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Chapter 334 Fortune or Life

Although they had felt uncomfortable for a period of time, it was impossible for them to give up those antiques in such a large amount.

“Lao San!” the oldest man among them, who was around 40-years-old, snapped at the man.

He believed what the man had just

said, but he believed what Gu

had said more.

He had been a grave digger for a long time, and was willing to accept it.

“Since you dont believe it, I wont force you,” Gu Ning said.

“Well, are you going to give up the ancient objects in this grave too” Lao San asked, but he obviously didnt believe that Gu Ning would.

“Of course I wont!” Gu Ning said it plainly.

Hearing that, the four men were upset at once, but before they could say another word, Gu Ning added, “You should know that night-luminescent pearls are full of power and can drive Yin away.

Thus the ancient objects wont affect me much once they are in my hands.”

They were grave diggers who had been in touch with far more unusual things than common people, so they sort of believed in Yin and Yang

Leng Shaoting didnt have that experience, but he had heard of Yin and Yang.

He neither believed nor

disbelieved it, but he was curious

about it.

“So what We can steal the night-luminescent pearl and itll be ours,” Lao San said aggressively.

“Lao San, how can you do that” The oldest man was displeased.

“Boss, are you going to listen to her and give up all of the valuable antiques” Lan San argued.

Only fools would give up the fortune right in front of their eyes.

“Well, do you think that you have the ability to steal it from me” Gu Ning asked with disdain.

“You…” Lao San was irritated.

However, before he could attack Gu Ning, his boss stopped him.

The oldest man said to Gu Ning, “Miss, I know that youre just being kind to tell us that, but it cost us a lot of energy and effort to find this ancient grave and dig this hole.

Its impossible for us to leave here with empty hands.”

“Of course I wont make you leave with empty hands.

So, I have two ideas.

First, I can transfer a hundred million yuan to your account and then all the ancient objects in this grave would belong to me,” Gu Ning said, but she was interrupted by Lao San.

“A hundred million yuan Do you think that we are beggars A.

random object in this grave is worth over ten million yuan!” he said in anger.

He was right.

A random ancient object in this grave was worth over ten million yuan.

Thus it wasnt fair for them, however that was only when their life wasnt in danger.

“You indeed would rather die for money!” Gu Ning shook her head resignedly and signed.

“Well, second, we can compete against each other for the antiques.”

“Thats reasonable,” Lao San said, but others remained silent.

“However, physical attacks are not allowed.

If you attack us, we dont mind fighting back,” Gu Ning warned.

“And if you choose the second, I wont bother saving your life again, or protecting you from

the bats outside.”

Gu Ning thought that she had already saved them once and warned them.

Even if they were all dead in front of her eyes now, she wouldnt feel guilty, because they deserved it.

Hearing that, the four men panicked a little.

The large group of bats outside was indeed a major threat!

“Alright, then well leave first,” Gu Ning said.

She and Leng Shaoting then took out protective suits and put it on, in case the bats bit them.

Gu Ning already knew that this ancient grave was dangerous, so she had checked related knowledge on the Internet beforehand.

She was aware that there could be bats, mice or snakes in it.

Although the protective suit couldnt stop the poisonous animals from attacking them, it wouldnt be difficult for them to deal with them given their outstanding agility.

Seeing that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting put on protective suits, the four men were envious, especially Lao San who was already jealous of them and couldnt wait to leave this anteroom.

He was worried that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would get all the antiques before them.

“Hey, if you open the door now, the bats will get inside!” Lao San tried to stop them.

“Dont worry.

I wont allow a single bat to get in here,” Gu Ning smiled with disdain.

Lao San lost his patience and urged his partners.

“Boss, lets get out of here now!”

However, his boss suddenly said to Gu Ning, “Miss, we choose the hundred million yuan over the ancient objects in this grave, but you need to keep your promise.”

“What” They were all surprised.

Lao San, on the other hand, was furious.

“Boss, what do you mean Are you scared of what this girl said”

“Lao San, I dont have the right to stop you, but if you still regard me as your boss, please take my advice and dont leave here.

If you insist on walking out, you can go alone,” the oldest man, Lao Da, said.

He wasnt scared of what Gu Ning had said, but he knew that Gu Ning had told them the truth.

Although grave-digging was always dangerous, he wasnt willing to die for money.

“What about you” Lao San asked looking to Lao Er and Lao Yao.

Although Lao Er and Lao Yao were reluctant to give up the priceless antiques, they always trusted Lao Da and chose to follow his lead as usual.

“Well follow Lao Da,” Lao Er and Lao Yao replied.

“Fine, very well.

Ill go alone!” Lao San was extremely mad, and made up his mind to go out alone.

He put on his mask and took out a burning torch.

Gu Ning looked to Lao Da and others.

“Since we made an agreement, you can wait here for us.

Once were out of this grave, Ill transfer the money to you.

I promise.”

“Sure,” Lao Da answered.

He could only choose to trust her now.

After that, Gu Ning said to Lao San, “TIL.

protect them, so you need to leave before us.

Im afraid that the bats will fly inside when you open the door.”

“You…” Lao San was angry that Gu Ning despised him.

He snorted with anger, and opened the door, walking out with the burning torch lifted in his hand.

Nobody stopped him; not because his partners didnt care about his life, but because he didnt value his own life.

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