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Chapter 324 People May Change

However, before they left, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went backstage to finish the procedures first.

“If you need any help, just tell me.” Leng Shaoting wouldnt ask Gu Ning about her history, but he was willing to help her whenever she needed it.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Leng Shaoting received Master Lengs call.

His grandpa asked him whether he had gotten The Injured Lion yet.

Hearing that Leng Shaoting had already bought it, Master Leng relaxed and reminded Leng Shaoting to bring it to him once Leng Shaoting was free.

When Gu Ning and the others arrived at the parking lot, they watched another drama, in which a man was chasing a woman, while another woman was chasing the man.

The roles in the drama were precisely Zhao Xiyuan, Yang Jianping and Zhang Jiajia.

Yang Jianping was chasing Zhao Xiyuan, while Zhang Jiajia tried to pull Yang Jianping back, swearing loudly, “Yang Jianping, what the hell are you doing Do you care about my feelings at all”

Because of Zhang Jiajia, Yang Jianping couldnt catch up to Zhao Xiyuan, and he was mad.

“Zhang Jiajia, let me go!”

Zhang Jiajia was pushed away and almost fell, but Yang Jianping ignored her, which irritated her greatly.

“Yang Jianping!”

Without Zhang Jiajia pulling him back, Yang Jianping immediately ran to Zhao Xiyuan and stopped her begging, “Xiyuan, can we talk”

“I dont think that there is anything for us to talk about,” Zhao Xiyuan said.

“Xiyuan.” Yang Jianping was helpless.

At this moment, he missed their good old days so much!

Zhang Jiajia followed him up and stood between Yang Jianping and Zhao Xiyuan, as if she was going to defend her man and their marriage.

“Zhao Xiyuan, youve already divorce Jianping.

Why cant you disappear from our sight”

Zhao Xiyuan felt like laughing.

“Zhang Jiajia, are you dumb or something I work for Detian Auction Company and its my duty to host the auction.

In addition, its your husband who is standing in my way now, not me.”

In fact, Zhao Xiyuan had the thought of showing up in front of them and getting revenge on them, but today was truly a coincidence.

Zhang Jiajia was struck dumb, because Zhao Xiyuan was telling the truth.

However, once Zhao Xiyuan appeared, Yang Jianping directly ignored her.

And Zhang Jiajia blamed Zhao Xiyuan for that.

“Yang Jianping, come home with me now!” Zhang Jiajia pulled Yang Jianping to leave, but Yang Jianping got rid of her.

“Enough! I just want to talk with Xiyuan.” Yang Jianping said that like he was being serious, but no one believed him.

“Youre already divorced.

There is nothing to talk about between you two!” Zhang Jiajia wasnt an idiot.

It was quite obvious that Yang Jianping fell in love with Zhao Xiyuan again when Zhao Xiyuan had shown up in his sight.

If they got along with each other again, Zhang Jiajia would probably be abandoned.

And Zhao Xiyuan was much more beautiful now.

It was impossible that Yang Jianping could remain calm.

“Couldnt we talk about Yueyue Yueyue is my daughter!” Yang Jianping snapped at Zhang Jiajia.

Hearing that, both Zhao Xiyuan and Zhang Jiajia wanted to laugh.

“Yang Jianping, stop acting! Dont you think its disgusting You never cared about Yueyue in the last two years, and we signed the agreement when we got divorced.

Yueyue has nothing to do with you,” Zhao Xiyuan said.

Yang Jianping was really a man without basic moral standards.

He had cheated on his wife and had even abandoned his wife along with his daughter.

“Xiyuan, I…” Yang Jianping tried to defend himself, but failed, because he also knew that Zhao Xiyuan was telling the truth.

“I am warning you to not follow me anymore.

Otherwise, Ill call the police.” Zhao Xiyuan turned around walking away.

“Xiyuan!” Yang Jianping wanted to chase up, but was stopped by Zhang Jiajia.

“Yang Jianping, she doesnt want to talk to you.

Why cant you stop being so shameless”

With a loud sound, Yang Jianping suddenly slapped Zhang Jiajia in the face.

His bloodshot eyes stared at Zhang Jiajia, like she was his enemy.

“Its none of your business!” After that, Yang Jianping left Zhang Jiajia alone, and went straight to his car.

He made up his mind to contact Zhao Xiyuan another day.

Zhang Jiajia was struck dumb by the slap.

It was beyond her imagination that Yang Jianping would beat her.

Gu Ning and the others were standing aside watching the drama.

They stayed, not because they were bored, but because they were worried about Zhao Xiyuan.

Xu Jinchen and the other men were all military officers with principles.

They wouldnt allow innocent people to be hurt.

Seeing that Zhao Xiyuan handled it well herself, they didnt interfere, but they all felt great sympathy for her.

After the drama, Si Ming said acidly, “Well, he is shameless enough for cheating on his wife and abandoning his wife along with his daughter, but he even slapped a woman just then! Hes a shame to men.”

“Are you sure that you wouldnt do the same things” Qiu Yuxin asked with doubt.

Hearing that, Si Ming got nervous and immediately said seriously, “Of course I wouldnt!”

“Ha, nobody knows.

People may change.” Qiu Yuxin wasnt finding fault with Si Ming, but she lacked confidence in men after she had seen a lot.

However, it didnt mean that she refused to fall in love, get married, or give birth to babies.

Instead, she wanted to try and live her life.

“Exactly, people may change, like Shaoting…” Xu Jinchen wanted to use Leng Shaoting as an example, because Leng Shaoting had always stayed away from woman but he suddenly fell in love with Gu Ning and loved her a lot.

However, before Xu Jinchen could finish, Leng Shaoting gave him a cold glance.

Xu Jinchen immediately changed what he wanted to say.

“Um, I believe that Shaoting would never do such immoral things, but I doubt that other men could be the same.” Xu Jinchen aimed at Si Ming on purpose.

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