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Gu Ning planned to meet Situ Ye directly at the airport after the meal, but it would seem like she wanted him to leave right away, and it was a little impolite.

Thus Gu Ning changed her mind.

Situ Ye was being kind to visit her, and she should welcome him as her guest.

Xu Qinyin drove slower than Xu Jinchen, and arrived later than them so Xu Jinchen ordered the food before they arrived in the hotel.

Both Xu Qinyin and Qiu Yuxin felt a little nervous dining at the same table with Leng Shaoting, so they stayed quiet most of the time, but they had a burning curiosity towards Gu Ning.

They both wanted to figure out her basic information, like her family background or how she met Leng Shaoting and so forth.

During the meal, Leng Shaoting kept putting dishes into Gu Nings bowl once in a while, and ignored all the single people around the table.

“Cant you stop doing that It hurts our feelings!” Xu Jinchen complained.

“Why dont you go find yourself a girlfriend” Leng Shaoting retorted.

Xu Jinchen was struck speechless.

If he had a girlfriend, he would do the same thing!

In fact, there were many outstanding girls around Xu Jinchen, like his cousins female friends.

Many of them were attractive.

Qiu Yuxin for instance, no matter if it was her family background, appearance, education, profession, or manners, she was one in a million.

Xu Qinyin also tried to create chances for them, but they just had no feelings for each other.

After the meal, Leng Shaoting told Xu Jinchen to go alone and leave the car for him.

Xu Jinchen was irritated and complained that his boss chose his girlfriend over his best friend.

Xu Jinchen had no intention to interrupt their date, but he was annoyed at Leng Shaotings attitude.

Anyway, he had to follow his bosss order.

However, before he left, Xu Jinchen asked Leng Shaoting, “Boss, wanna hang out tonight We can call our other bros.

Theyre still in the capital.”

“Ill see,” Leng Shaoting replied.

He wasnt sure yet.

“Fine,” Xu Jinchen said resignedly and left with Xu Qinyin.

Although Xu Jinchen had to take Xu Qinyins car, he proposed that he drive, because he disliked the way that Xu Qinyin drove.

Once they left, Xu Qinyin asked Xu Jinchen without delay, “Jinchen, Gu Ning looks so young.

Is she still a student”

“Yes, a senior in high school,” Xu Jinchen answered.


A senior in high school She was only 17 or 18! Although they both knew that Gu Ning was much younger than them, they thought that she had to be a college student.

“Where is she from What do her parents do How did she become Shaotings girlfriend” Xu Qinyin asked one question after another in a hurry.

“Why are you asking so much about her” Xu Jinchen liked gossip to some extent, but he didnt dare to expose details about his bosss personal affairs.

Otherwise, everyone in the Red Flame would have known about Gu Ning already.

“Im just curious! You clearly know that Shaoting has never been so close to a girl.

Arent you curious that he suddenly shows up with his girlfriend” Xu Qinyin argued.

“I dont know the details actually.

If you want to know, go and ask him yourself.” Xu Jinchen shrugged.

He indeed knew little about Leng Shaoting and Gu Nings relationship.


Forget it!” Xu Qinyin didnt have the courage to ask Leng Shaoting in person.

Otherwise she wouldnt ask Xu Jinchen now.

“I am just kindly reminding you to be friendly to Gu Ning, or…” Xu Jinchen purposely didnt finish his sentence.

Xu Qinyin was a nice person, but she was spoiled by her family, so she would show her dislike on her face and didnt care about others feelings.

Xu Jinchen was worried that she might not get along well with Gu Ning and cause unnecessary trouble.

“I will!” Xu Qinyin raised her voice.

Even if she really couldnt get along with Gu Ning, she wouldnt act against her for Leng Shaotings sake.

Of course, Gu Ning should be friendly to her first.

She had a good impression of Gu Ning till now, but she didnt know much about her, so she had no idea whether they could be friends.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to a tea house waiting for Situ Ye.

In the middle of waiting, Leng Shaoting received his grandpas call, but he didnt avoid Gu Ning and took it directly.

“Grandpa,” Leng Shaoting answered.

Although he sounded cold as usual, he had affection towards his grandpa.

His grandpa was the only one who made him feel like he had a family and Leng Shaoting only cared about his grandpa among the Leng Family.

The minute that Leng Shaoting finished his sentence, his grandpa roared into the phone, “Do you still know that Im your grandpa Why didnt you tell me anything after you went through such a terrible accident Were you going to hide it from me forever” His grandpa criticized loudly, and Gu Ning was able to hear it clearly.

Master Leng was obviously worried about his grandson.

Leng Shaotings profession was full of dangers and risks, and he was often involved in highly dangerous situation.

His grandpa was aware of that, but it didnt mean that his grandpa didnt care about him.

Instead, Master Leng was always concerned about Leng Shaotings safety.

And this time when he found out that Leng Shaoting could have died in the plane accident, he almost lost control of himself.

“Im fine now,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Then why didnt you come back home” Master Leng questioned.

Leng Shaoting had been in the capital for at least two hours, but he didnt go home.

“I have something to deal with now, and Ill be back tonight,” Leng Shaoting replied.

Master Leng knew that Leng Shaoting was a mature and stable man, so he didnt force him to come back right now, but reminded him to be home at night before he hung up.

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