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Chapter 347 To the Yan Familys House

“Uncle Yan, I encountered some trouble, so could you please help me” Gu Ning told the story simply and hoped that Yan Zhenglin would tell the police station to release her.

Hearing what she had been through; Yan Zhenglin replied seriously, “No problem.

Just wait a second, and Ill call them right away.”

“Thank you so much, Uncle Yan.

Oh, may I talk to you in person about something important later When will it be convenient for you May I come and visit you” Gu Ning asked with a certain amount of gravity.

Obviously, it had to be something special if Gu Ning needed to visit him and discuss it with him in person.

“Sure,” Yan Zhenglin answered.

After hanging up the call with Gu Ning, Yan Zhenglin called Li Feng, who was the head of the Public Security Bureau in City G.

Li Feng, immediately called the police station afterwards.

It took less than five minutes and the car hadnt even arrived at the police station yet, when the captain received his leaders call.

“Zhang Chao, did you arrest a girl called Gu Ning Let her go right now!” his leader roared in the phone.

His voice was so loud that everyone in the police car heard it.

Zhang Chao, who was the captain, was surprised, looking to Gu Ning, but Gu Ning only smiled.

“But, Hongyun…” Zhang Chao didnt know who had called his leader, so he wanted to remind him.

“So what The head of Public Security Bureau called me in person, and he had just received the mayors call!” his leader said.

What Zhang Chao was stunned this time.

The mayor The girl just called her Uncle Yan.

Isnt the mayors family name YanJesus! She really isnt simple at all!

“Sure-sure, Ill let her go right now.” Zhang Chao didnt dare to say another word.

He told the policeman who was driving the car to park it at the roadside, then turned to Gu Ning.

“Um, Miss Gu, you may leave now.” His voice was even trembling.

Gu Ning didnt bother to pick on them.

She just got out directly.

However, before she left, she said to them, “The mayor already knows about what just happened between the group of migrant workers and those security guards.

You either solve it in private, or punish the bullies.

Because we all know that it was Hongyuns fault.”

After that, she was gone.

Gu Ning did it not because she wanted to help the policemen, but because she didnt want the group of migrant workers to suffer.

Zhou Zhenghong followed behind the police car at a moderate distance.

When Gu Ning got out of the police car, he immediately stopped.

Gu Ning walked over and Zhou Zhenghong opened the car door for her at once.

“Boss, are you alright” Although Gu Ning seemed fine, he still asked worriedly.

“Im fine.

Lets go eat now.

Im starving after the fight!” Gu Ning said.

Zhou Zhenghong felt like laughing, and drove ahead without delay.

After Gu Ning was released, Zhang Chao called the leader of Hongyun who had told him to “take good care of” Gu Ning and told him about it.

The leader was very terrified, because he had almost annoyed an important figure and caused Hongyun a lot of trouble.

If the chairman found out, he would certainly be fired.

As for the fight that had happened between the migrant workers and the security guards, Hongyun handled it personally in the end.

Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong went straight to the factory after the meal.

There were three new workers who joined them in the factory.

One was a designer and the other two were carvers.

The three newcomers didnt know that Gu Ning was the real boss, and nobody had the intention to tell them.

Thus when Gu Ning showed up, Chang Qingshan and the others only called her Miss Gu, instead of boss.

Around 5 pm, Gu Ning received Yan Zhenglins call.

He was off-duty, and was about to go home.

If Gu Ning was free now, she could go and meet him in his place.

Gu Ning was free, so Yan Zhenglin told her the address.

Zhou Zhenghong wanted to take Gu Ning, but was rejected.

Gu Ning didnt want to waste his time, so she planned to go there on her own.

On the way, Gu Ning went to buy some fruits and nourishing products as gifts for Yang Zhenglin.

His house was located in Jinxiu Villas, which was developed 10 years ago when the house price wasnt very high, and four million yuan was enough to buy a house, but now it would cost ten million yuan.

Four million yuan was a lot 10 years ago, but it was nothing to the Yan Family.

Master Yan had been involved in business in the early stages, but because Yan Zhenglin worked in politics, and had no time to run the business, Master Yan then handed his business to his younger brothers son, who was also Master Yans nephew.

And the Yan Family shared the dividends.

If Master Yan hadnt had another source of income, he wouldnt be able to collect antiques just relying on his retirement pay which was just over ten thousand yuan a month.

When Gu Ning just arrived at the gate, she coincidentally met Yan Zhenglin.

“Oh, why did you bring all this stuff to visit me You didnt need to do that.” Seeing Gu Ning coming with packages of goods, Yan Zhenglin was surprised.

“Im the guest and I should bring gifts for you!” Gu Ning smiled.

Yan Zhenglin didnt argue with her any further.

Gu Ning did it out of politeness after all.

Afterwards, Yan Zhenglin told Gu Ning to get in his car and they went inside together.

Yan Zhenglin didnt tell Master Yan that Gu Ning was coming.

Thus when Master Yan, who was dealing with the flowers and plants in the yard, saw Gu Ning getting out of Yan Zhenglins car, he couldnt believe his eyes.

“Hi, Grandpa Yan!” Gu Ning smiled.

Hearing Gu Nings voice, Master Yan was excited.

“Girl Gu, why didnt you tell me that you were coming I would have prepared beforehand!!” Master Yan slightly chastised Gu Ning.

“I just wanted to surprise you,” Gu Ning said.

“Ha-ha,” Master Yan laughed a little.

However, when he noticed the packages in her hands, he said, “Why did you bring so many things here You didnt have to do that.”

“Im the guest and Im supposed to bring some gifts!” Gu Ning replied.

“Come on in!” Master Yan welcomed Gu Ning to come into the house.

The Yan Familys house was decorated simply.

The moment Gu Ning walked inside, a charming woman who was over 40-years-old walked downstairs.

She was Yan Zhenglins wife, Xiao Lihua.

“What a beautiful girl!” Xiao Lihuas face lit up with pleasure when she saw Gu Ning.

Yan Zhenglin had two sons, but didnt have any daughters.

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