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Si Ming stepped out of the bathroom, seeing Xu Jinchen standing still with a shocked face by the window, he walked over and bumped him lightly.

“Hey, whats wrong”

“I just called our boss,” Xu Jinchen said.

“And Where is he and when will he be coming back” Si Ming asked.

“No idea.

He said that he doesnt want me calling him unless its serious,” Xu Jinchen answered.

“I have a strong feeling that our boss is being very abnormal today.

He is easily annoyed.”

Although Leng Shaoting always wore a poker face and he was a strict leader, he seldom lost his temper.

Therefore, Xu Jinchen didnt understand why he suddenly became so easily annoyed.

Leng Shaoting had never been so emotional.

“Really” Si Ming was surprised.

Leng Shaoting indeed was abnormal these days.

“Did you call him and ruin his night with some beautiful girl” Si Ming teased.

Xu Jinchen didnt take it seriously, because both of them knew that it was impossible.

However, what they couldnt believe was exactly the truth.

While Leng Shaoting was talking to Xu Jinchen on the phone, Gu Ning walked into her room.

Leng Shaoting hung up the call and followed her, walking in.

He hugged Gu Ning from her back, rubbing his head gently across her neck and shoulder.

His breath made Gu Ning feel itchy.

“Shaoting, can you tell me something about your family” Gu Ning asked.

She was suddenly very interested in his family.

Although she trusted Leng Shaoting and didnt care about his background, she wanted to know more about him.

If they knew nothing about each others family, it might end up hurting their relationship.

Hearing that, Leng Shaotings body stiffened a little.

Apparently, he didnt want to talk about it.

Gu Ning sensed his unusual reaction, and explained at once, “Its totally fine if you dont want to talk about it.”

Gu Ning had a feeling that Leng Shaoting didnt like his family, so she wouldnt force him.

“Its fine,” Leng Shaoting said lightly.

He understood that Gu Ning just wanted to know more about him.

Although he was reluctant to mention them, he was willing to tell Gu Ning.

Leng Shaotings grandpa, Leng Weihua, was the head of the Leng Family.

His second uncle, Leng Yuanqian, and his second aunt, Jiang Shuyuan, had a son and a daughter.

Their son, Leng Shaomin, was 25-years-old and was half a year younger than Leng Shaoting and already had a job.

Their daughter, Leng Shaojia, was 23-years-old and had just graduated from university half a year ago.

His third uncle, Leng Yuanzhen, and his third aunt, Yu Yin, also had a son and a daughter.

Their daughter was Leng Shaoxi, who was 20-years-old and was studying in the Capital University as a sophomore.

Their son was named Leng Shaoxun, he was an 18-year-old senior student in a high school.

His youngest aunt, Leng Yuanjin, and his youngest uncle, Song Wenxuan, only had a 13-year-old daughter, who was a student in grade seven and was called Song Yinuo.

When Gu Ning heard Leng Weihuas name, she was astonished.

In her previous incarnation, she grew up in the capital and was naturally familiar with those influential names.

Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting was from a powerful family, but to her astonishment, his family was much more powerful than she thought.

The Leng Family was the leader of the four most influential families in the capital.

Leng Weihuas father was one of the founding fathers of this country, and all the members of the Leng Family were in important positions in politics.

Leng Shaoting didnt mention his parents because they had passed away when Leng Shaoting was only a child.

Leng Shaotings parents died because of their work, which Gu Ning was also aware of in her previous incarnation.

Seeing Gu Ning being so shocked, Leng Shaoting was worried that she would leave him because of his family.

“Well, your family is so influential, but Im just an ordinary girl.

Will your family approve of our relationship” Gu Ning deliberately asked.

In fact, she didnt care if there were troubles ahead of them, and Leng Shaotings attitude mattered most to her.

As long as Leng Shaoting was willing to be with her, she didnt care if his family disagreed.

Moreover, Gu Ning believed that she had a bright future and that she was able to stand by Leng Shaotings side.

“Dont worry.

No one can interfere in my personal affairs.

As long as I love you, my grandpa wont disagree.

And other than my grandpa we dont need to care about the rest of the Leng Family.

If they ever annoy you, you can fight back as you like.

Ill support you,” Leng Shaoting said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning figured out that Leng Shaoting didnt have a good relationship with the other members in his family, but she was touched that he was willing to stand up for her against them.

“Who knows whats going to happen in the future,” Gu Ning teased.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was nervous.

He was concerned that Gu Ning would leave him one day.

Thus he bent his back and pressed her tightly against his body, looking straight into her eyes.

“Dont you want to be with me Did I do anything wrong Please dont leave me.”

Seeing Leng Shaoting being so anxious, Gu Ning felt a little guilty.

“Yes, of course I want to be with you.

Youve done nothing wrong.

I was just kidding.”

Gu Ning was regretful that she teased Leng Shaoting after she found out about his family background.

The man lacked security, and she should never do that.

She blamed herself.

After that, Gu Ning kissed Leng Shaotings lips to comfort him.

Although Gu Ning explained that she was just kidding, Leng Shaoting was still afraid that she would leave him.

Therefore, he kissed her back with great force to feel her existence.

The kiss was increasingly passionate, and made them want more and more.

Gradually, they were controlled by the strong sexual desire that they felt towards each other.

They had already taken off their coats when they walked into the room, and now they only had their tight sweaters on.

Although Gu Ning was only 18, she had ample breasts.

This was the first time that she had even been touched by a man.

Her body was trembling slightly in excitement, but she didnt resist because she was prepared.

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