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“Im fine.

This miss rescued me,” Dai Xiongyu said, looking at Gu Ning with gratitude.

Dai Xiongyu wanted to ask Gu Nings name, but the abductors were still there, so he said nothing.

Although Dai Xiongyu was fine, he was still scared.

If no one came to rescue him, he honestly had no idea what would have happened to him.

Dai Xiongyus younger uncle turned to stare at Gu Ning and asked gratefully, “Are you Miss Gu”

Before he came, he had already heard that a girl named Gu Ning had rescued Dai Xiongyu.

Gu Ning was the only girl here, so he thought that she had to be the one.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for doing us such a big favor! If it hadnt been for you, we might not have been able to help Xiongyu…” Dai Xiongyus younger uncle said.

“Youre welcome.

Im glad to help.” Gu Ning replied.

Even though Gu Ning didnt need their gratitude, they were still very grateful to her.

However, for now they had to take the kidnappers away.

Gu Ning followed their car down the mountain.

When they reached where her car was stopped, she got in her own car.

As Gu Ning got out and walked away, Dai Xiongyu looked at her and wanted to ask about something.

However, right when he was about to open his mouth, his younger uncle stopped him.

Dai Xiongyu didnt say anything until Gu Ning was gone.

“Uncle, why did you stop me”

“What do you want to do” asked his younger uncle.

He stopped Dai Xiongyu because he saw what Dai Xiongyu wanted to do.

“I just wanted to ask her for her name and number.

I think I should buy her a meal to thank her for rescuing me,” Dai Xiongyu said.

“No need,” said Dai Xiongyus younger uncle.

“Why” Dai Xiongyu asked confusedly.

“Do you know who she is Shes Leng Shaotings fiancée.

Arent you afraid Leng Shaoting will teach you a lesson if you dare to ask her out” Dai Xiongyus younger uncle said.

He was implying that Dai Xiongyu shouldnt have any interest in Gu Ning.

After all, along the way, Dai Xiongyu was glancing at Gu Ning every once in a while.

As a married man, he knew what Dai Xiongyu was thinking.

“What” Knowing that, Dai Xiongyu was shocked.

He didnt expect Gu Ning to be Leng Shaotings fiancée.

In that case, he didnt dare to ask Gu Ning out.

Even if he tried, Gu Ning wouldnt come out.

Dai Xiongyu suddenly felt very upset.

Even though Gu Nings abilities totally overshadowed him, he had to admit that his heart skipped a beat when he faced Gu Ning.

“Alright, stop thinking about it now.

The Dai family is at a key moment, lets focus on our own business first,” said Dai Xiongyus younger uncle.

“Sure.” Dai Xiongyu answered.

Upon thinking of the situation the Dai family was in, he stopped bothering himself with his affection for Gu Ning.

“Oh, some of them told us who the mastermind is,” said Dai Xiongyu.

Because only he and his younger uncle were in the car, there was nothing he had to be afraid of.

“Who is it” Dai Xiongyus younger uncle looked annoyed and asked seriously.

“They told us that they were ordered to abduct me by Pei Jiangchao.” Dai Xiongyu shared what he knew with his younger uncle.

Hearing that, Dai Xiongyus younger uncle stayed doubtful.

The Dai family told their key members that the Leng family was supporting them once they began to attack the Chang family.

If they didnt do that, they might not have the courage to replace the Chang family.

After all, the Chang family was extremely powerful.

Normally, they wouldnt dare to cause the Chang family any trouble, but now the Chang family was weakened after going through a lot.

Not only the Dai family had the intention of replacing the Chang family; many other families also had the same idea.

While they were trying to unseat the Chang family, they were also competing against each other.

Therefore, if they aimed to replace the Chang family, they had to be prepared to defeat other super-rich families as well, which was the most difficult part.

With the Leng familys help and the evidence they had collected, they had more confidence.

“They should either have lied to you by saying it has nothing to do with the Yuan family, or the Pei family attacked the Dai family without the Yuan familys permission.

If I guess correctly, I think the Yuan family wants to support the Pei family in replacing the Chang family.

The Pei family thinks that its their place, so they wouldnt just watch as the Dai family takes it,” said Dai Xiongyus younger uncle.

“Uncle, do you think the Yuan family has played an important role in it” asked Dai Xiongyu.

He didnt think that it had nothing to do with the Yuan family, but he felt the Yuan family might not be too involved in this.

“I dont think so.

Otherwise the Yuan family would be too dumb.” Dai Xiongyus younger uncle said, “No matter what, we must conduct an investigation to find out the truth.

If it really has something to do with the Yuan family, the Pei family will take the blame for them if we cant find evidence.

If it has nothing to do with the Yuan family, I think the Yuan family wont bother to get involved as long as we have evidence to prove the Pei family is guilty.

The Yuan family shouldnt be willing to get involved in trouble.”

Once Gu Ning went back, she directly went to the Leng family because she needed to give the evidence to Leng Yuanqian.

When the bunch of men decided to give in, Gu Ning secretly recorded their conversation.

The Leng family wasnt fully convinced by their confession, but they felt it was more likely that the Yuan family wasnt involved.

Gu Ning didnt pay more attention to it afterwards, because it was politics and she shouldnt interfere.

She would only stand out when the Leng family needed her.

Tonight, she stayed in the Leng family and didnt go back to school.

Before long, the news that Dai Xiongyu had been abducted quickly went abroad, but it was a little late, so not many people heard about it.

However, they were extremely surprised by how quickly he was rescued.

Because the fact that Gu Ning rescued Dai Xiongyu was a secret, people gave the credit to the police.

That was what Gu Ning wanted.

She didnt care who was given the credit.

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