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“Oh, do you know him Who is he Why are you so nervous” Man A asked in surprise.

“Hes from one of the richest families in the capital, the Xu family,” said Man B.

“What” Man A was shocked.

He didnt expect Zi Beiyings boyfriend to be so important.

How did Xia Maiqi manage to know such influential people

In that case, it would be impossible for Xia Maiqi to be interested in him.

After all, she could meet better quality men through Zi Beiying.

He had had a good impression of Xia Maiqi and felt she was a good girl, but it was hard to say whether they could end up together.

He couldnt exactly force her to accept him.

Even if he tried to use violence, it would be useless.

After getting back to the capital, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to Mid-Levels Mansion.

The next morning, they went to the siheyuan before returning to the Leng familys house in the afternoon.

Leng Shaoting was only free for two days, so he had to go back to their military base the next day.

Gu Ning also needed to go to school.

After several days, Master Chang was still unconscious and the Chang family fell into a total mess.

During these days, Gao Yi and other people had collected a lot of evidence about illegal deeds done by the Chang family and officials in the same faction as them.

Without delay, they teamed up with the Dai family to attack the Chang family.

The Yuan family and the Leng familys team had also found something, but it wasnt enough to unseat the Chang family, so they didnt do anything yet.

Once the Dai family stood out, they shocked a large group of people.

When the Dai family took action, the Leng family supported them openly, which sped up the fall of the Chang family.

After the Yuan family heard the news, they were angry that the Leng family chose to support the Dai family.

The Leng family was working with the Yuan family on the investigation concerning the Chang family.

Why did they privately pay the Chang family back without them Was the Leng family using them before abandoning them

Although the Dai family stood up with the Leng familys support, the Yuan family believed the Leng family was planning everything.

And it was not only the Yuan family, the majority of people had that idea.

However, so what They werent doing anything bad, instead everything they did was good for their country and its people.

Therefore, the other families and forces who werent the Leng and Dai familys opponents immediately stood out to support them.

The Yuan family had their own plan as well, but the Leng family did it before them, so they felt used and betrayed.

On the other hand, if they had taken action before the Leng family, they would think differently.

It was obviously a double standard, but the Yuan family didnt feel ashamed at all.

However, the Yuan family was furious because they felt used and betrayed by the Leng family.

As a result, Yuan Wenye directly called Leng Yuanqian.

Once his call was answered, Yuan Wenye criticized Leng Yuanqian.

“Leng Yuanqian, what do you mean by doing that Are you using us Didnt we agree to do the investigation together Why did you give the credit to the Dai family secretly I know you want to replace the Chang family with the Dai family.

But you cant use us as a springboard.

Thats a betrayal!”

Hearing Yuan Wenyes angry tone, Leng Yuanqian wasnt mad, he replied calmly.

“Dont misunderstand us, Mr.


We didnt give the Dai family whatever we found.”

He wasnt lying, but Yuan Wenye didnt believe it.

“Leng Yuanqian, dont fool me.

No one is an idiot here!” Yuan Wenye shouted.

He felt Leng Yuanqian was trying to fool him.

“Right, its precisely because none of us are idiots that Im not lying to you.

Do you think that only we want to unseat the Chang family The Chang family is in a mess now, and there are countless people who want to replace them, but they dont have solid proof.

Now the Dai family has collected so much useful evidence.

Why cant I support them The Leng family simply wants to unseat the Chang family.

If you want their place, why dont you compete for it” said Leng Yuanqian.

After a pause, he continued.

“I know that you were also using us and that you wanted your people to replace the Chang family, but unfortunately you dont have that ability.

Well never let you use or betray us.

Before you knew any of the details, you eagerly called to question me.

Isnt it a little sloppy If you have seen the evidence collected by the Dai family, you should know it has nothing to do with us.

I think what the Dai family has in their hands is much more useful than what we found.”

Although Leng Yuanqian said that, he didnt expect Yuan Wenye to trust him, because it was impossible.

Anyway, he didnt care about Yuan Wenyes feelings.

What could the Yuan family do even if the Leng family did it openly After all, they did nothing wrong.

The Leng family didnt fill the Yuan family in because they didnt want the Yuan family to damage their plan.

Now the Leng family had solid proof, so the Yuan family could do nothing about it.

In case the Yuan family interfered, the Leng family also collected evidence about the Yuan familys illegal deeds.

As long as the Yuan family was in trouble, they wouldnt have time and energy to stop the Leng family.

As for the Rong family, if they stayed out of this, the Leng family wouldnt bother to cause them trouble, but if they dared to behave against the Leng family, the Leng family would happily teach them a lesson.

“I…” Yuan Wenye was struck dumb.

He indeed hadnt seen any of the evidence that the Dai family had collected yet, but he felt the Leng family must have given the Dai family the evidence once he heard that the Dai family came forward with the Leng familys support.

It was true that many forces were targeting the Chang family right now.

It was also possible for any of them to attack the Chang family this time.

If the Leng family was the mastermind, why didnt they support their own people Why did they support a family that didnt have any private relationships with them

That was Yuan Wenyes thought, but he didnt think about the advantages and disadvantages of promoting people in the same faction versus new people.

He cared too much about immediate benefits and ignored long-term interests.

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