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Chapter 289: Just the Beginning

And to their astonishment, Wang Yafeng had committed many more crimes than they had known.

They had always thought that Wang Yafeng had done it out of impulse, but what they didnt know was that Wang Yafeng actually loved doing it.

Although the Wang Family was influential in City Teng, they couldnt act against the laws all the time.

Wang Yafeng had now admitted it himself, so Wang Bokang had no way to refute it.

However, who had forced Wang Yafeng to admit his crimes in that way was still a puzzle.

Not only was Wang Hongming and Wang Bokang curious, but the public also wanted to know.

At the same time, the Wang Family was in a total mess.

“Dad, please rescue Bokang and Yafeng!” Wang Bokangs wife, Li Mengjie cried, begging Wang Hongming.

“How Yafeng already confessed.

How am I supposed to rescue him” Wang Hongming snapped.

He was absolutely eager to rescue his own son and grandson, but his hands were tied in such a terrible situation.

The Wang Family was indeed powerful and influential in City Teng, but it didnt mean that they could act against the laws and get away with it all the time.

If Wang Yafeng hadnt admitted it yet, it would still be possible to rescue him, but now they had no chance.

Wang Hongming had spat out blood many times since yesterday, and he was weak now.

It wasnt easy for him to stand today.

After these days of chaos, Wang Hongmings hair was quickly turning grey.

In fact, Wang Bokang had a more important figure to support him in politics, but the figure wouldnt answer his call after the scandal was exposed, which meant that Wang Bokang had already been abandoned by the figure.

In this sensitive situation, nobody was willing to be involved in the Wang Familys mess.

The Wang Family was strongly being criticized at the moment.

“Then what should we do” Li Mengjie asked in despair, falling down on the ground.

She understood the gravity of the situation, but she couldnt watch her husband and her son sentenced to jail or even death.

Even so, she had no idea what to do next.

“Dad, cant we figure out a way” Wang Hongmings eldest son, Wang Xinyans father, Wang Bowen, asked.

Wang Hongming had three sons and a daughter in all.

His eldest son, Wang Bowen, was involved in business; his second son, Wang Bokang, worked in politics and his youngest son, Wang Boyuan, was also a businessman who managed their family business along with Wang Bowen.

“What can I do given what has happened You all need to stay away from this scandal.

Nobody can ask or be involved in it.

If anyone dares to ruin the Wang Family by getting involved in it, go away now!” Wang Hongming warned seriously.

Although it seemed cold-blooded, he had to make the choice between Wang Bokang, Wang Yafeng and the whole Wang Family.

“Dad.” Li Mengjie was reluctant to accept it.

“Shut your mouth! If you dont want to accept it, go and rescue them yourself.” Wang Hongming lost his patience.

Li Mengjie then remained silent.

After that, Wang Bowen helped Wang Hongming walk back to his bedroom.

Although Wang Hongming could do nothing for now, He wouldnt give up like that.

Wang Bokang and Wang Yafeng were his biological son and grandson after all; he would give it a try no matter what would happen.

Moreover, he also made up his mind to find out who had exposed the scandal.

Wang Hongming set himself to get revenge.

Because of the scandal, Wang Hongming forgot to spread the news that the Colorful Jade Provider had a relationship with the Queen of Jade.

At that moment, Gu Ning was having breakfast with Leng Shaoting in the dining hall of the hotel.

All of a sudden, a woman at the next table said loudly in surprise, “Jesus! The vice mayors son has conducted rape at least 10 times! A teachers daughter who was raped and killed a year ago was one of the victims! Wang Bokang also made another boy a scapegoat to keep his own son safe.

Its so cruel!”

The womans words astonished everyone in the dining hall.

The vice mayor Isnt he a member of the Wang Family

His son has committed over 10 rape crimes and killed a girl

If it was true, the Wang Family indeed were animals! Gu Ning thought to herself.

Afterwards, she heard the sound from the video in which Wang Yafeng confessed everything that he had done illegally.

“The Wang Family are complete animals!” Gu Ning was mad.

Suddenly, Gu Ning thought of the email sent by K.

She instantly took out her phone and clicked open her e-mail box.

A document attached to the e-mail recorded the fact that Wang Yafeng had committed rape crimes at least 10 times, but that he had never been punished.

Gu Ning was curious about who had exposed this case before her.

Abruptly, Gu Ning looked to Leng Shaoting with doubt.

She thought that Leng Shaoting might have done it, but wasnt sure.

“It was me,” Leng Shaoting admitted directly.

Gu Ning opened her mouth, but didnt know what to say.

She was deeply touched that the man would stand up for her against the Wang Family without hesitation.

“Its just the beginning,” Leng Shaoting said coldly.

The Wang Family dared to hurt Gu Ning, and he would let them pay for it.

Leng Shaoting was determined to unseat the Wang Family.

“Dont worry.

I already have evidence of the Wang Familys illegal behavior.

I can unseat the Wang Family today,” Gu Ning said, then let Leng Shaoting read the email sent by K.

Reading the list of evidence, Leng Shaoting was extremely displeased.

He knew clearly that all of the authorities had done something illegal.

Normally he would ignore them if he didnt know any details, but the Wang Family was different.

They had tried to hurt Gu Ning in vain several times and Leng Shaoting wouldnt let them get away with it easily.

Before long, Gu Ning received Yan Shuyas call.

She asked Gu Ning with excitement, “Gu Ning, Was it you who have did it”

Yan Shuya was more than thrilled when she heard the news.

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