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Chapter 327 First Time Really Being Angry

“Were going to reach the highest point,” Leng Shaoting said.

Apparently, he had been waiting for it.

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning laughed again.

“We just moved one third of the route!”

Leng Shaoting looked upwards, and suddenly felt like the Ferris wheel moved very slowly.

When they had almost reached the highest point, Leng Shaotings kiss fell on Gu Nings lips.

Not only Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, every couple started to kiss when they reached the highest point.

It was said that the Ferris wheel was set for couples.

It was said that every time the Ferris wheel turned, there was a couple who kissed each other on the earth.

That each of the gondolas were full of happiness and the Ferris wheel existed for the reason that people who loved each other could share happiness together.

It was said that you would be happy once you sat in the Ferris wheel.

As the Ferris wheel moved upwards, you could get rid of the noise on the ground.

In that case, you would be near to God, and you could make a wish when you reached the highest point.

God would hear it and if God believed that you were a good kid, your wish would come true.

However, those were all old sayings which could comfort people.

When the Ferris wheel passed the highest point, Leng Shaoting didnt stop.

Gu Ning had to pinch him to make him stop when they had almost arrived at the ground, but Leng Shaoting looked at Gu Ning like he was innocent.

Apparently, he wasnt satisfied yet.

It was normal that couples kissed in Ferris wheel, but it was unusual that they had kissed for so long.

Gu Ning flushed when they walked out.

It was still early, around 8 pm, so they didnt leave right away, but walked around in the amusement park.

All of a sudden, a picture flashed by Gu Nings eyes.

She saw a man who was around 40-years-old holding a little boy who was around seven-years-old at a high bridge; the river was 20 meters below them.

After the man lost control of his emotions, he jumped into the river along with the little boy and they both died.

The high bridge was right next to this amusement park.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had just passed by it.


“I suddenly had a premonition.

Come on, lets go to the nearby high bridge.” Gu Ning couldnt tell Leng Shaoting that she had Jade Eyes which could foresee the future, so she could only make an excuse.

Sometimes, people might have a premonition when something bad was going to happen.

Leng Shaoting then followed Gu Ning, running to the high bridge.

From afar, they noticed that there were many people gathered on it, and many cars parked on the side.

A little boy was crying loudly in the arm of the man who was standing on the edge.

Seeing the scene, Leng Shaoting sensed that something had to be wrong, and ran faster ahead.

Meanwhile, a young woman was crying while begging, “I can give you money, no matter how much you want.

Please just let my son go!”

“I dont want money! I just want Jiang Zhenghua to die! He has ruined my life.

And if he doesnt come, Ill kill his son!” the man roared in anger.

It wasnt because he had enough money, but because he knew that money was useless now.

He already did it.

Even if he was willing to let their son go, they wouldnt let him get away with it.

Therefore, he only wanted Jiang Zhenghua to die now.

And it was acceptable for him to exchange Jiang Zhenghuas life with his sons.


Hearing the name, Jiang Zhenghua, Leng Shaoting was slightly surprised.

He naturally knew who he was, because Jiang Zhenghua had a good relationship with the Leng Family.

“Jiang Zhenghua Isnt he the director of the National Medical Products Administration”

“And the man is Qin Huiqun.

Hes the chairman of Guanghua Pharmaceutical Factory!”

“I heard that his pharmaceutical factory was found guilty of producing fake medicine, and he went bankrupt and ended up with huge debts.”

“I think that he deserved it!”

“Exactly! Nevertheless, he blames Director Jiang for it and kidnapped his son!”

Hearing the discussion among the crowd, everyone immediately understood what was happening now, and they all criticized Qin Huiqun.


At this moment, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt dare to make noise, in case Qin Huiqun would loosen his arm and let the little boy fall, but they couldnt wait without doing anything.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to check the construction under the bridge.

She thought that she could probably wait under the bridge and catch the boy when they fell.

And she believed that Leng Shaoting was able to control the situation on the bridge.

If the man was going to hurt the little boy on the bridge, Leng Shaoting could stop him.

As long as the little boy was alive, she was confident that they could save his life.

“Shaoting,…” Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting her plan in a low voice, but Leng Shaoting disagreed at once.

“No, its too dangerous! You can stay aside, and Ill deal with it.” He was worried about Gu Nings own safety and didnt think that her plan would work.

“You dont trust me” Gu Ning seemed unhappy.

She was angry because Leng Shaoting didnt trust her, but in her heart, she understood that Leng Shaoting was concerned about her.

“Ningning, Its too dangerous!” Leng Shaoting said again.

“I know, but we both want to help the little boy, right” Gu Ning asked.

Leng Shaoting stayed quiet.

He obviously wanted to rescue the little boy.

Not even mentioning the fact that he was a military officer; the Jiang Family also had a good relationship with the Leng Family.

“Since we agree, why wont you let me try it” It was the first time that Gu Ning had been really angry at Leng Shaoting.

She disliked that he wanted to restrict her freedom even though he did it because he cared about her.

Leng Shaoting was worried about her safety, and she had the same feeling towards him, but she chose to believe in him.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have allowed him to come here with her.

Besides, she had foreseen this accident.

If she did nothing, she would blame herself.

Seeing Gu Ning getting angry, Leng Shaoting was nervous.

He hesitated for a second, but still agreed in the end.

“Fine, you have to be careful.

Do not get hurt!”

Hearing that, Gu Ning relaxed.

“I will be careful.

Dont worry.”

Afterwards, Gu Ning turned back, disappearing from the crowd.

Although Leng Shaoting was still worried about her safety, he knew that the little boy was in the most dangerous situation right now.

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