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Seeing them being shocked, Gu Ning explained, “Its too early for you to be shocked now.

Most of those raw materials contain jade, and there are few waste raw materials.

We also have more raw materials in the basement.”

“What” Hearing that, they were more than shocked.

None of them could believe their ears now.

This was the first time that they had ever seen such a large amount of raw materials and most of them contained jade.

Normally, one could only cut out two to ten pieces of jade from hundreds of raw materials, but Gu Ning told them that most of those raw materials on the ground contained jade, which was impossible in their eyes.

Li Quansheng and Zhang Jinguang couldnt help to doubt its authenticity.

Gu Ning understood why they had doubt.

“I can only tell you I have my own special skills of stone gambling.

Please keep it a secret because I dont want to be involved in trouble.”

“Sure, boss,” They promised at once.

Although they were all curious about Gu Nings mysterious skills of stone gambling, they didnt ask further because Gu Ning was their boss.

“Well try our best to cut out as many pieces of jade as possible today, and well sell them tomorrow.

From now on, we have two ways of sale.

First, we directly put our jade on sale once a week.

The amount is limited to five pieces, including only one piece of high-level or top-level jade and two pieces of medium-high-level jade every time.

And the rest are medium-level jade, because its much easier to cut out medium-level jade.”

“Second, we can supply jewelry businessmen with one to three pieces of jade monthly.

We dont promise that we can provide high-level and above jade every time, but we can give each of those jewelry businessmen medium-low-level and medium-level jade.

In that case, jewelry businessmen have to sign a contract with us beforehand, and they have to acquire jade from us every month for two years.

The amount isnt limited.

If they fail to do so, they break the rule and have to pay us liquidated damages.”

Gu Ning limited the amount of jade that they were going to sell for a reason.

She planned to run the company for a long time.

And she wanted to build long-term cooperation with those jewelry businessmen.

If jewelry businessmen acquired a considerable amount of jade at once, they would stop buying for a long period.

And during that period, Gu Nings company would barely stay afloat if they had no deals to settle.

Most importantly, it was universally known that jade was hard to cut out.

If everyone knew that they could easily cut out a large amount of jade, they could be in trouble.

In addition, Gu Ning already had dozens of name cards from different jewelry businessmen.

If they were all going to sign a contract with Gu Ning, Gu Ning then had to provide them with dozens of pieces of jade every month in all, which was quite a lot!

Gu Ning already had hundreds of raw materials which contained jade, but it was only enough for half a year at the most.

Zheng Peng and others all bore Gu Nings words in mind.

After that, they all started to cut those raw materials.

In the beginning, Li Quansheng and Zhang Jinguang were amazed by the amount of jade they cut out continuously.

It took them a long while to get used to it.

Meanwhile, the news that Zheng Pengs store had now become Colorful Jade Provider Office went across the street of stone gambling.

People were all astonished.

Zheng Hao, who was Zheng Pengs adopted son, heard about it as well.

He had already escaped to another city after he failed to pay the usury, but now he immediately went back, trying to gain benefits from Zheng Pengs new business.

The Zhang Family, Wang Family and the Lu Family also heard of the news.

All of them were confused about the source of Zheng Pengs jade.

Even they couldnt cut out enough pieces of jade to supply those jewelry businessmen.

At the same time, they all wanted to see how long Zheng Peng could run the jade provider.

Especially the Wang Family and the Lu Family, both of them hoped that Zheng Peng would fail, because if Zheng Peng succeeded, they would lose the market.

When it was almost 6 pm, Gu Ning told Qiao Ya to buy takeout.

Tomorrow was the opening day, so they needed to work overtime to cut out more pieces of jade.

The opening ceremony wouldnt be grand this time, because a jade provider aimed at jewelry businessmen only, instead of common consumers.

Gu Ning already had many name cards of representatives of different jewelry companies, so it was easy to contact them.

Even if she didnt have their numbers, they would come without delay once they found out that she had jade on sale because it was so hard to cut out jade.

Moreover, many jewelry businessmen already came to Zheng Pengs store looking for cooperation today, so Gu Ning wasnt worried about deals at all.

They decided to open tomorrow the minute that they got the legal documents.

Leng Shaoting had told her that he would bring the legal documents to her tomorrow.

Thinking of Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning couldnt help missing him a lot.

Although she knew that Leng Shaoting was excellent, she was still worried about his own safety.

Gao Yi, Qiao Ya, Gu Ning and others continued to cut the raw materials until 11 pm.

It was very late already, so Gu Ning told them to go back home.

They put the jade that they had cut out into a safe and only Gu Ning, Gao Yi, Qiao Ya and Zheng Peng knew its password.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were going to stay in City Teng for a while longer, so they would stay in this factory building temporarily.

It also made it more convenient for them to continue working in the following days.

Gu Ning naturally was pleased if they were willing to stay in the factory building.

In that case, she could be alone with Leng Shaoting when he got back.

Thus in the end, Gu Ning went back to the hotel alone.

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