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Chapter 329 Power Crystals

Although he hadnt been in contact with Leng Shaoting often, he knew that Leng Shaoting was always cold, especially in front of girls.

Master Leng had complained about it many times.

However, what was happening in front of Jiang Zhenghuas eyes was really surprising.

Jiang Zhenghua wondered whether Master Leng knew about it.

If Master Leng knew, he had to be super happy.

Jiang Zhenghua also understood that Leng Weihua didnt care about family background.

As long as the girl was a good girl, and Leng Shaoting liked her, Master Leng wouldnt interfere.

Therefore, Jiang Zhenghua didnt think further about the girls family background.

“Hi, Director Jiang,” Leng Shaoting greeted Jiang Zhenghua.

Although the Jiang Family had a good relationship with the Leng Family, Leng Shaoting was used to keeping a distance from them.

Thus it was already rare that he greeted Jiang Zhenghua on his own initiative.

Hearing Leng Shaotings voice, Jiang Zhenghua finally got his mind back.

He bowed deeply to Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

“Thank you so much for rescuing Haoyang!” Haoyang was precisely Jiang Zhenghuas son, and his full name was Jiang Haoyang.

“Were glad to help, Director Jiang,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Well, then I wont bother you any longer.” Jiang Zhenghua thanked Gu Ning again before he left.

When Jiang Zhenghua was gone, Leng Shaoting introduced him to Gu Ning, “The Jiang Family and the Leng Family have known each other for generations.

Hes the youngest son of Master Jiang, and the director of the National Medical Products Administration.

His father is Jiang Zhongyu who is the head of National Antiques Association.

We can invite him to have a look around Xiangyun Antique-store and help you do the business.”

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning snorted with laughter.

“Youre really good at making full use of your network.”

Jiang Zhongyu was a famous expert.

If he went to visit Gu Nings new store, many people would certainly follow.

In that case, she didnt need to worry about the sales.

What had happened to Jiang Zhenghuas son went viral on the Internet within a short time.

Many were shocked by the moment that Gu Ning abruptly jumped out from underneath.

“Jesus! She must be a master of kung fu!”

“Exactly! And the man who protected the kid was so cool too!”

“I think that they must be a team.”

“I agree.

And she broke the criminals arms like lightning!”

“Shes so incredible!”

“What a pity that her face isnt clear.

Otherwise, I would go to learn kung fu from her.”


The video didnt show the part where Gu Ning fell from the bridge, so nobody knew what had happened to her.

Anyway, the little boy was rescued and Qin Huiqun was arrested by the police, which was a good ending.

Leng Shaoxun was the first one who discovered the news in the Leng Family.

He screamed in shock after reading it, and surprised everyone else around him.

“Leng Shaoxun, what the hell are you reading!” Leng Shaojia was displeased.

Leng Shaoxun replied, “Uncle Jiangs son was seized by Qin Huiqun!”

“What” Hearing that, several senior members of the Leng Family were astonished.

“What happened” they asked Leng Shaoxun.

“Uncle Jiangs son was seized by Qin Huiqun, but was rescued by a girl,” Leng Shaoxun said.

He looked at Gu Ning in the video with admiration.

“This girl is so awesome! She jumped out all of a sudden and got control of Qin Huiqun like lightning.”

Not only Leng Shaoxun was shocked, all the others were also quiet surprised.

“Oh, I must tell grandpa the news!” Leng Shaoxun said, and ran upstairs.

Master Leng was also shocked after hearing about the accident.

He called Jiang Zhongyu at once.

Luckily, Jiang Zhongyus grandson was safe.

“Why does this man looks so familiar” Leng Shaoxun asked after Master Leng hung up the call with Jiang Zhongyu.

Hearing that, Master Leng took Leng Shaoxuns phone and had a closer look at the man in the video.

He also found that the man looked familiar, but failed to recognize who he was.

The screen of the phone was too small for an old man, and the video only showed the back of the man so Master Leng couldnt recognize the man right away.

“Grandpa, is it Shaoting” Leng Shaoxun suddenly asked with surprise.

“Shaoting” Hearing that, Master Leng immediately recognized that the man in the video was indeed his grandson, Leng Shaoting.

He then called Leng Shaoting without delay, and asked him directly.

Leng Shaoting admitted it, and also told Master Leng that he was fine and safe.

Xu Jinchen and his friends were drinking while singing in a club.

Xu Qinyin, on the other hand, was reading the news on the Internet for fun.

And she read the news.

Within seconds, she recognized Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting because of their clothes, and told the others the news.

All of them were shocked by what Gu Ning had done.

Although they knew that Leng Shaoting was fine, they still called him to make sure that they were safe.

After they went back to the house, Gu Ning regained much of her strength.

She wanted to walk on her own, but Leng Shaoting insisted on carrying her in his arms while walking back to the bedroom.

Gu Ning was really exhausted today, and soon fell asleep on the bed.

Suddenly, she felt like something knocked her against forehead and it was cold.

She opened her eyes, and there was a thick fog in her sight.

Isnt this the telepathic eye space She thought to herself.

Because she was familiar with the space, she wasnt terrified.

However, there were many small crystals the size of a pearl floating in the air.

She was confused about what those crystals were, and suddenly there was a line of words that appeared in her mind.

In fact, those crystals were a solid form of her power, and could be used to cure diseases.

In other words, she could directly use those power crystals to rescue people in the future.

The amount of power crystals needed to cure diseases varied in different situations.

The power crystals could melt in water, food, or be swallowed directly.

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