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“What happened to the Leng family recently isnt a secret.

It has attracted a lot of attention.

So I know that you must be aware of it as well, Master Dai.

You might also be guessing who the mastermind is.

In fact, we know and we even have evidence.

Because the mastermind has tried to harm us again and again, we decided to teach them a lesson.

Honestly, the Leng family is ready to pay them back.

Before that, we need people who can sincerely help us.

We dont need you to take action with us.

The Leng family can handle it alone.

We just need you to take over that familys seat and support President Wei.

You cant act against the Leng family and the Wei family.

If youre willing to have a close relationship with us, thats also what we want.

If not, we will respect your decision,” said Jing Yunyao.

She didnt say that the mastermind was the Chang family, but she was very frank.

Master Dai was very smart, so he completely understood Jing Yunyaos words and was shocked.

Although he didnt know who the mastermind was, he knew Jing Yunyao was talking about the four major families.

Therefore, Master Dai was even more convinced that it had something to do with the Chang family.

The four major families had the highest status among those influential families for a reason.

Any influential family that wanted to join them had to win senior positions in the government.

Since Jing Yunyao came to have this talk with him, the Leng family obviously wanted to give them a chance.

However, the Leng family wanted barely anything from them.

Nevertheless, the Dai family had a sense of gratitude.

They wouldnt harm those who helped them.

Actually, the Dai family would benefit the most from the cooperation.

Therefore, Maser Dai was shocked and greatly excited, but he didnt show his excitement on his face.

However, Jing Yunyao still noticed it, but it was very normal.

“Do you mean the Leng family wants to work with the Dai family” asked Master Dai.

Although it couldnt be more obvious, he still needed to be clear about it.

“Yes,” said Jing Yunyao seriously.

“Why the Dai family Why dont you choose a family from your faction Isnt it a better choice for the Leng family” asked Master Dai.

“Well, if the Leng family helps a family in our own faction to get a higher status, the Leng familys influence will be weakened.

It could also create two forces, which isnt what we want,” said Jing Yunyao.

Master Dai nodded.

He didnt realize that until Jing Yunyao pointed it out.

Normally, if an important family wanted to be more influential, they might support people in the same faction to get a higher status, because they belonged to the same force, but people were ambitious.

Once a family got a higher status, they might want to get rid of the others control.

They might even have the ambition to control other families!

At that time the original force would split, which would only cause them a lot of damage.

Not many important families could think of that, because they didnt want other families to share their booty.

However, sometimes you could only gain something by giving up something.

Therefore, Master Dai was amazed by the Leng familys decision, because the Leng family wouldnt be weakened and would only gain more support by doing that.

Even if the Dai family betrayed the Leng family afterwards, the Leng family would stay as powerful as always.

It wasnt easy for the Dai family to defeat the Leng family.

“Well, Mrs.

Leng, can you tell me who the mastermind is” Master Dai asked.

He thought it must be the Chang family, but he needed an affirmative answer.

“The Chang family.” Jing Yunyao answered.

Since the Leng family wanted to work with the Dai family, she ought to be honest.

Anyway, Master Dai seemed to be more than willing to help the Leng family.

It wasnt a surprising answer.

“Was it Master Leng who gave us this offer” Master Dai asked.

“Yes, if you doubt it, I can call Master Leng right now.

You can verify it on the phone.

Master Leng sent me here, not because the Leng family doesnt attach importance to our cooperation, but because we dont want other families to notice what were doing.

We want both of our families to be safe,” said Jing Yunyao.

Master Dai indeed had that doubt.

He knew that Jing Yunyao was an important figure, but felt it was inappropriate for her to do the negotiating.

After all, Jing Yunyao was the Leng familys daughter-in-law.

There was a difference between in-laws and members who were born in the Leng family, but now he understood why the Leng family sent Jing Yunyao over.

“Great, please call Master Leng for me, Mrs.

Leng.” Master Dai trusted Jing Yunyao, but this was too important, so he needed to be sure of everything.

“No problem.” Jing Yunyao took out her phone and called Master Leng at once.

Before long, Master Leng answered her call.

Jing Yunyao simply said something, then handed her phone to Master Dai.

Then Master Dai had a conversation with Master Leng on the phone.

Master Dai didnt ask Master Leng for any details because Jing Yunyao was right there.

It was more convenient for him to directly ask her.

Therefore, Master Dai only asked Master Leng whether it was his idea to cooperate.

Having received an affirmative answer, Master Dai was relieved.

He couldnt be more familiar with Master Lengs voice since even though they werent close, they met often.

After all, they used to work together and he heard Master Lengs speech at every meeting.

He was very familiar with Master Lengs voice.

After hanging up the call with Master Leng, Master Dai continued to talk with Jing Yunyao.

“How confident are you” asked Master Dai.

The Leng family was indeed powerful, but the result was still unknown.

It was always risky to want to achieve something great.

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