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Gu Ning was a smart girl.

She knew the real intention of Gu Man.

Gu Xiaoxiao must had bad-mouthed her behind her back.

“Mom, I know Gu Xiaoxiao must have told my eldest aunt something bad about me, but Mom, you need to trust me.

Im not the kind of girl who doesnt have sense of self-esteem.”

“Great, I trust you.” Though Gu Man was still concerned, she chose to believe Gu Ning.

After a while, Gu Ning hung up.

They went into a remote part of the small forest, in case others would see them.

Training of kung fu was a long-term practice.

Although Mu Ke had learned several moves, he needed to practice often.

Thus Mu Ke and Gu Ning continued to train the way they had done yesterday.

As for Mixi, because she wasnt physically strong enough now, she couldnt directly fight with Gu Ning to train in practice.

Gu Ning let her do horse stance first.

When Gu Ning and her friends were focused on training, a post about her raised a fierce discussion in their school forum.

Someone had taken a video of what had just happened in the canteen and uploaded it onto the forum.

“Gee, this cant be real! The plate has been perfectly thrown ahead.”

“And the table is too heavy to move.

How can she easily pull it!”

“The plate as well.

How can she hit it broken at once!”

“An ordinary person can never do that.

I believe this female student must be a master of kung fu.”

“A master of kung fu I dont believe you.

You must have read too many action novels, but I have to say this female student is quiet somebody!”

“Oh my! Ive met this female student before, in the small forest yesterday.

She was fighting with another tall strong male student.

The boy has been beaten down on the ground.

I wanted to take a video of them, but the female student has discovered and threatened me away.”

“Please, tell us what did she say”

“Please, please, Im waiting online.”

“Please, please, please.”

“She said,Do you want to fight with me F*ck, I would never risk my life for that, and I ran away in horror.”

Everyone laughed and teased.

There were both complementary and acid comments.

“I think she just wants to gain attention.”

“Exactly, people nowadays are eager to be famous.”

“I agree.

If she really do kung fu, she can have a fight with Chu Peihan, and prove to us!”

Seeing those acid remarks, those who admired Gu Ning were displeased.

They immediately retorted.

“Are you blind Try throwing a plate and see if it turns and aims at the target by yourself.

And pull the table to move if you can!”

“Exactly, shut your mouth if you cant do it yourself.”

“I think they are being jealous.

They just cant stand the fact that Gu Ning is better than them.”

“Cant agree more.

Some girls are so jealous of others.

Bros, we need to be clear-sighted, and stay away from those girls to protect ourselves.”

“Sure! I prefer to stay single forever rather than be with a pretentious bitch.”



Those boys were so evil.

They soon conquered the group of girls who had bad-mouthed Gu Ning, but secretly guided those girls anger to Gu Ning.

Right at that moment, a comment attracted everyones attention.

“Is she really that powerful Im Hao Ran, a senior from the seventh classroom.

I now challenge this female student to have a fight with me.

Anyone who knows this female student, tell me about her.”

Immediately, the discussion became fiercer.

Hao Ran, the senior student from the seventh classroom, was a well-known figure in their school, but he was notorious for his bad behaviors.

He had involved himself in fights and riots, behaving even worse than Chu Peihan.

If he hadnt had a powerful background as well, he would have been expelled from the school too.

Now, Gu Ning was in trouble.

Those who had criticized Gu Ning just then instantly added fuel to the fire.

Before long, Gu Nings information was leaked.

Whoever had leaked Gu Nings information must hate her very much, and wanted to see her in danger.

After Hao Ran had challenged Gu Ning, some felt worried, some looked forward to it, and some just enjoyed building their happiness on others suffering.

There were many students gathered outside the door of the fourth classroom.

Soon, Qin Zheng, Zhang Yiming, Fu Mingliang and Chen Ziyao were included.

They all came for Gu Ning.

To be exact, they were here for Hao Ran and Gu Ning.

Among those onlookers, Qin Zheng and his friends along with Shao Feifei and her friends were most excited to see what would happen next.

If Gu Xiaoxiao had known the news, she must feel regret going home so early and missing the drama.

In the passage, three boys who were leaning against the guardrails were most noticeable.

They werent good-looking actually, but because no one dared to stay closer to them, they were noticeable then.

Although the three boys werent handsome, they werent ugly at all.

They behaved in an arrogant and aggressive way, which showed they were bad boys.

“Hao Ran, Gu Ning probably is too afraid to come,” a boy who was standing at the right among those three male students opened his mouth.

There were only a few minutes away from the evening class.

Gu Ning was still absent.

Probably she was frightened.

“She cant hide forever, unless she drops out of school,” the boy in the middle, who was Hao Ran, said with disdain.

“Shall we wait any longer The evening class is about to begin in a few minutes,” a boy who was standing at the left asked.

“Yes, why not Probably she intends to come until were gone when the evening class is about to begin,” Hao Ran said.

The minute Gu Ning and her friends went out of the stairs, they saw many people around outside of fourth classroom.

Something must had happened.

No matter what had happened, the evening class was about to begin, and Gu Ning together with Yu Mixi had to walk through.

Mu Kes classroom wasnt in the same direction of Gu Nings, but out of curiosity, he followed Gu Ning walking ahead.

Someone immediately found Gu Ning was coming.

Chen Ziyao opened her mouth at once, “Gee! Isnt this Gu Ning Who said shes scared Shes quite awesome!”

Chen Ziyao did it on purpose to push Gu Ning into the center of trouble.

The more she complimented Gu Ning, the unhappier Hao Ran would be.

When Gu Ning showed up, Chen Ziyao directly opened her phone, starting to shoot.

She wanted to send the video to Gu Xiaoxiao after it was over.

Hearing that, Gu Ning knew they werent kind people.

However, Gu Ning assumed Chen Ziyao and her friends were those who came here to cause her trouble.


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