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Chapter 308 The Club

Right at this moment, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in please,” Xu Jinchen said.

Kings Entertainment Club was a high-end entertainment place with excellent equipment for privacy.

Without the permission of the people in the room, no one could push the door open from the outside.

Without a doubt, the newcomer was Leng Shaoting.

They were precisely right.

The minute the door was pushed open, Leng Shaoting appeared in their sight.

However, when they noticed that there was a girl who was holding Leng Shaotings hand beside him, both Chen Meng and Si Ming were so shocked that they abruptly stood up from the sofa.

What is going onWhy is boss holding a girls hand

Within a second, Chen Meng recognized Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning”

“Do you know each other” Xu Jinchen was surprised.

Chen Meng wasnt in the mood to answer his question.

“Hi, nice to meet you again,” Gu Ning smiled.

“Are you” Chen Meng pointed at their hands, which were clasped together.

Actually, their relationship was quite obvious, but he couldnt believe it.

It was completely shocking news that Leng Shaoting suddenly had a girlfriend.


A couple,” Leng Shaoting said, and sat down on the sofa with Gu Ning

“Wow, what a memorable moment!” Si Ming was excited.

Their first reaction after they found out that Leng Shaoting was in love was to be happy that he was finally fell in love with a girl, instead of asking about the girls background.

In their eyes, it was already a miracle that Leng Shaoting was willing to date a girl, or have a girlfriend.

“Come on, lets have a toast for Shaoting, to congratulate that he finally has a girlfriend!” Si Ming immediately poured two glasses of wine for Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, as if the man who finally had a girlfriend was himself.

Hearing that, everyone raised his or her glass.

Leng Shaoting was happy to hear that too, so he lifted his glass without hesitation.

Gu Ning did the same thing.

Leng Shaoting asked her with care then, “Do you drink If you dont, you dont need to do it.”

“No-no, we must have a toast!” Before Gu Ning could answer, Si Ming interrupted and sent Leng Shaoting a wink.

“Wine is a great thing to shorten the distance between a man and a


“Ha-ha, Ha-ha.” Everyone burst into laughter.

Gu Ning, instead, flushed slightly, while Leng Shaoting was a little sexually excited.

Although he had already slept with Gu Ning, he would love to give it a try when Gu Ning was drunk.

Of course, Si Ming was just joking, and they had a toast in cheers.

“Hi, my names Si Ming.

May I know your name” Si Ming asked Gu Ning kindly after they sat down again.

“My names Gu Ning,” Gu Ning replied.

“How long have you been with Shaoting He has kept it a secret for a long time, and we were all worried about him!” Si Ming complained.

“Well, just a short time I think,” Gu Ning said.

On the other side of the room, Xu Jinchen asked Chen Meng, “Meng, how did you know Gu Ning”

“Do you still remember that I told you that we met a girl in the middle of our task in City G before, and the girl killed two men by herself” Chen Meng asked Xu Jinchen.

“Is she…” Xu Jinchen was shocked.

“Yes,” Chen Meng said.

“Jesus!” To Xu Jinchens astonishment, Gu Ning was so unbelievable!

Leng Shaoting drank with Gu Ning once in a while, which made Gu Ning think of what Si Ming had just said.

She teased, “Are you trying to get me drunk”

Leng Shaoting panicked a little.

Obviously, Gu Ning had hit the point.

Gu Ning smiled but didnt say anything further, and kept drinking with the others.

When it was almost 12 am, they were about to leave.

Gu Ning had drunk a lot, but she didnt seem drunk at all, which confused Leng Shaoting.

While they passed another private room, Gu Ning clearly heard someone shouting for help.

The music was too loud and her voice was relatively low, so people would normally ignore it.

Gu Ning instantly used her Jade Eyes and saw that a fat, greasy, middle-aged man pressed a young woman on a sofa.

The man was going to rape her, and the woman was struggling.

There were two men and two women beside them.

The two men were also around 40-years-old, while the two women were merely 25-years-old and dressed in a sexy way.

Both of them leaned against the mens bodies and allowed the men to touch their bodies casually.

Apparently, they werent ladies.

They were drinking, watching and cheering.

When Gu Ning clearly saw the face of the woman who were pressed on the sofa, she was surprised, because she had met the woman once in the airport today.

The woman was precisely the one who had followed Leng Shaoting and complimented him behind them.

If the woman was willing to sell her body, Gu Ning wouldnt be involved, but she seemed to be ashamed and in pain, so Gu Ning couldnt allow the tragedy to happen.

Without a second thought, she ran over and kicked the door open.

Leng Shaotings group and the people in the private room were both shocked by the loud sound.

Leng Shaoting and others didnt know why Gu Ning suddenly kicked the door open until they saw what was going on in the room.

Before the people inside could react, Gu Ning strode ahead and lifted the man who was pressing on the woman up before throwing him away.

Everyone present was amazed by Gu Nings sudden movement.

“Ouch!” the man moaned in pain.

“Who are you How dare you do that to me!”

As the owner of this Kings Entertainment Club, Xu Jinchen naturally wouldnt tolerate the fat, greasy mans amoral behavior.

He quickly walked inside and snapped at them, “How dare you do this in Kings Entertainment Club”

The men and women in the private room were astonished.

Xu Jinchen was the owner of this club, and they didnt dare to annoy him.

“Whats going on here” Gu Ning turned to the young woman and asked.

“Its you” The woman was quite surprised when she recognized Gu Ning.

“Do you know each other” Xu Jinchen asked her.

“Not really, we just met at the airport today,” the woman explained and felt embarrassed.

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