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Chapter 348 100% Sure

Xiao Lihua had always wanted a daughter in the past, but her body had been damaged when she had given birth to her second son, and she couldnt get pregnant any more, which was a great pity in her life.

And now seeing Gu Ning, who was beautiful, polite and adorable, she liked her at first sight.

“Come here and let me introduce you two.

This is your Aunt Xiao,” Master Yan introduced Xiao Lihua to Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you, Aunt Xiao!” Gu Ning said politely

“Lihua, this is Gu Ning.

Zhenglin and I have both mentioned her in front of you,” Master Yan said to Xiao Lihua.

Hearing Gu Nings name, Xiao Lihua wore an expression of shock and admiration, because she had heard of what Gu Ning had done.

She was so young, but was talented in both stone gambling and antiques.

She was also excellent at kung fu and had saved Yan Zhenglins life from a sniper.

After the shock, Xiao Lihuas eyes lit up with great excitement, and Gu Ning just smiled.

Xiao Lihua now appreciated Gu Ning more than ever.

“Come on in! Make yourself at home!” Xiao Lihua said to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning sat down and Xiao Lihua immediately went to pour a cup of tea for her like they were really family.

Xiao Lihua was the vice principal of a high school in City G.

She was known as a strict teacher in her school, but she was very gentle and kind at home.

After pouring the tea for Gu Ning, she immediately went to cook.

“You can step away.

I have something to talk to Girl Gu about,” Master Yan said to Yan Zhenglin and pulled Gu Ning aside, which was quite amusing.

“Girl Gu, youre really unbelievable! You cut out over 30 pieces of jade and made 2.3 billion yuan in City Teng, but I think that youve probably made more than that, right” Master Yan said to Gu Ning with admiration.

He understood that Gu Ning didnt want many people to know that she had done that, so Master Yan didnt tell his son and daughter-in-law.

Gu Ning smiled, “Yes, I cut out another dozen jade afterwards.”

Gu Ning had no plan to tell Master Yan that she had established a jade provider and raw material provider, because it wasnt a good time.

Master Yan was so astonished, but he thought that it was reasonable.

Gu Ning had already cut out over 30 pieces of jade, so it was nothing that she could cut out more.

Gu Ning came to the Yan Familys house to discuss something serious with Yan Zhenglin.

Thus she went to talk with Yan Zhenglin after chatting with Master Yan for a short time.

It was highly confidential, so Gu Ning proposed that they discuss it in the study.

Yan Zhenglin didnt think further and guided Gu Ning to the study.

“Girl Gu, you can tell me now!” Yan Zhenglin said after both of them were seated.


“Uncle Yan, did you already know that Hongyun Real Estate schemed against Shenghua Real Estate the other day” Gu Ning asked, although she knew that Yan Zhenglin had to be aware of it.

“Yes, I know about it,” Yan Zhenglin replied.

“Well, then Ill lay my cards on the table.

In fact, Im the real boss of Shenghua Real Estate.

As for what Hongyun Real Estate did to Shenghua Real Estate, Ren Kang has been sentenced and we got the compensation too, but I dont think that its enough.

Of course, Hongyun Real Estate wont give up either, because Shenghua Real Estate grabbed a big deal from Hongyun Real Estate.

From what I know about Fang Changshengs character, he will definitely try again.

Therefore, its unavoidable that Shenghua Real Estate and Hongyun Real Estate will compete against each other.

Compared with staying quiet, I prefer to take action before they do,” Gu Ning said calmly and clearly, but Yan Zhenglin was amazed.

What Gu Ning owns Shenghua Real Estate, which is quite surprising! She established Jade Beauty Jewelry, and now Shenghua Real Estate.

Does she have any other properties She is a girl full of surprises! Although Yan Zhenglin was curious, he didnt ask the questions.

“Whats your plan” Yan Zhenglin asked later.

Yan Zhenglin clearly knew that Hongyun Real Estate wouldnt give up, because Fang Changsheng was an evil person who was selfish and cunning.

No matter who annoyed him, he would set himself to be revenged.

Hongyun Real Estate had suffered a double loss in the competition with Shenghua Real Estate, and it was just a matter of time before they started conducting their schemes again.

Therefore, it was understandable that Gu Ning would rather take action before them, but how

“I already have proof of Hongyun Real Estates illegal behavior.

Its enough to throw Fang Changsheng into jail.

However, there are some government officials involved in it as well, so I cant do it alone.

Uncle Yan, would you mind giving me a helping hand and you can also make a remarkable achievement,” Gu Ning said.

“What You have proof of their illegal behavior” Yan Zhenglin was shocked and couldnt believe his ears.

Without asking, he knew who the government officials that were involved in it were.

Yan Zhenglin had done his investigation too, but hadnt gotten any solid proof.

And he absolutely wanted to achieve something, which was quite important to his career in politics.

“Yes, I also have the evidence of the two officials acts of bribery and corruption as well as having mistresses.

Their amorous pictures are in my hands too,” Gu Ning said with certainty.

Hearing that, Yan Zhenglin took a long breath in.

He was greatly shocked.

He had investigated for so long.

Although he indeed had gotten something, it was barely enough to unseat them, but Gu Ning got control of so much evidence all of a sudden.

It was hard to not be surprised.

“Are you sure that your evidence is real” Yan Zhenglin asked.

“100% sure.

Sorry but I cant tell you how I managed to get the evidence.

Uncle Yan, if youre willing to cooperate with me, Ill show you the evidence right now, but if you have any concerns, Ill turn to someone else,” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt threatening Yan Zhenglin, but she also didnt want to force him.

Nevertheless, she knew that Yan Zhenglin would give her an

affirmative answer.

It was the most unexpected gift that fell into his lap, and Yan Zhenglin wouldnt reject it.

“To be honest with you.

Ive been investigating them recently, but I havent found any solid proof yet.

Youre such a smart girl, and I think you must know my political enemies planned the assassination last time!” Yan Zhenglin said.

“Of course,” Gu Ning replied.

Yan Zhenglin then agreed to Gu Nings plan, and Gu Ning took out a folder, giving it to Yan Zhenglin.

Seeing that Gu Ning had casually put the important evidence in her backpack, Yan Zhenglin was anxious.

What if it got lost!

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