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Although it was already extremely shocking that there were only 70 waste raw materials among hundreds of raw materials, it was more acceptable if there were some waste raw materials rather than if there were none.

After they moved all the raw materials inside, it was 4:30 pm, and Gu Ning called Zheng Peng right away.

The minute the call was answered, Gu Ning heard a round of noisy conversation from the other side.

Some people were talking about Colorful Jade Provider.

“Hi, boss,” Zheng Peng said.

“Hi, Uncle Zheng, how is the store going” Gu Ning asked.

“We just finished, and there are many people gathering around outside of our office looking for cooperation!” Zheng Peng was a little excited.

Although he understood that jade, instead of deals, was always the most important element in jade provision, he was happy to see that many businessmen couldnt wait to cooperate with them even before their opening day.

It was a good beginning after all!

“Very well.

Just tell them that well start to provide jade from tomorrow.

They can come and have a look in the afternoon.

And now you need to bring the two workers to cut the raw materials in the Hengyuan Factory Area as soon as possible,” Gu Ning ordered.

“No problem,” Zheng Peng answered.

Afterwards, Zheng Peng along with the two workers drove to Hengyuan Factory Area.

During the break, Gu Ning said to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, “Zheng Peng will be in charge of my jade provider, and the New Year festival is only 17 days away.

I will probably go to the capital, and you can stay here for now to assist Zheng Peng.

When I fly back to City F from the capital, you can come to my place and we can spend the New Year festival together.”

Hearing that, both Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were touched.

They almost cried.

In fact, the two had spent the New Year festival together many times and it had been nothing different or special from normal days, but they missed the feelings of home.

Gu Ning now suddenly invited them to go to her place to spend this years New Year festival with her family.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were excited and full of anticipation, but they were worried that it would bother their bosss family.

Thinking of that, Qiao Ya asked Gu Ning, “Boss, will it be a bother”

“Not at all.

There are only five people in my family, namely my mom, aunt, uncle, my cousin and I.

And now you both follow my lead, so you naturally should be with me.

Ill arrange assignments for you after the New Year festival,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya agreed.

Before Zheng Peng and the two workers arrived, Gu Ning began to cut the raw materials herself.

She also taught Gao Yi and Qiao Ya how to cut stones so that they could help her.

Although they only had a few people who knew how to cut stones, Gu Ning had no intention to hire more workers because she wanted to keep it quiet.

Those two workers had been working for Zheng Peng for a long time, so they were trustworthy, but if they ever dared to break her rules, Gu Ning would punish them without hesitation.

She of course had warned them beforehand.

It was the first time that Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had ever cut stones, but with their outstanding learning and hands-on ability, they were soon able to do it well.

Gu Ning drew lines for them first, and all they needed to do was to cut following the lines.

Twenty minutes later, Zheng Peng arrived.

They had already met each other before when Gu Ning had given Zheng Peng a helping hand the other day.

One of the two workers was around 50-years-old, while the other was around 40-years-old.

The older one was called Li Quansheng and the younger one was called Zhang Jinguang.

Both of them had worked for Zheng Peng for at least seven years.

Zheng Peng told Zhang Jinguang and Li Quansheng about what Gu Ning had done yesterday, and both of them were surprised to find out that Gu Ning was so young.

And she even ran a jade provider at such a young age.

It was universally acknowledged that jade was very hard to get, especially high quality jade.

Therefore, jade was always sold out within a short time.

Why was Gu Ning so confident

However, Gu Ning had easily settled the mess in which the Qing Gang was involved, so they believed that Gu Ning wasnt simple.

After Zheng Pengs introduction, Li Quansheng and Zhang Jinguang greeted Gu Ning with great respect, “Nice to meet you, boss.”

“Nice to meet you both too!” Gu Ning said politely, but she intentionally wore a serious face to remind them that although she was young, she was still their boss.

After a second, Gu Ning added, “Let me be honest with you.

If youre loyal to me, Ill treat you well and give you a high salary in this industry.

However, if you dare to betray me, youll pay for what youve done.” Gu Ning threatened plainly.

Li Quansheng and Zhang Jinguang were both scared, because they had the feeling that Gu Ning was a doer, not a talker.

“Boss, please dont worry.

You have our loyalty!” Li Quansheng and Zhang Jinguang immediately said.

They were upright people and since they decided to follow Gu Nings lead, they wouldnt betray her, even if she was only a teenager.

Moreover, they understood that Gu Ning had powerful support.

And they were merely ordinary citizens, so they naturally didnt dare to act against her.

“Very well,” Gu Ning said.

After that, they drove into the factory area together.

Before long, Gu Ning guided them to the factory building.

Once they were near to the factory building, they heard the noise of stone cutting.

The sound insulation of this factory building wasnt very good, but wasnt bad either.

Although it was noisy, nobody could hear it outside.

In addition, factories were always noisy.

They went up to the second floor, and noticed raw materials placed all around on the ground.

There was a man and a woman busy cutting stones and many pieces of jade were already cut out, which shocked Zheng Pengs group.

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