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Before Gu Ning left, she reminded Zheng Peng and the others to prepare their one-inch ID photos to make a pass.

Zheng Peng proposed to send Gu Ning home, but was declined.

He knew that Gu Ning was excellent at kung fu and could protect herself well, so he didnt insist.

Gu Ning then got in a taxi and left alone.

However, while driving on a quiet road, she noticed that three luxury cars were stopped at the roadside.

There were seven boys and girls standing to the side.

One of the girls was pushing another girl, who was Gu Nings age, in an angry way.

Gu Ning immediately recognized that the first girl was Wang Xinyan.

However, the girl who was being pushed by Wang Xinyan with great force didnt resist at all.

She remained silent and tolerated Wang Xinyans violent behavior.

Even though Wang Xinyan slapped her, she only glared at Wang Xinyan, but still didnt resist.

“Arent you good at fighting Why dont you fight back If you dare to do so, Ill force your whole family to leave City Teng!” Wang Xinyan said arrogantly.

Gu Ning was greatly displeased to hear that.

She told the taxi driver to stop right away.

“Miss, I think you better stay out of it.” The taxi driver didnt stop, but persuaded Gu Ning to ignore them.

Actually, the taxi driver did nothing wrong.

It wasnt everyones obliged duty to help others on the street after all.

“Stop the car,” Gu Ning said coldly.

The driver was a little frightened and the taxi came to an abrupt halt.

Since Gu Ning had already made up her mind to help the girl, she wouldnt regret.

“Miss…” The taxi driver still tried to prevent Gu Ning from being hurt.

However, Gu Ning ignored him and took out a fifty yuan bill giving it to him.

Without asking for change, Gu Ning opened the car door and walked to the group of boys and girls.

The taxi driver didnt say anything else, but drove away.

Where Gu Ning got out of the car was just 10 meters away from them, so they saw her the minute that she got out.

Especially Wang Xinyan, she was displeased the moment that she recognized Gu Ning.

She had tried to hurt Gu Ning by hiring hoodlums to attack her, but failed.

Gu Ning even threatened to revenge herself on her.

Wang Xinyan was irritated, but didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to do so.

Besides, she was very jealous of Gu Ning because of her extraordinarily handsome boyfriend.

Wang Xinyan actually didnt know Gu Nings background, but since she showed up by herself and was alone, Wang Xinyan decided to attack her again.

“What Do you want to get involved” Wang Xinyan looked at Gu Ning in a vicious way.

“What if I say yes” Gu Ning said.

“Well, youll pay for your stupid decision.

You escaped last time because of the man beside you, but this time, youre doomed!” Wang Xinyan said in anger, then looked back to her friends.

“Hey, this girl has annoyed me, and you all have to help me punch her!”

Hearing that, two boys and four girls immediately walked towards Gu Ning.

“Hey, did you annoy Xinyan Who do you think you are”

“How dare you annoy Xinyan”

“Although normally I dont beat girls, I…”

“Stop talking bull**! If you want to fight, do it right now!” Gu Ning interrupted with impatience.


They were all mad.

“Since you want to die today, we can help you!” A boy snapped at Gu Ning, and wanted to slap her.

However, when he just raised his hand, a slim arm caught him.

It wasnt Gu Ning, but the girl who had been bullied.

To Gu Nings surprise, the girl could stop the boy and moved fast.

“Yan Shuya, let me go!” the boy ordered.

The girl, whose name was Yan Shuya, remained silent, but seized the boys hand tightly.

“Yan Shuya, how dare you! Arent you afraid that your whole family will be forced to leave City Teng” Wang Xinyan threatened in anger.

Yan Shuya still didnt say a word, but Gu Ning opened her mouth and said to Yan Shuya, “If youre worried about being involved in trouble, you can step back and leave them to me.”

Gu Ning could tell that Yan Shuya had learned kung fu, and that she was much better than ordinary people in kung fu.

“Do you think I can step back from this mess” Yan Shuya asked sadly before she kicked out at the boys stomach.

The boy fell down on the ground and moaned in pain.

Yan Shuya couldnt tolerate it any more.

Although she was truly scared of the Wang Family, she refused to endlessly be humiliated by Wang Xinyan.

“How dare you kick Fei!” The others were all surprised by Yan Shuyas sudden reaction.

Yan Shuyas family only ran a small kung fu club, and was barely comparable with the Wang Family.

“So what” Yan Shuya was also mad.

After that, those boys and girls ran to attack Yan Shuya altogether.

Without Gu Nings help, Yan Shuya alone would have been able to handle all of them, but Gu Ning wouldnt stand aside and do nothing, so she immediately helped Yan Shuya.

Within seconds, Gu Ning and Yan Shuya beat them all down on the ground.

“You…” Wang Xinyan was angry and in pain, but couldnt defeat them.

“Wang Xinyan, I know you family is influential in City Teng, so Ive tolerated your behavior for a long time, but you never stop! If you dare to hurt my family, Ill kill you!” Yan Shuya had already lost her reason, and threatened Wang Xinyan without even knowing what she was saying.

“How dare you!” Wang Xinyan was used to thinking that she was better than others.

“I will!” Yan Shuya clenched her teeth and replied word by word.

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