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“Really” Gu Ning apparently didnt believe her.

“Why do you even ask me why Im here This is my classroom.

If Im not here, where should I be” Gu Ning continued.

“I-I, I…” Shao Feifei panicked.

She didnt know how to deal with it.

Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya knew Shao Feifei so well.

They immediately understood Shao Feifei must had done something to Gu Ning secretly.

She probably assumed she had succeeded.

That was the reason why she was so happy today.

But Gu Ning appeared as usual, Shao Feifei was surprised and felt guilty.

Shao Feifei didnt dare to tell the truth.

Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya both shut their mouth too.

They were also unwilling to add fuel on the flames, in case Shao Feifei would blame them for that later.

Luckily, the bell rang, and it was time for the morning reading class.

The head teacher was here as well.

Gu Ning let go of Shao Feifei, then went to her seat.

There would be ample time ahead.

Besides, Gu Ning had no intention to reveal the truth.

She preferred to torture her opponents without others knowing.

Seeing Gu Ning walk away, Shao Feifei breathed out.

She was annoyed to herself for feeling guilty.

What would Gu Ning do even if she found out the truth Gu Ning was merely a poor girl.

She couldnt do anything to hurt Shao Feifei.

After that, Shao Feifei didnt feel guilty at all.

She glared at Gu Ning with intense hatred.

She believed Gu Ning had only been lucky to have escaped away yesterday.

It wasnt the end of the story.

Shao Feifei started to plan her next step.

Gu Ning actually received the unkind look from Shao Feifei, but she ignored it.

The headteacher left after a while.

Although Gu Nings eyes were on her book, she was busy thinking something about herself in her mind—How to build her power

It wasnt as easy as making money.

Without power and sources, you could never build your empire only with money.

Property and sources were an important step.

But before that, Gu Ning needed to have enough money.

For Gu Ning, stone gambling was the quickest way to make money.

She had the Jade Eyes, and she would never lose.

However, she wasnt able to gamble on stones anywhere she wanted.

It wasnt convenient.

The main origins of stones were Burma and Province Y.

They were both far away from City F.

There was no direct plane from City F to Province Y.

One needed to spend around two hours on waiting before transferring to the destination.

Thus it took around seven hours from City F to Province Y.

Gu Ning only had her weekends.

She didnt have enough time for that.

Moreover, she was a senior in a high school, and under great academic pressure.

It wasnt easy to ask days off and her mother Gu Man wouldnt allow her to leave school as well.

Thus, Gu Ning had to choose a nearest city with stone gambling.

Which city allowed stone gambling Gu Ning had no idea.

She needed to look up on the Internet.

Unfortunately, her phone was too old to surf the Internet.

Right at that moment, Gu Ning realized the importance of a great phone.

As for her start-up fund, she only had 110 thousand yuans, which was barely enough.

She couldnt buy a single stone with all her savings.

Therefore, Gu Ning intended to sell the jade that the man had given her yesterday.

She had already absorbed the power of the jade anyway.

It was useless to her now.

Once she was rich, she could buy whatever jade she wanted.

Though the power had been absorbed, the jade was still of excellent quality.

Gu Ning was a doer, instead of a talker.

When they had a break at noon, Gu Ning left her school immediately after she had told Yu Mixi that they would continue the class in the afternoon.

The minute Gu Ning walked out the gate of her school, she went on a taxi to the downtown.

The downtown wasnt far away.

Gu Ning arrived there after 20 minutes.

She went straight to a phone shop, and bought a homemade mobile phone with the best equipment.

If she had had a good reason, she would have bought another one for Gu Man.

Gu Ning left the phone shop, going inside a plaza.

She found herself a well-decorated restaurant to have meal first.

Then she surfed the Internet about the knowledge of jade.

Since she was going to be in touch with the jade, it was better to know it well first.

For now, Gu Ning wanted to find out the quality and value of the jade in her hand.

She was going to sell it at a good price.

In Gu Nings mind, a jewelry store was the only way to sell her jade.

In that way, the jade could be sold out at a good price.

And the jewelry store was always willing to buy a jade of high quality.

Gu Ning knew she probably wouldnt get the highest price in the market, but the price wouldnt be low.

But she was totally shocked when she found out the background of this jade.

Gu Ning knew this jade was of excellent quality, but didnt expect it to be that valuable.

It was the top Kings Green.

The Kings Green was rare in the market, and was super expensive.

A ring made of the Kings Green was worth of around a million yuan in the market.

Its price could even be higher at auction.

The Kings Green in Gu Nings hand was as big as a quails egg.

It weighed 10 times heavier than a ring.

That was to say, if it was sold according to its weight, it was worth two million yuan in the market, at least.

At auction, it could be sold out at the price of several million.

The price could be higher though.

Thinking of the price of the Kings Green, Gu Ning breathed in a long breath.

The man had been so generous to give her such a valuable jade.

The rich was really different from the poor.

What Gu Ning didnt know was the Kings Green meant nothing to Leng Shaoting.

In Leng Shaotings eyes, it was just a stone.

He would have already thrown it away if the jade hadnt been so valuable.

He had carried the Kings Green with him, only because his good friend wanted it.

He had planned to send it to his friend as a gift, but had ended up giving it to Gu Ning.

But Gu Ning was a poor senior student now.

She had no idea how to sell the jade at auction.

Besides, there was no auction in City F.

Gu Ning didnt have time, nor method to put her jade up for auction.


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