hao Ran, Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping, the three of them was a famous gang in their school.

Gu Ning had also heard something about Qin Zixuns and Zhang Tianpings background.

Qin Zixun was a son of the authorities, but Gu Ning didnt know his fathers position.

As for Zhang Tianping, it was said that he was an orphan.

Those three boys had become good friends in a fight.

Though they had very different background, they were truly intimate friends.

Gu Ning had plan in her mind after she found out who those boys were.

“Hao Ran, how can you even beat a girl.” Mu Ke was extremely annoyed.

Though he believed Gu Nings ability, these three boys werent easy to handle.

“If she were an ordinary girl, it may look like Im beating her, but since she does kung fu, we can learn from each other,” Hao Ran didnt think there was anything wrong with that.

Yes, if Gu Ning had been a common girl, he would never beat her, but the video had proved that she wasnt weak at all.

“You…” Mu Ke was mad.

Before he could continue, Gu Ning interrupted.

“What if I win, and what if I lose” Gu Ning asked.

“If you can win, I can do a thing for you, but if I win, you must do a thing for us.

Relax, I wont let you do something immoral,” Hao Ran replied.

Hao Ran was a boy with principles.

“Sure, challenge accepted, but I want more than just a thing,” Gu Ning said.

The crowd was amazed by the result that Gu Ning accepted the challenge and even wanted to add chips.

Although everyone believed Gu Ning was quite someone in the video, Hao Ran was well-known for his outstanding ability in a fight.

No one thought Gu Ning would win.

Was Gu Ning being confident, or was she thinking too highly of herself

“Boss…” Mu Ke called her with worry, but Gu Ning stopped him by a glance.

“Tell me what do you want” Hao Ran was surprised Gu Ning would accept his challenge without hesitation.

He now was more curious than surprised about Gu Nings condition.

He didnt know whether Gu Ning was being confident or arrogant, but he appreciated her attitude.

“One vs.

three, if I lose, Ill do three things for you, but if I win, three of you must call me boss, and be loyal to me afterwards till the entrance exam is over,” Gu Ning said airily while others were all in shock.

What One vs.

three The losers must call her boss

Gu Ning was so confident!

After the shock, Hao Ran and his friends were irritated by Gu Nings words.

It was a humiliation to them.

How could he call a girl boss!

“You want to be our boss Interesting,” Hao Ran sneered.

“Exactly, what the hell are you”

“Gu Ning, being confident is good, but dont be too over.”

Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping added in anger.

“I know who I am.

Whether Im being confident or arrogant, its none of your business.

At least, Im not afraid.

If youre cowards and dont dare to accept the challenge, then you lose!” Gu Ning glanced through Hao Ran and his friends with obvious provocation.


Hao Ran and his friends felt shamed after that.

Their dignity didnt allow them to be hesitated.

“Cowards Weve never ever been cowards.

Challenge accepted!” Hao Ran answered with anger.

Hao Ran was always the decision-maker among them.

Since Hao Ran accepted, the other two all agreed.

Besides, they didnt want to be cowards neither!

“Very well.

Then Ill see you at 1 pm tomorrow in the small forest.” Gu Ning said with satisfaction, which made Mu Ke feel that she had everything in control.

Well, he should believe in Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning was willing to accept the challenge, she must be confident to win.

After what had happened during the past days, Yu Mixi knew Gu Ning would never change her mind once she had made her decision.

Yu Mixi also remained quiet.

She only needed to believe her friend.

Then, Gu Ning directly turned around, and went inside her classroom, leaving everyone behind.

Hao Ran and his friends snorted, then were gone as well.

The crowd dispersed afterwards since the major roles had all gone.

There was a glance of viciousness in Chen Ziyaos eyes when she watched Gu Ning walking away.

She felt disappointed when Gu Ning stayed calm.

Thus she hoped more that Gu Ning would lose tomorrow.

The worse, the better.

Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang had the same thought, while Qin Zhengs feelings were complicated.

He wanted to see Gu Ning learn her lesson, but he also felt concerned for her.

When Gu Ning entered the classroom, her classmates looked at her with worry, anticipation, but more with unkindness, especially Shao Feifei and her friends.

Shao Feifei wanted to mock her, but the bell rang.

Thus she had to close her mouth.


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