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Chapter 284: Five Percent Shares

Zheng Hao had actually already heard of it.

He knew that Zheng Pengs store had the Qing Gangs support now, but he thought that Zheng Peng would still treat him as his son, give him money and pay his debt, so he came back once he heard that Zheng Peng made a large amount of money.

Otherwise, he would only have run away further.

Zheng Hao hesitated for a while, but still left at the end.

“Boss, Im so sorry,” Zheng Peng immediately apologized to Gu Ning once Zheng Hao was gone.

“Uncle Zheng, its fine, but I do hope that you can keep on doing so,” Gu Ning said.

Zheng Hao didnt deserve kindness and sympathy.

“I understand,” Zheng Peng replied.

He already made up his mind to be tough in front of Zheng Hao.

Then Gu Ning went upstairs to the office on the second floor, followed by Zheng Peng.

They were going to sign the contract.

When Zheng Peng read the contact, he was shocked to find out that he could have a 5% share of Colorful Jade Provider.

“Boss, this…”

Five percent shares! It was worth a fortune! Colorful Jade Provider had made over six hundred million yuan today, and 5% of it was dozens of million yuan.

Moreover, Colorful Jade Provider would continue making more and more money.

In that case, 5% shares would be increasingly valuable.

Exactly because of that reason, Gu Ning didnt give Zheng Peng 20% or 10% shares like she had done to An Guangyao and Zhou Zhenghong, because a jade business was highly profitable.

Zheng Peng felt like he was in a dream.

It was too good to be true!

“Uncle Zheng, since youre willing to follow my lead, I wont treat you unfairly.

Please take it, because you deserve it, and all the senior managers who help me run my companies get the same treatment,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Zheng Peng realized that Gu Ning had more companies than just a jade provider.

He was curious, but didnt ask further.

Since Gu Ning said that all the senior managers that she hired got the same treatment, Zheng Peng relaxed a little, but he still couldnt believe it.

Finally, Zheng Peng signed the contract and told himself that he had to manage this jade provider well in order to not disappoint Gu Ning.

After that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left, while Qiao Ya and Gao Yi were free to make their own schedule.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were a couple, and they needed private time to be together.

Each of the representatives of the jewelry companies went back to their offices and called the headquarters without delay.

Without a doubt, their bosses all agreed to sign a contract.

It was indeed great news to every jewelry company.

And all the jewelry companies couldnt wait to sign the contract with Zheng Peng.

Wang Hongming also heard of the auction held by Colorful Jade Provider.

He was mad, but couldnt figure out why Zheng Peng had a steady supply of jade.

At the same time, he had the doubt that the Colorful Jade Provider had a close relationship with the Queen of Jade.

Even though Zheng Peng had denied it, Wang Hongming secretly sent someone to investigate the legal entity of Colorful Jade Provider.

It wasnt difficult to find out who the legal entity of a company was.

Normally, the legal document was hung up at the reception in shops or companies, but the Colorful Jade Provider Office hadnt shown it yet.

Therefore, Wang Hongming sent his aide, Lin Jian, to check the information at the Bureau of Industry and Commerce.

Lin Jian was in his early forties, and had followed Wang Hongmings lead for over 10 years.

He was one of the several people that Wang Hongming trusted the most.

Thus Wang Hongming had asked Lin Jian to help him with many dirty deeds during the years.

Before long, Lin Jian figured it out.

To Wang Hongmings surprise, the legal entity was an 18-year-old girl from another province, and the girl was exactly the one who had beaten his granddaughter and was released by Zhang Yuancheng.

In addition, it only took the girl half a day to finish the legal procedures, and the head of the department approved it in person.

Wang Hongming was amazed.

_Who exactly is the girl named Gu Ning _Gu Ning aroused Wang Hongmings curiosity, and he was now convinced that she wasnt simple at all.

However, he still had no intention to give in.

Even though Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl, she had annoyed the Wang Family and Wang Hongming wouldnt let her get away with it easily.

He didnt believe that she as an outsider was able to beat the most influential family in City Teng.

Although the Wang Family wasnt the only influential family in City Teng, it was easy for them to deal with a single person.

“Master, I also got to know another thing,” Lin Jian said.

“What” Wang Hongming asked.

Seeing Lin Jian being so serious, Wang Hongming had a premonition.

“Zheng Peng and a girl bought a batch of raw materials from our warehouse, Im afraid…” Lin Jian didnt finish, because his meaning was already apparent.

Indeed, Wang Hongming understood him at once.

Lin Jian was afraid that the jade that Colorful Jade Provider had sold at auction today was from the Wang Familys warehouse.

That had to be the last thing that the Wang Family wanted to see in this world.

Although it was universally known that it was hard to cut out jade from raw materials, it was possible when the buyer was Gu Ning.

And they already had cut out 10 pieces of jade in a night.

In that case, it was highly possible that Gu Ning had taken all the raw materials with jade inside from their warehouse.

If so, Wang Hongming would lose a fortune.

“No way!” Wang Hongming refused to accept the truth.

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